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What is a QR Code?

Quick response, or QR, is a type of barcode that can store a multitude of information. The obvious difference between a QR Code and Barcode is its appearance. A QR Code is always in the shape of a square and contains smaller, even blocks similar to Tetris. A Barcode, on the other hand, has vertical bars in different thicknesses and often accompanied by a serial number.

The clear difference between a QR Code and a barcode is its appearance
The clear difference between these two codes is their appearance

What can a QR Code do?

Because of its versatility, a QR Code can be programmed to do a multitude of things. It can be split into two formats: Dynamic and Static. A Dynamic QR Code is useful for businesses or nonprofits in their marketing strategy because of its advantages. Though it needs a subscription to work, it is a small price to pay compared to the benefits it offers. Dynamic QR Code solutions are editable, which means if you made a mistake and only noticed it after the QR Codes are printed, you can easily log in to the dashboard and fix them without changing the appearance of the already printed Codes. This could be useful for these reasons:

  • The deadline for print is earlier than the actual campaign. By using a Dynamic QR Code, you can add a dummy QR Code and simply add the content after it’s printed.
  • Typos are inevitable. There are thousands of horror stories about how they only spotted a mistake after the QR Code is printed on hundreds and thousands of business cards, flyers, or brochures, resulting in high reprinting costs. With a Dynamic Code, you won’t even break a sweat.
  • Changing the direction of your campaign and thinking it’s too late? Not with Dynamic Codes. If you printed a Facebook QR Code and decided you need to get customer feedback instead, no problem. Simply change the QR Code solution in the dashboard and you’re good to go. Need to change it again? With our QR Code Generator PRO, you can do this for as many times as you want during your active subscription period.

List of Dynamic QR Code solutions

Share a downloadable PDF file.

Connect users to multiple app stores with a single QR Code.

Create an editable electronic business card that can save contact info with one tap.

Display all of your social media profiles on a mobile-optimized page.

Show off your Facebook profile or business page to grow your audience.

Share one or more videos on a streamlined summary page.

Link to any page on the web and change the link whenever you want.

Display multiple images in a beautiful gallery.

Share event info and save details to a digital calendar with one tap.

Play your sound file or song without any additional apps.

Digitize your discount code or coupon.

Feature detailed info about your business.

Easily collect ratings from your audience.

Use a customizable form to get feedback from your customers.

Bring users directly to a Google Form survey or questionnaire.

Upgrade your traditional barcodes with this all-in-one solution that empowers suppliers, retailers, and consumers.

List of Static QR Code solutions

A Static QR Code is a type of QR Code that can no longer be edited once it’s generated, hence, static. It doesn’t cost anything to create and has no expiration date but you will not be able to track its scans.

Share a tweet template or open your Twitter profile.

Direct users to an Instagram page of your choosing.

Go viral with a shareable QR Code for your TikTok profile.

Optimize your networking and job search.

Expand your listener base with a QR Code for your artist page, playlist, song, or album.

Effortlessly share your Tripadvisor review form.

Generate an SMS containing a target phone number and a prewritten message.

Display a simple text message of up to 300 characters.

Link to any page on the web.

Efficiently initiate crypto transactions.

Conveniently accept payments via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) transfers.

Generate an email containing a target email address, subject, and prewritten message.

Share your WiFi network without needing to enter a password.

Create an electronic business card that can save contact info with one tap.

Why does the Dynamic QR Code solution need a subscription to work?

In order to provide the best QR Code experience for you and your audience, the Dynamic Codes require an annual subscription for these reasons:

  1. The QR Code can be changed at any time and as many times as you want. All without ever reprinting a new QR Code.
  2. Each Dynamic Code is equipped with a scan tracking ability. This means you can gather some insights into how many people scanned your QR Code, at which location, on what day, down to the operating system of the scanner’s phone. All of this data is acquired in real-time. Learn why these scan metrics are important.
  3. Landing pages are what make or break a business. Each Dynamic Code (except Dynamic URL) comes with its own landing page that can be customized to fit your style.
  4. If that’s not enough, all of the Dynamic QR Code solutions are equipped with short URLs that are customizable. For example, instead of the URL being qrco.de/Xc0j5, you can customize it to qrco.de/summercampaign.
  5. But there’s more. For businesses or brands that want to strengthen their position in their market, the QR Codes can be white-labeled so that they stay unique to each brand. Instead of using our generic qrco.de short URL, you can use your own domain such as qr.mycustomdomain.com. Not convinced? Here’s why you should implement this so-called vanity URL.

Other benefits you’ll enjoy as an active member include:

Curated content

We have hundreds of QR Code ideas created specifically to help inspire you.

Edgy styles

Use brand colors and company logo to stand out from your competition.

Secure collaborations

Invite your team members complete with their own logins. No extra fees.

Helpful support

Our customer success team is here to help. If not, our help center is open 24/7.

High-quality files

Your QR Codes stay in high-resolution no matter what they’re printed on.

Perfectly organized

Label your QR Codes, create folders, and add campaign info to keep them nice and tidy.

What are some of the best QR Code examples and use cases?

Depending on your use, you can benefit from any of the QR Code solutions mentioned above. Customize QR Code that fits your brand or company identity so you can strengthen your marketing campaigns. With our QR Code solution, you can create a unique QR Code experience for your audience and customers.

For Restaurants

QR Code idea on a restaurant menu

As a restaurant owner, there are plenty of opportunities for you to implement QR Codes in your daily business.

  • Add a Rating QR Code on your table tents to make it easy for diners to rate your food or service.
  • Print an Image Gallery QR Code on your menu to display mouth-watering images of your food.
  • Use the WiFi QR Code so that diners can join your WiFi network without manually typing the password.

For Hotels and Resorts

QR Code idea for a hotel room

QR Code marketing for hotels and resorts is a no brainer. With plenty of foot traffic at the premises, you can utilize the power of our QR Code solutions to engage with your guests.

  • Hotel key cards are one of the most underrated marketing tools in the hotel industry. It’s usually a blank, white card with just the hotel logo on it. Why not add a QR Code that either links to an event happening during your guests’ stay? Or even a PDF QR Code that leads to seasonal specials at the in-house restaurant? The possibilities are endless.
  • You can also use QR Code as an inventory management to keep stocks in check. For this, you can use our QR Code API to create Static Codes that contain product information, when it was purchased, and how many stocks left, and much more.

For Nonprofits

QR Code idea on a brochure for a nonprofit

Being a nonprofit, budget doesn’t always allow for big marketing strategies. That is where our QR Code comes in. With only one QR Code, you can:

  • Use Dynamic URL on brochures or flyers to make it easier for people to get to your donation page.
  • Then, you can swap the Code to a Social Media QR Code to promote all of your social media channels and still reuse any leftover brochures and flyers.
  • When you organize an event, swap the QR Code to an Event QR Code to promote it.
  • During the event, swap the QR Code again to a Rating or Feedback to get their input.

For Business Consultants

QR Code idea on a billboard

Businesses will especially benefit from the right implementation of QR Codes. There are so many missed opportunities to engage with your customers that could easily be covered with QR Codes.

  • Print your business cards with the vCard Plus QR Code to make it easy for your clients or customers to save your contacts to their phones with a tap.
  • Add a Video or MP3 QR Code on your print advertising in magazines or newspapers to instantly breathe life into a static page.
  • Your office window is a free advertising space that is often left unused. Print a Business Page QR Code that provides detailed info about what you’re about, plus a button to schedule an appointment or consultations.

For Personal Use

QR Code idea on a wedding card

Of course, QR Codes are not just meant for organizations or businesses. If you’re obsessed with QR Codes as much as we do, then you’re in the right place.

  • Use WiFi QR Code at your home so your guests can instantly connect to your WiFi network without you having to reveal the password.
  • Applying for jobs? QR Code on a resume is the best way to attract a hiring manager’s attention.
  • Sending out a birthday party or wedding invites? Use the Event QR Code to make it easier for friends and family to RSVP and save the date to their calendars.


Anyone looking to upgrade their marketing strategy or for personal use may utilize our QR Code generator tool. QR Codes created may also be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

For all the reasons mentioned above, our QR Code Generator is definitely one of the best marketing solutions you could use right now. Don’t believe us? We let you try all the features, free for 14 days!

Click the link for each of the QR Code solutions in the list above to view the steps to create a QR Code. Alternatively, visit our How to Create a QR Code for a more general overview.

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