How to Create a QR Code in 3 Easy Steps

Follow the step-by-step guide to create a QR Code

In seconds, you will learn how to create free QR Codes for use on any print or digital mediums. With QR Code Generator, you can create QR Codes for your business, school, or even personal use. Our tool is easy to use with absolutely no design skills necessary. Learn the basics of creating a simple QR Code here before moving on to advanced steps.

How to create a QR Code for a link

This type is considered the most regular use of a QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code opens a link to any page on the web. To create one, follow these simple steps:

Tips to attract more scans with good design

We want you to create the best possible QR Code, and to do that, you need to make it uniquely yours. Adding some design elements and changing up the colors will potentially attract more QR Code scans. No design experience? It’s not required! Our tool allows you to design a beautiful QR Code in just a few steps.

How to use a QR Code correctly?

Depending on your industry and purpose, we’ve outlined a few possible ways for you to use QR Codes correctly. We’ve prepared hundreds of ideas as an inspiration for you to create and design your QR Codes. You can use QR Codes on any medium such as business cards, brochures, product packaging, displays, and much more.

Those without an idea can start exploring the most common QR Code use cases in your field. Whether you’re a doctor, restaurateur, consultant, tour operator, nonprofits, or just using it for personal use, we’ve got you covered and more.

Worry-free, mistake-proof

Integrate QR Codes in the early planning stage and add content when you’re ready to go live, even after print.

Things to consider before printing your QR Code

This checklist serves as a guide before you print your QR Code. Avoid expensive reprinting costs, typos, and product recalls by following these simple steps.

Test your QR Code

We cannot stress this enough. Always scan your QR Code after it’s generated and before you print it. A Static QR Code is not editable after creation, so be sure to test the Code every step of the way.

Ensure minimum size

To ensure that your QR Code remains scannable, your QR Code needs to stay in its original square shape. Do not print it any smaller than 2 cm x 2 cm (0.8 in x 0.8 in) to make it easier for a QR Code scanner to read it.

Check file quality

A QR Code downloaded from our free generator is always high-quality. But in between adding it to your own design and printing it, there is a possibility that the QR Code may become blurry or distorted. Always check if the QR Code file is compatible with your existing design and photo editing tool.

When in doubt, go PRO

Get started with a free 14 days trial before subscribing to a plan. The best part about going PRO is the ability to edit your QR Code even after you print it. So if you spotted a mistake and thought it’s too late, log in to the dashboard and fix it. Plus, you get to track the scans of your QR Codes and our helpful customer support is always ready to help with any issues. See more QR Code Generator PRO features.


Most Android and iOS mobile devices are equipped with a native QR Code reader in the camera. Give it a try by simply opening the camera app on your phone and point it toward a QR Code. If a notification appeared that prompted you to click on it, then you have a QR Code scanner built-in. If not, check your camera settings to activate the QR scanning capabilities. If it didn't work, not to worry. Just download a free scanner from your app store.

You can only get the scan statistics with our Dynamic QR Codes.

Aside from the standard JPG format, we also offer high-resolution PNG, SVG, and EPS formats. All of these are available when you create an account with us.

Yes, you can create a QR Code that stores your contact details with the free vCard QR Code or upgrade to the vCard Plus QR Code with more functionalities.

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