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It’s the easiest way to get to your social media platforms and different websites. Your contacts can go directly to each profile without having to type and search. Edit the list any time even if you join or leave a social network and change usernames. Contacts can easily forward your page to their friends with the built-in Share button. Advertise your social media platforms via print or online with the personalized QR Code and short URL.

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How to Use QR Codes to Promote Social Media

QR Codes bring added value to business and is a great way to get the word out about your company. They provide the means to merge your offline and online marketing. You can customize QR Codes utilizing your company logo or by choosing from multiple background colors to change the design and aesthetic of the code. They can be created in seconds by choosing the function of your code, entering the content you want to provide, and finally adding colors to provide a simple design.

Popular places to incorporate QR Codes include on the front or back of business cards, product tags, point-of-sale receipts, brochures, product packaging, print marketing materials, and even on the sides of trailers and trucks. You can always start with a great idea of why customers should scan the code and what you want them to take away from it. Social media is a great way to promote QR codes due to their share-ability functions and the connections you get to make.

How to Promote Social Media in Print Marketing

Brochures, flyers, posters, and even magazines are all great places to promote your social media. Generating a Social Media QR Code for your print marketing materials will help your brand stand out and help you to gain more followers. The best place to put the Social Media QR Code is near the call to action of your message. Make sure the code is large and readable enough, preferably 20 x 20 mm. Print marketing materials must be resistant to external influences such as rain and have light wear on them.

How to Promote Social Media on Product Packaging

The interactions people get when opening your products are timeless. Why not make the experience even more magical with a Social Media QR Code? You can move product packaging into the digital space to expand the experience. Product packaging provides an awesome way to connect to the digital world using social media. On the code, you can list your company's different social media accounts and encourage customers to follow you for more content. You can always have fresh new content with the same products and the same codes.

How to Promote Social Media with Business Cards

Linking a Social Media QR Code to your business cards allows customers and users of your product to have access to your company information. You can even create a list of contacts without using an address book. With social media, users can follow the code on the business cards to your social profiles and follow each one of them. You can reward them with a coupon or enter them into a special product giveaway. They can log into their social media and immediately share your content. Increase the information you give to a potential customer with your business cards.

How to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

You can list all your favorite social media marketing channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all in one place using a QR Code. Promote your social channels and personalize them on a single page. With Facebook specifically, you can utilize the Share API and customize the image, title, source, and description. You can also take the campaign live to make it viral-friendly. Drive customers and increase your followers with social media marketing. Allow your customers to share with others using the share button. Motivate and surprise users with an interactive design and track your campaign performance when each code has been scanned. Social media marketing offers customer lifetime value because it allows them to be in the driver's seat and control what they want to spend and share on social channels. QR Code Generator allows you to maximize the value of your customers with design, engagement, results, social media, and metrics.

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