Create Tripadvisor QR Codes to Get More Reviews

What is a Tripadvisor QR Code?

Create Tripadvisor QR Codes to Get More Reviews

A Tripadvisor QR Code converts the URL for a Tripadvisor review form into a scannable, shareable QR Code. When customers or travelers scan the QR code, they are instantly directed to the review form of a specific business or service so that they can leave feedback.

If you’re looking to level up your business with Tripadvisor ratings, or if you would just like more insights into how customers and guests feel about their meal, stay, or tour, a Tripadvisor QR Code could be a good place to start. An efficient and effective way of gathering reviews, using a QR Code for a Tripadvisor review can help you bolster your ratings on the platform.

With just a quick scan of the code, customers and guests will be automatically directed to where they can leave feedback. A QR Code for reviews makes it easier for them to tell others about their experiences, even while they’re on the go.

If you’re wondering what is a QR Code used for, then look no further than the hospitality industry. QR Codes have been a real savior during the pandemic, delivering everything from a QR code ordering system in restaurants to helping hotels cope with contactless solutions for guests. Tripadvisor reviews can help get businesses back on the map — and a QR Code for a Tripadvisor review can equally play a part.

Our Tripadvisor QR Code generator works in three easy steps:

  1. On your Tripadvisor profile, select “write a review.”
  2. Copy the URL from the “write a review” page and paste it into QR Code Generator.
  3. Download and print your Tripadvisor QR Code and display it for your customers or guests to see!

Why should I create a Tripadvisor QR Code with QR Code Generator?

Tripadvisor conducted a study to understand the importance of reviews on their platform. They found that:

  • 87% of travelers say that reading Tripadvisor reviews is very important or fairly important.
  • 89% of travelers listed Tripadvisor reviews as the most important factor when choosing an experience.
  • 80% of travelers read up to ten reviews for each experience.
  • 78% of travelers are more likely to book an experience with one or two bad reviews than one with no reviews.
  • 78% of travelers focus on recent reviews to get the freshest perspective.

In other words, Tripadvisor reviews matter — a lot. Getting as many reviews as possible will do more than give potential customers or guests an overview of your business before they visit — it may help boost your listing on Tripadvisor itself. Luckily, a Tripadvisor QR Code could be the solution you need to encourage your guests and customers to leave a review on the platform and tell others about their experiences.

We list the top reasons why collecting Tripadvisor QR Code reviews might be your next best move.

1. It streamlines your Tripadvisor review collection process

It streamlines your Tripadvisor review collection process

A simple but sleek QR code streamlines the whole review process for your customers or guests. By scanning the code with their phones, they can connect with the Tripadvisor page directly, without the need to search for your business online or type in a URL. Of course, there are many creative ways to include a Tripadvisor QR Code on your printed materials, including posters, menus, and business cards, to name a few.

2. You can use it to get more views on your Tripadvisor business page

You can use it to get more views on your Tripadvisor business page

Of course, there are more uses for a Tripadvisor QR Code than just encouraging guests and customers to leave a review. Would you rather people view your business page than leave a review? There’s a simple solution for that. When creating your Tripadvisor QR Code, copy and paste the URL for your business page into QR Code Generator instead.

3. It’s ideal for print mediums

It’s ideal for print mediums

Tripadvisor QR Codes are scalable to whatever size your design needs, whether that’s to fit on something as small as QR Code stickers or as large as a QR Code billboard ad. No matter the print medium you would like to use to communicate with your customers, a Tripadvisor QR Code can be tailored to suit your brand or business.

4. Snappy and sweet: use short URLs with a Dynamic URL QR Code

Snappy and sweet: use short URLs with a Dynamic URL QR Code

When maximizing the potential of your Tripadvisor QR Code, there are a few tricks you can use. One is the Dynamic URL QR Code, which turns your link into a QR Code short URL: a simpler, quicker, easier-to-remember version of your URL. On its website, Tripadvisor does not offer its users the option to shorten the URLs for its different reviews and business pages. However, a Dynamic URL QR Code does. Consider the difference between the two examples below.

First, the full-length Tripadvisor review link for the Hotel Riu in Times Square, New York City:

Snappy and sweet: use short URLs with a Dynamic URL QR Code

Second, the short URL that is automatically generated with a Dynamic URL QR Code:

Snappy and sweet: use short URLs with a Dynamic URL QR Code

The difference between the two types of URLs is huge. The full-length version of the link is not so intuitive for guests or customers and looks a little untidy. However, the short URL is cleaner and easier to incorporate into your designs or marketing campaigns.

5. You can customize your QR Code to your brand

It’s ideal for print mediums

An added bonus of using the Dynamic URL QR Code is the array of customization options at your disposal. This includes a custom frame with an editable call-to-action (CTA) like “Scan to Review,” various edge and pixel styles, colors, and the option to add your logo in the middle.

6. Get access to real-time tracking and editing with a Dynamic QR Code

Get access to real-time tracking and editing with a Dynamic QR Code

Using a Dynamic URL QR Code gives you access to QR Code tracking, plus the option to edit the link you used for your QR Code. Why is this beneficial? Tracking gives you insights into how your QR Code is used. For example, if you used your Tripadvisor QR Code on different printed materials — posters and receipts — you’ll be able to see which medium was more effective at gathering reviews and learn more about where and when your customers were more likely to leave a review.

The option to edit your link gives you much more flexibility. Regardless of whether you need to correct a mistake or would like to change your link entirely, a Dynamic URL QR Code allows you to adjust to the needs of your business.

How to create a Tripadvisor QR Code for reviews:

Wondering how to get a tripadvisor qr code? You have two types of QR Codes to choose from.

One option is the free-to-use Static QR Code, which is forever scannable but limited in its functionality. Next up is the Dynamic QR Code, which allows tracking and editing. When using a Dynamic QR Code, your first 14 days are on us — after that, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription to keep it active.

Whichever code you choose, it can be created in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to your Tripadvisor business listing and click on the section that says “Write a review.”
  2. Select the URL tab in the generator above and copy and paste this exact Tripadvisor profile review form link into the box.
  3. If you would like to create a trackable QR Code, please sign up to create a Dynamic URL QR Code instead.
  4. Your QR Code will then be generated automatically. Do a scan test to see if it’s working correctly.
  5. Customize your QR Code with a frame and color.
  6. Download the QR Code and add it to the design of your choice. Pro tip: make sure your customized details work with your design — scan and test your QR Code before printing it.
  7. Print and display your QR Code for customers or guests to see — now, you’re all set!

Create, manage, and track all your QR Codes.

Design beautiful QR Codes your way. Add your own color, logo, and frame.

Can I see how a Tripadvisor QR Code is used?

Now you know how to get a Tripadvisor QR Code, you’ll be eager to put it to good use.

We have compiled a few industry-specific examples of how you can use Tripadvisor QR Code to streamline your review collection process and get more views on your business listing.

1. Restaurants


Online reviews are crucial for the restaurant industry. For restaurateurs, Tripadvisor’s ratings can be an important factor in attracting new clientele — and a restaurant QR Code is a nifty way to incentivize customers.

If you're a restaurant owner, there are a few ways you can use your Tripadvisor QR Code to drum up new reviews. Adding your QR Code on table tents may encourage happy customers to leave a review after finishing their meal when the experience is fresh in their minds. Or how about adding it to your receipts? It’ll give your customers the freedom to write a review later, at a time that suits them.

2. Tourism


Tripadvisor holds sway over the whole spectrum of the tourism industry, tour operators included.

Encourage your customers to write about their experiences, by using a QR Code for travel. A banner QR Code, used to mark both the starting and endpoints of a tour, or business cards featuring a QR Code for a Tripadvisor review form can incentivize satisfied travelers to leave feedback.

3. Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts TripAdvisor code

For hoteliers, Tripadvisor reviews can be a deal-breaker. Many savvy travelers research their accommodation before they book and often give thought to Tripadvisor reviews based on other guests’ experiences. Give your guests every opportunity to spread the word about their stay at your hotel by using a hotel QR Code: incorporate a QR Code for a Tripadvisor review form on displays at reception, or design a similar QR Code brochure for their arrival in their room.

4. Museums & Galleries

Museums & Galleries TripAdvisor code

After booking a comfortable hotel and finding a restaurant to try some authentic local cuisine, what comes next on an eager tourist’s checklist? The sights, of course! Museums and galleries are often must-see visits on itineraries — and with QR Codes for museums at your disposal, there’s no reason why your institution should miss out.

One example is by placing a digital QR Code on a sign by the exit. You can use your Tripadvisor QR Code to encourage visitors to leave a review and tell other travelers about their experiences.

5. Cities & Cultures

Cities & Cultures on TripAdvisor

Whether steeped in culture and history or dotted with examples of striking architecture, towns and cities often have a story to tell.

To make the most of your city’s unique features and heritage, a city QR Code can help you leverage Tripadvisor to draw attention to overlooked attractions. For example, you could place QR Code poster ads aimed at tourists around a city, asking them to leave reviews.

QR Codes for Businesses

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Are there any Tripadvisor QR Code best practices?

Whether you’re a hotelier, restaurateur, or tourism industry worker dedicated to ensuring travelers the world over have an amazing experience, you’ll want to use your Tripadvisor QR Code to help you get the most from your business. With that said, there are some important tips to keep in mind when creating your QR Code.

1. Double-check that your Tripadvisor link is correct

Mistakes and errors happen to the best of us. However, the guest or customer who has just scanned a broken link might not see it that way — and it could negatively impact their impression of your business. When creating your Tripadvisor QR Code, double-check that the link that you have copy-pasted into QR Code Generator is correct. To ensure an even smoother experience, test your QR Code before you have committed to printing it.

2. Reviews vs business pages: which link do you need?

You can use your Tripadvisor QR Code to link to one of two pages: your business page or the form that customers or guests can use to leave a review. If you would like to link to your business page, great! It’s easy to visit your page and copy and paste this URL into QR Code Generator. The ‘write a review’ page is a little trickier to find, however. Scroll down your business page and hit the ‘write a review’ button — the URL for this form is the link you need to create a Tripadvisor QR Code for collecting reviews.

3. Ensure your QR Code is easy to scan

Make sure that guests and customers are able to see your Tripadvisor QR Code and that it’s positioned in a place that makes it easy to scan. Of course, you’ll also want customers to understand what it is they’re scanning! Incorporating a snappy CTA into your QR Code design will help to make it more user-friendly.

4. Consider the size of your QR Code

While it’s possible to make your QR Code almost as big as your design will allow, there are some minimum sizing requirements to keep in mind. A Static QR Code can be no smaller than 3 x 3 cm (1.2 x 1.2 in), while a Dynamic QR Code can be no smaller than 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x0.8 in). Moreover, a well-proportioned QR Code will be easier to scan — to learn more about this, check out our QR Code size guide.

5. Match your QR Code to your brand

To give your Tripadvisor QR Code a professional and trustworthy gloss, use the customization options available to you. It’s possible to change the colors, frame, and logo of your QR Code to match your brand’s style and create a seamless, streamlined look for your promotional materials.


All QR Codes can be scanned with a third-party QR Code scanner. For some newer smartphone models, you can also scan QR Codes directly with the camera. We have you covered with how to scan a QR Code on iPhone and how to scan a QR Code on Android.

Every vacationer has different priorities: for some, it’s the most authentic place to eat; for others, it’s all about that luxury hotel experience. Tripadvisor reviews provide travelers and tourists with a wealth of information, making the quest for the best restaurant in the city or the hotel with the best views easier.

Whether positive or negative, these Tripadvisor reviews inform how a traveler may organize their trip. In the hospitality or tourism industry, this means that Tripadvisor’s reviews are more than a vital source of business — they’re also a way to learn more about your customers.

In the hospitality industry, the importance of receiving and responding to online reviews has been iterated again and again. For a business owner, that’s huge! Creating a QR Code for Tripadvisor reviews gives you a huge audience of informed travelers to tap into, allowing you to use this valuable feedback about your business to your advantage. With a few clever Tripadvisor QR Code campaigns, you can encourage your customers and guests to leave more of these sought-after reviews — and in turn, show them how their custom matters to you.

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