QR Codes for Personal Use

QR Codes are great for businesses and marketers, but there are more practical uses of QR Codes than you might think. Get inspired by these QR Code ideas for personal use and let them do all the work so you could focus on other things that matter.

QR Code ideas for personal use

This could be you

You could be a student celebrating a birthday, a working parent looking for a new job, or just someone interested in using new technologies. Whoever you may be, QR Code is the perfect accessory to enhance everyday life. Ready to QR Code like a pro? Check out these practical ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

Table decorated with confetti and a birthday invitation including a QR Code with a “Save the date” frame
Landing page with all the information including time, date and address for a birthday party

Event QR Code

Create memorable events

Planning a party can be exhausting, especially when you’re doing it alone. Using an Event QR Code on your invitation cards provides your guests with easy access to all the essential event information in one place. With a single scan, they can quickly save your event’s time, date, and venue to their calendars. You can even add an RSVP option so you can plan catering accordingly.

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CV on a sheet of paper with a QR Code including a “Scan me” frame in the top right corner
Landing page for a full CV with the option to view the PDF


Stand out from your competition

Recruiters receive hundreds of job applications on their desk every day – and all of them look alike. Stand out from the crowd with a PDF QR Code on your resume to showcase your entire portfolio. Increase your chances of getting your dream job by including a unique way of presenting your work experiences and your skills while keeping your application short and snappy.

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Hands holding a letter with a thank you card for a wedding including a QR Code with a “Scan me” frame
Landing page with an image gallery of wedding snaps

Image Gallery QR Code

Enhance special celebrations

Your wedding is an important moment in your life, and it should be celebrated and shared with loved ones. Photos are a great way to remember your special day, and sharing your favourite wedding snaps with your guests has never been easier with a QR Code. Use a customizable Image Gallery QR Code to showcase the best wedding photos in one place. Pick and choose as many photos as you’d like, and simply print one QR Code on your “thank you” cards, so it stays classy and elegant.

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Travel backpack on a mountain ridge including a tag with information about the traveller including a QR Code with a “Scan me” frame
Landing page with information about medical conditions, allergies and other medical information of a young woman

vCard Plus QR Code

Travel with peace of mind

In any emergency situations, every second counts. Sharing your medical information with a vCard Plus QR Code can save your life in emergency circumstances. Place the QR Code in a visible spot on your bag or equipment and list any useful medical information. With one quick scan, the rescue service immediately knows about any allergies, chronic diseases or other medical conditions you have and can provide the right treatment.

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A small white dog wearing a dog tag with a QR Code including a customized frame
Landing page with contact information of a dog’s owner and an individualized text

vCard Plus QR Code

Easily share contact details

Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities and fears. This is especially true if your dog is adventurous and likes taking off on its own. Add a vCard Plus QR Code to your dog’s collar so you can be reached easily in case your dog gets lost. Putting a QR Code on the dog tag gives the finder easy access to your contact information like your phone number or address. You can also share any other information about your dog, from its name to its favorite treat. And if you ever need to update your contact information you can easily do so without needing to replace the QR Code on the dog tag.

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Benefit Cosmetics LLC, a manufacturer of cosmetics and headquartered in San Francisco, California
Sky Media, one of the leading marketing companies in Europe and manages the promotional sales of Sky and ten other themed channels
Zalando, a German online footwear retailer based in Berlin

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