4 Simple Ways to Gather Feedback with a QR Code Survey

Collecting feedback just got simpler and cooler. Surveys are a superb way to gather in-depth data about your customers, understand what makes them tick, and streamline your business. But what takes surveys to the next level is — you guessed it — the QR Code survey. 

Surveys are multipurpose — from gathering insights about a demographic for research to collecting specific information about customers’ experiences and more. And just in case you’re wondering; collecting feedback using a Feedback QR Code can be just as valuable. 

In this blog, we’ll look exclusively at customer surveys and the different uses of QR Code surveys, but first things first, what are customer surveys? Customer surveys are ways of gathering feedback on either your product, service, or experience from your customers’ point of view.  In short, they help you understand what’s really on customers’ minds. So if you’re looking for ways to gauge customer loyalty, this article is for you.

Why create a survey with QR Code?

It’s a no-brainer! But if you must know, coaxing your customers to complete a QR Code survey can: 

  • tell you more about your customers’ behaviors, attitudes, and opinions so you can create a more positive customer experience for them. 
  • help you measure customer satisfaction so you can bridge the gap between customers’ expectations and their experience.  
  • give you an indication of relevant feedback trends.  

Gaining insight into what satisfies your customer is key; feedback allows you to tweak, change your strategy, and transform the way you engage with customers. If you’re wondering if surveys are really worth your time, consider this Microsoft report: a whopping 89% of the participants (representing the customers’ perspective) expressed that they wanted companies to ask for feedback. Inquiring about what your customers have to say through surveys can lead to understanding them better. You can’t go wrong with building a deeper relationship with your customer.

How can you benefit from customer surveys?

When you create a dialogue between you and your customer, you promote customer engagement. By drawing your attention to the products and services that need to be upgraded or refined, you improve customer retention. And finally, when you respond to your customers’ suggestions, you boost your brand loyalty. The benefits of customer surveys can’t be understated!  

Here’s a sneak-peak on how to create a QR Code for a survey:

  1. Create your online survey on Google forms
  2. Generate a shareable link. 
  3. Go to qr-code-generator.com. 
  4. Select Website QR code
  5. Paste your Google form’s link onto the website field
  6. Customize  your QR code 
  7. Download your QR Code survey.
A Feedback QR Code on display for attendees to share their experience and feedback.
A Feedback QR Code on display in a museum.

4 Different uses for QR Code surveys

#1 QR Code surveys for restaurants

Restaurant owners, come hither! Capitalize on QR Code surveys by placing QR Codes on as many items as you can find: takeaway boxes or bags, menus, checks — you name it! There are a plethora of creative ways to use QR Codes for Restaurants. What’s great about this approach? You leave your customer undisturbed during their dining experience. Plus, you don’t have to bother them with the outdated pen and paper surveys that they — let’s face it, will never do.

QR Code surveys offer a quick, convenient, and accessible option for customers that they can do on the spot or after their dining experience. Don’t forget to follow up with them before the experience becomes a fleeting memory.  

Tablevibe is a fitting example of a restaurant that not only used QR Code Generator to collect feedback from their guests but also to adapt to the COVID-19 health regulations. Tablevibe offers various contactless solutions, in particular, a survey with a generous reward: a coupon. This delicious combo of rewarding guests for their feedback boosted their customer response —  a definite win-win for both Tablevibe and their customers!

Join the club and learn how to use our QR Code Coupon for your benefit. Following restaurants like Tablevibe can generate more customer engagement —  even better if you’re rewarding them for it.  Are you taking notes yet? 

Pro tip: incentivize your survey!

QR Code feedback request at the bottom of the restaurant bill.
A Feedback QR Code printed out on the restaurant check.

#2 QR Code surveys for events

Oh, events —  what a favorable time to gather large pools of feedback about customers on a large scale. Think big conferences, virtual events, webinars, conventions, concerts, or even festivals. If you ever had a burning question about what your attendees thought of your event, now’s your time to ask. But don’t stop there. Get your guests hyping up the event with a QR Code for Events.

Wondering about what your audience thought of your talk? Strategically leave a QR Code survey on your last slide. Trying to figure out what your attendees thought of your conference event? Conveniently place a QR Code survey in restrooms. Scratching your head about what your attendees thought of your festival or concert? Display a QR Code survey on print posters, big screens. And if you really feel ambitious, you could take your QR Code survey to the next level: the sky.

Take Travis Scott, the music artist who, while debuting his new song, “Escape Plan,” put on the theatrics with a lighting drone show. The sky was lit up with a QR Code which attracted thousands of festival-goers to listen to his pre-single on Spotify. Brilliant doesn’t even capture this smart marketing move. This epic drone light display led to over 80.0 K impressions. 

Event organizers can capitalize on this by enticing festival-goers to scan their QR Code survey with a firework-worthy display of a QR Code in the nighttime sky. Subtle? Perhaps not. There’s nothing subtle about an extravagant QR Code drone display. But memorable? A big resounding yes  — just think about the brand loyalty brownie points you’ll get. Liven up your festival at night with a Dynamic QR Code

#3 QR Code surveys for COVID-19 health regulations

As we continue living with COVID-19 at the forefront and backdrop of our lives, adhering to health regulations remains a top priority. With China’s relative success with keeping the virus at bay with the use of the QR Code for Covid screening, this tech-savvy solution might not be a bad idea.  

Creating a survey questionnaire can offer a pragmatic solution to track coronavirus symptoms ahead of time. Health institutions have already begun implementing a self-screening tool where you answer a series of questions related to the virus.  Similarly, companies and organizations can create questionnaires to keep their employees, guests, and customers safe. 

For example, restaurant owners can create prescreening covid questionnaires that their guests can scan upon reservation or even prior to entering the restaurant. Event managers can send QR Codes via email to prescreen attendees before arrival. Companies can pre-screen their employees to track their symptoms before entering the office. QR Code covid surveys can be an effective tool for managing our lives while the virus continues to evolve.

QR Code survey at a doctor’s practice for easier new patient registration.
Register at a doctor’s office with a QR Code

#4 QR Code surveys for social media and email marketing

Want to remind your festival-goers, hotel guests, diners, conference, or webinar attendees of their extraordinary experience with you? Reach out to them post-event over social media, email, or even text. Sometimes all your customers need is time to absorb and reflect on how they truly felt about an event, hotel, or dining experience.  

Build the QR Code into your social media marketing strategy

Refresh your customers’ minds by posting about the event or experience while putting a QR Code survey on display on your social media channels. Given the percentage of people on social media  (82% of North Americans), engaging your customers on these social media platforms means that you’re meeting most of your customers where they already are. 

Pro tip: try our Social Media QR Code to connect with your audience!

Add the legendary QR Code to your email marketing strategy

Reach out to your customers with a personalized thank you note accompanied by a QR Code survey to collect feedback about your customers’ experience. If you think your efforts will be for naught, think again: presently,  email users are at a global record of 4.03 billion— and that number is only projected to grow. 
Pro tip: Grow your relationship with your customers with our Email QR Code.

With all this chatter about the cosmic potential of the QR Code survey, how does it actually work for your unique needs? Two magic words: Google forms. And in just a few simple steps you’ll learn just how to create a QR code survey. 

How to make a QR Code for a Google Form

Step 1: Design your online survey

  1. Create a google account.
  2. Open your google apps and scroll down to Google Forms. 
  3. View the template gallery or simply start from scratch with a blank form.
  4. Customize your survey based on your needs and goals. 

And voila — you’ve got yourself an online survey. 

  1. Select the icon “send” in the right-hand corner.
  2. Three options will appear. Select the link option.  
  3. Copy the link. 

Now, let’s look at how to create a QR Code for a survey.    

Step 3: Create a Website QR Code

  1. Visit: qr-code-generator.com.
  2. Select Website QR Code.  
  3. Paste your Google form’s link into the website field. 
  4. Your QR Code will be generated automatically.
  5. Customize the design of your QR Code by adding a frame, changing the colors to match your brand, and adding a catchy call to action (CTA). 
  6. Download and test out your QR Code survey. 

And that’s it. You’re the new proud owner of a QR Code survey!  

If you want dead-honest feedback from what you’re doing well, not-so-well to exceptionally well, surveys can help you put your customers first and keep them happy! QR Code surveys allow you to digitize your feedback and learn valuable insights about your customers. There are several avenues of reaching your customers via QR code surveys: in-person at restaurants and events, or digitally via social media and email. Sign up to QR Code Generator Pro for 14 days for free and start experimenting with our wide array of QR codes for your business today.

Robyn Albertyn

Robyn Albertyn is a content writer for Bitly from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s previously written about preventative health and wellness, and specializes in creative writing and copywriting. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hiking up majestic mountains, or discovering the best coffee hotspots in her city. Feel free to say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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