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What can I do with Twitter QR Code Generator?

Twitter is a popular microblogging tool that lets you share your thoughts in 280 characters or less. It’s the fastest and easiest way to promote yourself or your brand as you can reach a large number of people through tweets and retweets. By utilizing our Twitter QR Code generator, you have the chance to amplify your online message with your offline materials.

How does Twitter QR Code work?

There are two ways to use a QR Code with the Twitter QR Code generator.

  • Create a QR Code that shares a tweet. When scanned, the QR Code will prompt the user to share a tweet with a pre-populated message that you have defined. This is useful if you’d like to encourage your audience to talk about a new product launch or to promote an event. Using the parameters below, our Twitter QR Code generator will create a QR Code that contains text, Twitter mention, URL, hashtags, or combination of any or all parameters.
Parameter Description Content
text Pre-populated text as defined by you. This is my first tweet with the Twitter QR Code.
url A link will be included in the tweet.
hashtags A comma-separated list of hashtags to accompany your tweet. Input without the # symbol. twitter, qrcode
via Mentions a username defined by you. Input without the @ symbol. qrcgcom
Sample Twitter QR Code that posts a tweet

  • You can also create a Twitter QR Code that opens up your Twitter profile when scanned. This purpose is useful if you’d like to increase followers and let your audience know you can be reached or contacted via Twitter. Simply add your username without the @ symbol, and a Twitter QR Code that opens your Twitter profile will be generated.

Why should I use a Twitter QR Code generator?

Increase engagement with your audience

Twitter is a platform to start a conversation. Whether you’re just starting out or already an established brand, it allows you to amplify your message and be heard by the right people. With Twitter QR Code, you make it easier for your audience and customers to engage in a conversation online.

Improve your customer service

People tend to ask for customer support on social media because it’s quick and transparent. Instead of using email or phone support, get your customers to contact you via Twitter for a faster response.

Tweet your way to trending topics

By defining the tweet inside the QR Code, you make it easier for your audience to simply scan and post it without having to type it manually. You can easily position your brand by adding keywords that are unique to your campaign. The more tweets appear using the keyword, the higher the chance for your content to be more visible, thus gaining a spot in the trending topic.

Works without the Twitter app

When a user scans the QR Code, it'll automatically detect if the user has a Twitter app installed on their device or not. If no app is detected, it will simply open the link in the default browser on the device. This means that the QR Code will work as long as there's an Internet connection.

So how do I create a Twitter QR Code?

  1. Choose between linking to your Twitter profile or posting a tweet. For Twitter profile, simply add your username minus the @ symbol. For a tweet, add the content of your tweet with a URL and hashtag, no longer than 280 characters.
  2. When you’re done, select Generate QR Code.
  3. Then, customize the look and feel of your QR Code on the right preview. Use your own colors and add a frame to encourage more scans.
  4. Finally, download the QR Code file in high-quality JPG. This file can easily be added to a medium you’ll print it on.

All your social media channels in one place

Quickly connect with your customers online. Use one QR Code to display Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more social channels.

Are there Twitter QR Code use cases I can check out?

If you’d like to get inspired to use QR Codes in innovative and unique ways, here are a few examples from fictional brands to get your creativity flowing.


Save the Bees Foundation is a nonprofit organization that relies on social media to get their message out there. By adding Twitter QR Code on all of their print materials, the foundation improves its online presence using its unique hashtag #savethebeesnow.


It’s not easy to promote a new dish at a restaurant. But at Southern Restaurant, they managed to get their regular diners to share a tweet with a discount code to pull in foodies from the local area.


Springfield City had just created its own Twitter page to highlight the city’s top attractions to locals and visitors. To gain new followers and promote the page, a Twitter QR Code is printed on every brochure and flyer.


As local musicians, The Three Sparrows band needed to promote their music to a broader audience to go big. That is why they’ve added Twitter QR Code on stage banners so that their audience can tweet about their music and help them promote on social media.

Event management

Organizing an event is stressful. Getting people to attend is even harder. Verge Event Management held a contest to promote their event by offering people a chance to win tickets by tweeting. The Twitter contest attracted people locally as well as those in nearby cities to participate.

Anything else I should know before using the Twitter QR Code generator?

Link to profile or post a tweet?

The Twitter QR Code generator offers two functions: It links to your Twitter profile or posts a tweet with a scan. To promote your Twitter account and get new followers, select the link to profile option. To start a conversation surrounding your brand or product, select the post a tweet option.

Test before printing

QR Codes created with the Twitter QR Code generator are static, which means they are not editable after being generated. Before printing, we advise you to do multiple test scans to ensure they are scannable.

Minimum size

We recommend a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in) for any QR Codes. This ensures that your QR Codes remain scannable, especially when you’re about to print a large batch on flyers or posters. Visit our guide before you print for more tips.

Add a logo

If you own a company, include a logo on your QR Code to increase brand awareness. Whenever a QR Code with your logo appears anywhere, your audience or customers will not hesitate to scan it as it makes them feel secure.

Use your own colors

QR Codes are the perfect place to splash some colors that match your personality or brand. One important thing to note: Always use a darker color for the foreground (the black and square pixels itself) and a lighter color for the background. Visit our QR Code design guide for more tips.


Yes, it is completely free to use and the generated QR Codes are yours forever. They will never expire but will only remain to work as long as you don’t change the content. For example, if your Twitter QR Code is linked to your profile and you changed the username, the QR Code will be linked to an error page on Twitter.

To create a Twitter profile QR Code, simply select the “Link to your profile” option and add your Twitter handle without the @ symbol.

Yes, it is possible when you select the “Post a tweet” option. Just type in your text as long as it’s within the 280-character limit.

All the QR Codes created using our generator can be used for personal and commercial purposes.

Yes, you can use our Facebook QR Code generator to generate a QR Code to promote your Facebook page.

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