Speed Up Registration Using QR Code

What is a Registration QR Code and how does it work?

Making registration seamless and convenient for customers is a must, so now you can speed up registration using just a QR Code. A Registration QR Code enables you to create a template that customers can use to send you an email as a form of registration entry. You can customize the registration form inside the body of the email and all your customers need to do is scan the QR Code, add their details, and hit send.

Why should I apply the registration using QR Code method?

This method is extremely useful for businesses that want to encourage customer communication by filling in a registration form without manual work. You can use them for situations like boosting event attendance, getting more subscriptions, or scheduling appointments via email. The best part? It makes the registration process simple and automatic.

Protects the privacy of customers

Instead of handing out paper forms that can be viewed by just about anyone, creating registration using QR Code protects the privacy of each customer. After scanning the Registration QR Code, it will automatically open the default email client on the customer’s smartphone, where they can fill out the form peacefully. Only the sender and receiver can see the information.

Standard registration form where privacy is not protected
Registration becomes simpler and faster with a QR Code

Full contactless experience

With the COVID-19 situation still at large, you need to provide a contact-free experience for your customers. This means removing paper and pen that was shared by other people when filling out paper forms manually. When you use registration using QR Code, you eliminate the need for manual forms immediately.

Enables registration without printing too much

Now that you’ve eliminated printed papers, you also save on printing costs. You only need to print the Registration QR Codes in all of the accessible places at your establishment such as tables, walls, cash registers, or even on windows. Print it once, and you’re good to go!

Reduces the chance of errors

It’s a terrible feeling to know that a customer tried to get in touch with you via email to ask a question or register for something and their email couldn't be answered because it was sent to the wrong address. Here again, a Registration QR Code takes this problem out of the equation, because your email address is already pre-filled, and all the customers need to do is scan the QR Code, fill in their details, and hit send.

No more errors mean no more lost customers!

Build your own registration form

No matter what you’d like to get more registrations for, you have the option to create a custom template with all the information you need from customers. You can even create multiple registration form templates with different QR Codes if you need them for particular situations. This gives you full control over how your Registration QR Code is used.

Registration in mere seconds

The faster the registration process, the higher the chance for a customer to complete it. With a Registration QR Code, there’s no fussing over typing in complex addresses manually. Just a quick scan and it’s done! When it’s that simple, your customers will surely thank you!

How do I create a Registration QR Code?

  1. To create registration using QR Code, select Email in the free generator above.
  2. In the Email field, enter the target or the recipient’s email address. This email address will be used to receive emails sent by scanning this QR Code. If you must, you can also add multiple email addresses separated by a comma. For example, registration@example.com, info@example.com, contact@example.com.
  3. Now, enter the subject of the email in the next field. Depending on your business, it would be best if the subject summarizes the content of the email. For example, if you’re a restaurant and are using the QR Code to register customers visiting your establishment, the subject can simply be, “Registration at Restaurant XYZ.”
  4. Then, enter the content in the body of the email. While the QR Code can contain heavily-worded text, it is not necessary to exhaust the limit. Here you can add the necessary fields needed for you to register your customers successfully. As an example, the body can contain these inputs: Full Name, Date of Birth, and Contact Number. Feel free to add as many fields as necessary for your business but be aware that the more text you add, the busier the QR Code gets.
  5. Select Generate to finish creating your Registration QR Code.
  6. Now, customize the generated QR Code with color, frame, and logo.
  7. To finish up, download it in high-quality and integrate it into the file design you’ll print it on.

Can I see how a Registration QR Code is used?

There are many different ways that businesses can use QR Codes to speed up customer registration via email. Here are a few examples to inspire you.


Registration QR Code idea to sign up for an event at a restaurant

A pop-up event is a great way to jumpstart your brand awareness as a restaurant. You could use a Registration QR Code on things like table tents or directly place it on the table so customers can easily scan to register via email. QR Codes on windows or doors are especially useful because they can reduce your printing costs by printing the QR Code once.


Registration QR Code idea at a hairsalon

If your salon manages appointment booking via email, then you’ll definitely want to combine it with a Registration QR Code. You can create registration form templates for different services and enable customers to scan them to ask about appointments. Add the QR Code to your salon window or flyers and the registration process becomes automatic and simple.

Gyms and wellness studios

Registration using QR Code at a fitness studio

Making appointments for personal training works great with a Registration QR Code too. Use them on print mediums like poster ads to maximize the effect on local customers for a gym as a whole, or take the more personalized route by adding them to print business cards to make communication easier. With QR Codes on print business cards, it saves you time and money on printing new ones and enables instant contact with your customers.

Real estate agencies

Registration using QR Code at a property viewing sign

Real estate agencies can use Registration QR Codes to make it easy to sign up for things like a property viewing event. By adding a Registration QR Code to the property display sign, business window, or mail forms, registration becomes a breeze for customers. In addition, you can use Registration QR Codes at the viewing event itself so anyone who’s interested can send an email stating their interest in a particular property.

Are there any best practices for registration using QR Code?

There are a few important things to keep in mind when designing your email template and Registration QR Code, so we’ve gathered some tips below to help maximize your results.

Keep your registration form short

When creating the email template for your registration form, you should try to keep it as short as possible. According to HubSpot, consistent studies have shown that fewer form fields usually result in higher conversion rates, so try to keep the form fields between 3 and 5. Name, Email, and Phone Number are a great place to start and if you need additional information, you might consider asking later, so as to not bog down the form.

Customize your QR Code

Once you’ve finalized your registration template, you should always take the time to customize your QR Code. By adding elements like frames, brand colors, and a CTA (call to action), the chances are much greater that people will scan your QR Code. Plus, adapting the style also makes them match the designs of your marketing and sales materials.

Use the appropriate QR Code size

When printing your QR Code, it’s important to make sure the size fits the medium it’ll be used on. Using the appropriate size ensures that it’s readable and scannable from various distances. For example, if you’re using a Registration QR Code on a billboard ad, you’ll need a much bigger QR Code than for a print business card. We created a QR Code sizing guide to help you out.

Store emails for email marketing

This last tip is for your overall marketing strategy because it’s so worthwhile. Email marketing has been proven to have some of the highest ROI(return on investment) for any type of marketing in general. So when customers fill out your registration form, this is the perfect opportunity to ask for permission to add them to your email marketing updates. You can do this by adding another form field for precisely that. And after they’ve sent you their email registration, their emails can be stored so you can continue marketing to them via email and encourage them to make further purchases.


It depends on your email notification settings. Registration QR Code enables customers to register via email so when someone completes the registration form, it will be sent directly to your email that you used to set up the QR Code.

There is a wide variety of ways to speed up registration with QR Code by adding them to print advertising and sales materials. A few common examples are sales brochures, flyers, business windows, and print ads like posters. But you can also use them personally by adding them to print business cards.

Yes, in fact, we actually encourage this use case so that your customer’s privacy is protected. We have seen countless forms at restaurants where guests had to manually input their details on a piece of paper. This method is not as secure as registration using QR Code as the pen and paper are shared with multiple people, plus the written details can be seen when the paper gets passed around.

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