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The QR Code comes with a feedback page that uses a five-star rating and comment box for customers to leave their review about your business or campaign. Customize the page with your own brand, create categories and subcategories for review, and collect customer contact information such as email address and phone number. Every feedback submitted is sent directly to your preferred email address. Advertise the page with its QR Code or short URL whether print or online.

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How to use the Feedback QR Code for your business

How to Make QR Codes Work for Your Business

Finding out how your customers feel isn't easy. Some companies still use questionnaires to gather customer feedback, and complaints can be harvested for valuable information as well. But neither method provides a quick and easy way for customers to record their feelings.

Thankfully, there's another way. QR codes offer a simple, effective way for businesses to collect feedback about their products, services and employee performance. By setting up your own tailored QR Code strategies, you can link smartphone users directly to mobile feedback sites. When customers want to leave product feedback, or let you know when staff have done something great, they can do so in seconds.

A Quick Introduction to Using QR Codes in Marketing

As you probably know, QR Codes are scannable "quick response" codes that look a little bit like white noise, and are regularly found on products or posters around town. They entice passers by to interact with marketing material, but can also be used after or during the purchasing process - the aspect that we find so exciting. That's because they provide a quick way for customers to leave product feedback in the blink of an eye

It's much simpler to scan a code with your phone, than to note down website URL before making the effort to visit it. By transporting buyers directly to where they can leave customer feedback, companies can greatly increase the amount of information they receive. Let's find out more about how this can help your business thrive.

Using QR Codes to Gather More Product Feedback

Every vendor or manufacturer wants to know how people feel about their products. They need to know when problems arise, where they differ from competitors, and whether the way they promote their products is effective. That's where having efficient product feedback channels is essential. It doesn't matter whether you sell automotive components, or you're a freelance graphic designer, you can easily gather more information by bringing QR Codes into the picture.

It's all about linking the people who use your products with ways to express their opinions. Being easy to scan and linked to the right destinations, QR Codes fulfill this function really well.

Build Your Customer Feedback Systems on Solid Ground With QR Codes

If you want to build a really detailed picture of how your business is performing, it pays to learn as much about how customers feel as possible. With the right QR Code based strategy, you can attract more customer responses, and link them with Customer Relationship Management databases.

For instance, by adding attractive codes to product packaging or in-store displays, you can make it easy for customers to leave their impressions or complaints. You can build database of the starred ratings provided by customers, and organize their comments to make sense of the market. You can plot how your reputation is rising (or falling), find out where you are succeeding, and the kind of people who are making purchases. All of this customer feedback is like gold dust for businesses that are seeking to improve.

Create Employee Feedback Systems to Find Out How Your Team is Doing

The same applies to gathering information about employees. Businesses succeed or fail based on the skills and attitude of their staff, but it's not always easy to find out how individual team members are performing in the field. If you use QR Codes linked directly to pages for specific individuals, you can make it simple for clients to leave employee feedback.

For instance, if you are a real estate agency and want to know how each realtor measures up, you can include codes on the contracts or brochures they use. These codes can link to comment forms where customers can leave employee feedback, so you know when team members are working productively.

Create Slick Feedback Systems with Ease

QR Code Generator is an app that can make these handy codes work for your business. It can be used to link codes to your marketing channels and databases, closing the loop in marketing campaigns, so that customers can instantly provide responses to products or employee feedback. And, because of its flexibility, simplicity, and the affordability, the app can be used by small organizations, freelancers or the largest corporations equally successfully.

We know that businesses can benefit by integrating QR Codes into their feedback systems, helping them to improve the way they operate. So get creative, explore our app, and you'll soon start enjoying the benefits of high-quality customer feedback.

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