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Go Green! How to Level Up Your Sustainable Marketing Practices with QR Codes

It’s not just the future that’s green — your marketing practices should be, too. Learn how QR Codes are helping companies be transparent about sustainability.

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Lactalis Partners with Popmii and QRCG to Successfully Drive Up Customer Engagement

Boosting customer engagement by combining QR Codes with augmented reality on produce is a triad to behold.

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Use QR Codes on Digital Displays to Create an Awesome Interactive Experience

Combining QR Codes with digital signage creates an unparalleled, interactive experience for your customers.

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Combining QR Codes and Design for a Smart Packaging Experience

Use QR Codes on smart packaging to keep customers affixed to your brand during the entire buying cycle.

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Tablevibe and QR Code Generator Partner, Offering Restaurants Contactless Solutions for Customers

The new partnership between Tablevibe and QR Code Generator creates a streamlined, contactless experience for your customers.

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How to Create an Interactive Wall with QR Codes

Never underestimate the creative potential of a blank piece of Wall! We show you why, with some canny QR Code ideas.

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Combining Coupon Marketing and QR Codes: The Ultimate Power Duo

Coupon marketing and QR Codes: the power combo you should get to know better. Learn how this dynamic duo can help you do more than just boost sales.

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7 Marvelous Methods on How to Market Audiobooks Using QR Codes

Marketing your audiobook needn’t be so daunting! Learn how QR Codes can add a touch of magic to your audiobook promotional strategy.

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The Power of QR Codes for Podcast Marketing: A Guide

Everything you need to know about how you can leverage QR Codes for your podcasting niche.

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Thanks to QR Codes, Fashion Marketing Just Got a Style Upgrade

Style up your fashion marketing strategy with the industry’s hottest accessory: QR Codes.

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