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QR Code Advertising: How to Integrate Them into Your Ads

Want to make your ads stand out? Give your ad the ultimate glow-up with QR Codes!

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Our New 2023 Bitly QR Code Trends Report is Here!

Get fresh insights into the QR Code trends emerging in 2023 in this new data-packed report.

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Mall QR Code: 11 Simple Ways to Use Them in Shopping Centers 

Looking for a tech upgrade at your mall? We have everything you need to get started!

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QR Code Scavenger Hunt Guide: 25 Actionable Ideas

Want some fresh-off-the-rack ideas on how to set up a scavenger hunt with QR Codes? Read on!

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Sneaker QR Code: 5 Pioneering Ways to Market Your Footwear Brand

Looking for an easy way to market print and digital materials for your footwear brand? Get your trendy sneaker collection paired up with QR Codes!

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5 Engaging Ways to Use a Zoo QR Code at Wildlife Parks

Looking for more tools to engage the visitors at your zoo? Give your wildlife park a tech edge with QR Codes!

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QR Code Jewelry: 5 Savvy Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Business

Need a marketing accessory to bring in more conversions? Discover the missing gem to boost your jewelry brand or company!

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Powerful Ways of Using a Football QR Code for Football Teams

Want to create more hype around your football game? Get your fans invested in the game with QR Codes!

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Launching AR Experiences With an Augmented Reality QR Code

Ready to take the user experience to the next dimension? QR Codes and augmented reality are the keys!

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QR Codes for Accessibility: Uses for People with Disabilities

Can QR Code tech create more accessibility and inclusivity for people with disabilities? Discover the intelligence behind these trusted allies.

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