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Upload Videos and Other Rich Media to QR Codes

Combine your print material with QR Codes to add playable videos, sounds, near-unlimited images, and more.

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How the Restaurant Industry is Using QR Codes to Support their Business During Coronavirus

Read on to find out how you can add QR Codes on restaurant windows to promote online orders or QR Codes on menus to encourage a contactless experience.

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QR Code Use Cases in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Find out how brands and organizations leverage QR Codes in the wake of COVID-19.

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Improve Your E-commerce Marketing Results with QR Codes

Discover how you can streamline and automate marketing and sales processes with QR Codes.

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Don’t Cancel Your Events: Create Virtual Events with QR Codes Instead

Considering canceling your event because of coronavirus? Find out how to avoid cancelations by using QR Codes!

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How to Improve Sales Promotion with QR Codes

Increase sales and attract new customers by utilizing the power of QR Codes!

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Enhance Your Lead Generation Strategy With QR Codes

Take your lead generation to the next level with fully customized and trackable QR Codes.

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How are QR Codes Used for Social Distancing?

QR Codes let businesses interact with customers through contactless and touchless experiences.

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An Overview on QR Code Security

Learn more about QR Code security and the steps to be more vigilant.

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Why You Should Add QR Codes to Magazine Ads

QR Codes are trackable, editable, and they can be customized to fit your brand!

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