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What is a QR Code for video?

A QR Code Video is a solution that converts Youtube videos into a QR Code. Also known as a Video QR Code, you can choose to upload one or multiple videos, which are then shown on a mobile-friendly summary page. Highly useful for print marketing, a Video QR Code streamlines the process for users to watch your videos through a simple QR Code scan. You can even include social media links (like your Youtube channel) or your website to direct further traffic there.

A Video QR Code landing page example

What information can I display on a QR Code Video?

When using QR Code Generator to convert a video to QR Code, you can display the following elements on a mobile-optimized summary page:

  • Your company name, a headline, your website link, and a short description of your business.
  • A featured image and customizable brand colors.
  • Unlimited Youtube videos and descriptions per video (option to highlight which one is shown first).
  • An optional and customizable CTA button to direct users to another link (such as a landing page or your website).
  • The option to add social media profile links (like a Youtube channel) through their respective icons and an optional sharing button.

Why do I need a QR Code Video?

Link to one or multiple videos from Youtube

QR Code Videos are perfect for instances like on a business card to share a portfolio, a resume, brochure, tutorial videos on product packaging, and much more. They’re incredibly convenient for users because you can upload and display videos on a summary page that works for all devices, and the user doesn’t need to search for links to find your videos. Just a quick QR Code scan with their smartphone and voila!

The full picture of your business (and with videos)

The summary page includes comprehensive details about you and your business, including social media links. A QR Code Video is especially useful for people wishing to drive traffic to their Youtube channels or a particular landing page. All the info is there and a user just simply needs to click on it.

Add video content to print marketing

While many marketers believe print marketing to be old-fashioned, we at QR Code Generator are bringing print marketing back in the game. Before QR Codes were developed, it was a huge hassle for users to view a print ad, search for a link later on, and then make a purchase. There was also no way to track if the reason a user made a purchase was due to a particular print ad. QR Codes solve this problem entirely because the links pop up directly after the QR Code scan - and you can even track them.

Track, edit, and update your QR Code Video

Yes, that’s right! Using QR Codes means that you can now track print marketing campaigns (and digital of course). All Dynamic QR Codes created with QR Code Generator software enable you to view real-time data for QR Code scan tracking. This includes metrics like location by country and city, unique vs. total scans, time scanned, and operating device used. Now print campaign optimization is just a QR Code away. Furthermore, Dynamic QR Codes can be edited and updated as needed. This means if you need to swap out a video link, or even need to change your type of QR Code solution, it can be done without having to reprint your QR Code. No more reprints due to link mistakes!

Customizable for your needs

QR Code Generator has enabled custom QR Codes as unique as your business. Both your video page and QR Code Videos can be styled by brand color and your logo (even inside your QR Code). What’s more, QR Codes can also be given custom frames with a unique CTA (call to action) and creative edges. No matter whether you use a QR Code Video on print or digital formats, they can be customized exactly as needed.

Maximum data capacity with quick load times

QR Codes were developed mainly to hold large amounts of data. Their out of date Barcode brethren simply couldn’t manage today’s technological demands. QR Codes were invented with a unique design that allows them to be read both horizontally and vertically. This means they’ve got a higher data capacity and speedy load time— ideal for videos.

How to create a QR Code for video?

  1. Sign up to QR Code Generator PRO and get started with a 14-day free trial. You can upgrade at any time to continue using the QR Code if you decide the tool is right for you.
  2. Once your account is activated, select Create QR Code in the dashboard then choose Video.
  3. Start by naming your QR Code, and then customize the page colors to match your personal style or company identity. You can also upload a featured image, your logo, or a welcome screen to amplify your branding power.
  4. Next, add your company name, a headline, and a short description to inform your audience what your page is about. You also have the option here to add a custom CTA button with an additional link (such as your website or a landing page).
  5. After this, copy the link of your Youtube video and select “Add Video.” If you choose to include multiple videos, there is a checkbox to highlight which one is displayed first. For each video that you upload, the Youtube description is automatically added, but you can edit this if you wish.
  6. You also have the option to include social media links through their respective icons, as well as an optional sharing button.
  7. To personalize it further, select one of the ready-made QR Code frames and add your own custom text to urge your audience to scan the Code to view your videos.
  8. Add some finishing touches such as adding a logo in the center of your QR Code and changing the Code’s color to suit you.
  9. Finally, download and integrate it into the file design of your print collateral.

Can I see some use cases for a QR Code Video?

If you’d like to get inspired to use QR Codes in innovative and unique ways, here are a few examples from fictional brands to get your creativity flowing.

Gyms & Wellness Studios

Studio Gym decided to boost their subscriptions with a banner ad. They used a QR Code Video to display videos of their gym and classes to engage the interest of passersby and get a clear picture of ROI (return on investment) for the banner ads in various locations.


Trekker Tours does massive video marketing campaigns to increase their bookings. They use QR Code Videos on their shop windows and in magazine ads so that every type of reader can view the experience they offer during their tours.


Through the Lens is a photography and videography studio that heavily relies on QR Codes to share their portfolios on print marketing materials. All their employees are equipped with business cards with QR Code Videos at networking events, as well as the studio adds QR Code Videos to flyers to hand out during the events they cover for those that are interested in their services.

What are some best practices for using a QR Code Video?

Uploading videos

Although you can upload a virtually unlimited amount of Youtube videos to a QR Code Video, it’s best to keep this to just a few of your best videos, and also shorter length ones. Using long or too many videos can slow down your page loading times, and also be too much for a user to look through.

Minimum size

We recommend that you don’t make QR Codes smaller than 2 x 2 cm (around 0.8 x 0.8 in) because they could become too small for both QR Code scanners and readers. Nonetheless, QR Codes are incredibly flexible in size and can always be scaled up—even up to the size of a billboard ad. If you’re unsure whether or not your QR Code is too small, then opt for a larger version so you can avoid QR Code scanning problems. For further information on printing QR Codes, take a look at this overview.


When you design your custom QR Code Video, it’s a good idea to add your logo to the middle, because it helps users recognize your brand. Furthermore, an authentic brand also means that users feel safe about scanning your QR Code.


Colors can be styled to match any sort of graphic design and brand style. Nonetheless, there are a few details to keep in mind, such as always using a darker color for the foreground (the black and square pixels itself), a lighter color for the background, and maintaining the quiet zone to avoid any scanning issues. For a complete guide on custom QR Code design, we’ve got an overview here.

Printing formats

QR Code Generator offers four types of image file formats for QR Codes: JPG, PNG, EPS, or even SVG. This gives you full control over the design, sizing, and customization of your QR Code. Adding a QR Code to a design can be done with any photo editing tool.


Converting a video to a QR Code is easy—all you need is your video’s Youtube link. You can follow the steps in the above section titled “How to create a QR Code for a video?” to do this using QR Code Generator software.

Some newer models of Android and Apple phones have enabled QR Code scanning directly through their cameras. If your phone doesn’t have this capability, there are many types of QR Code scanning apps that you can download from the app store. You can also check if your phone came with this type of app pre-installed.

The amount of videos you can link is virtually unlimited. However, the more videos you upload, the slower your loading times become. Not to mention that too many videos can be overwhelming for viewers. The best case is to highlight a few of your best and most relevant videos, and then direct users to your Youtube channel if you’d like them to see more.

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