About App QR Codes

App Codes help your customers get to your app faster. Never worry about your download link leading to the matching App Store. Simply print one QR Code and each scan will automatically detect the operating device to open your app.

One Code For All Stores

Link to multiple App Stores with one QR Code. When users scan your Code, they're automatically led to the App Store compatible with their operating device.

No Competitor Apps Shown

Direct forwarding to your app page ensures that no other search results or competing apps are shown. Since there are often quite a few apps with similar names or keywords, you will avoid the competitors trying to clone your app or imitate your strategy.

Real-Time Statistics

Get access to all the relevant data such as the number of scans, time, place and device used for each scan. All data recorded is in real-time so you can check back in regularly.

Custom QR Code Design

Create one-of-a-kind QR Codes that get you noticed. Change your QR Code design any time to fit your marketing campaign and motivate customers to scan.

Print-Ready Files

Our QR Codes are offered in four high-quality image file formats: JPG, PNG, EPS and SVG. These can be used for all printing or design purposes, even for posters with very large Codes.

Full Flexibility

Thanks to our QR Code Management Software, you can replace target URLs even after your Code has already been printed and distributed.

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Creating App Codes

Make your print-ready Code in less than two minutes.

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  • Done!

    There are different QR Code types to choose from, both Dynamic and Static ones. Dynamic Codes allow you to change their contents without generating the Code again. Furthermore, you can track the scans of these QR Codes. Select the App QR Code in the list of Dynamic Codes.

  • Enter the app store address

    Type in the URLs of your app for different app stores and a default URL. The default URL will be used if the operating system of the user’s device is not recognized or if you do not offer an app version for this particular system.

    Enter the app store address
  • Choose your Design

    You can customize the design of the Code according to your wishes. For example, modify the color of the background and the foreground, insert an app icon into the Code or change the look of the corners. We also offer a few basic design templates to choose from. All changes are seen directly in the Code preview.

    Choose your Design
  • Save & Print the Code

    After you have chosen the design, you can download the Code in one of four file formats we offer: EPS, JPG, EPS or SVG. These formats cover all digital and print uses.

    Save & Print the Code
  • Track the Scans

    Track the number of the scans of your Code. You will also receive the information about the time, the date, the location and the operating system for each scan.

    Track the Scans
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