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What is a QR Code generator for PDF?

Adobe developed the Portable Document Format (PDF) in the 1990s as a way to share documents, including text formatting and images, independent of operating system or software. By using our QR Code generator for PDF, it efficiently and easily converts a PDF file into a QR Code to streamline information sharing without having to share it as an attachment in a message. This type of QR Code is also known as PDF QR Code.

A PDF QR Code landing page example with a downloadable PDF file

Why should I use a PDF QR Code?

As long as it is under 20 MB, PDF QR Codes let you share any kind of PDF: research papers, chapter previews, user manuals, tips, recipes, product reviews, inspirations, best practices, digital catalogs, property listings. To be honest, the list goes on. Whatever document is relevant to your industry can be converted to a PDF QR Code, downloaded and shared on either print or digital materials. By offering consumers more information about your company and your product, you create transparency, and customers are more likely to invest in a brand they trust.

Boost Print Marketing

QR Codes are information in disguise that help you enhance customer engagement with your product, event or print marketing. It offers a seamless way to learn more about products or services without increasing print costs or disrupting the visual design of your brand.

Information Sharing on the Go

PDF QR Code is a mobile-friendly way of sharing documents. Whether it is by email, at a conference during your presentation, on ebooks, or manual guides, all your audience needs to do is scan, save, transfer, and share information on the go.

Dynamic Marketing Campaign

By using our Dynamic QR Code, you can reuse the same QR Code for different campaigns or update information over time, so it is always up-to-date without the hassle of reprinting or regenerating a Code. A PDF QR Code can also help you enhance marketing campaigns and personalized content with actionable insights into QR Code statistics. Our tracking feature tells you when and where it was scanned, creating a list of countries and cities that reveal which locations work best for your campaign.

What information is stored in a PDF QR Code?

Besides storing the uploaded PDF, if you choose to direct scanners to a mobile-friendly page first, you can provide them with additional information such as your website, company name, a document description, and an optional welcome screen. This additional information helps scanners get acquainted with your company if they are not already, as well as direct more traffic to your website.

How do I use QR Code generator for PDF?

  1. Sign up to QR Code Generator PRO. You get a 14-day free trial to test all features without a commitment.
  2. To create a PDF QR Code, select Create QR Code on the Dashboard and choose PDF.
  3. Select a PDF up to 20 MB from your computer and upload it in the document field.
  4. If you want to simply link right to the PDF, tick the 'Link directly' box.
  5. Design and customize the mobile-friendly landing page if you choose not to link directly.
  6. Add company name, PDF title, description, and website.
  7. Then add a frame and change the colors of the QR Code to make it stand out.
  8. Finally, download your free custom QR Code!

What are the benefits of implementing a PDF QR Code?

We already listed how you could use a PDF QR Code, but it is much easier sometimes to follow by example. This is why we have curated a list of different cases that show the benefits of implementing them, from the classroom to your marketing campaign.

Educational Institutions

Lectures & Presentations

By adding a PDF QR Code on the cover page of your presentation or lecture, you allow students or attendees to directly download relevant documents to their phones and tablets to be revisited at their own leisure. Having to print handouts or relevant documents hours before is something you no longer have to concern yourself with by using QR Code Generator for PDF. No paper waste, no wasted time, all you need to do is upload the document to the QR Code and voila! No awkward handing out of documents or more time lost waiting for everyone to have the paper in their hands. If you provide necessary instructions prior to either a lecture or presentation, that is for people to bring smart mobile devices and be ready to scan a QR Code, then you will have successfully optimized your lecture time.

Infographics & Classroom Posters

Create a PDF QR Code and add it to infographics and posters to give more to your students. The problem with print material is always the limited amount of space you have to work with. Still, with a PDF QR Code, you can connect students to historical documents relevant to your world history infographic, fun linguistic exercise for your classroom language arts' poster. The best part? The information can be updated, edited, and changed without having to regenerate or reprint the QR Code. All you need to do is replace the previous document with the new one.


Book Marketing

Improve your book marketing strategy by giving readers something to chew on. Whether it is on print or digital marketing such as brochures, social media platforms, web and print banners, and email subscriptions, give people a preview of a new book through a PDF QR Code. You can use the same Code for all marketing channels and share a chapter excerpt to incentivize customers to purchase a copy of the book or ebook to find out what happens next. The benefits? It is easy to link to a book preview online. We'll give you that. But the advantage here has to do with improving print marketing and bridging it to online content.

World Building

Imagine the excitement you would give readers if you could bring these narrative elements to life. Did a character send several letters to their love interest that were intercepted by a third party with their own agenda? Are your characters finding different pieces of a keymap to solve their quest? Is there a diary they come across which clears a lot of mystery shrouding the plot? Have clues been left behind that could help solve the murder mystery case? With a PDF QR Code either on the book cover, inside the jacket, or on chapter headers with a CTA that reads "Scan to access extra story materials," giving readers real-life access to fiction is now possible. You can now breathe new life into stories. Use our QR Code generator for PDF to expand the world of fiction on the page without having to make the reading material any longer than it needs to be. Interactive narratives for young adults and adult fiction could be an additional incentive for non-readers to give books a chance, especially if they have a hard time visualizing stories.



Instead of having to print and reprint new material every summer, winter, spring, and fall for your seasonal menu items, simply print a PDF QR Code on your static menu and update it whenever you are ready to present diners with new dishes. It is not just limited to seasonal menus, though. You can also link to your wine list and beverages menu, or a dessert carte. This way, you have more flexibility and produce less waste. By using QR Code generator for PDF, you can reduce the number of separate menus at the table, effectively creating not just a clutter-free environment but also saving money by significantly reducing printing costs. Additionally, you can update the PDF in your QR Code any time without having to reprint the Code.


Market your food and services to a broader public at a low cost by turning your menu into a PDF QR Code which you can have printed on newspaper, magazine or brochure ads. People no longer have to google your restaurant if they find an ad about it in print media. What prospective guests are usually interested in when searching for a new eatery is what kind of food is served. So provide them with that information from the get-go.

Electronics and Packaged Goods

User Manual

Assist people using a particular system, electronic or product by including a PDF QR Code either inside the printed user manual or on the product packaging itself. This can either be the entirety of the manual or an extension, offering more details about product usage, customer reviews, feedback, and best practices. Not only that, the PDF QR Code allows your customers to download the user manual as a PDF onto their mobile devices, email it to themselves and share it when need be.

Product Marketing

Promote new electronic and consumer goods by uploading a catalog of related products onto a PDF QR Code and printing it onto product packaging or the user manual, which offers buyers the chance to browse through more merchandise they would not have otherwise known about. You can also enhance your product with extra information like recipes for baking products, an inspiration for handmade crafts or DIY projects for electronic goods. Anything that would inspire users and consumers to rethink how they can use your products in their daily lives.


Apple's iOS 11 has included a QR reader into the smartphone's camera, making it as easy as launching the camera app, scanning and tapping on the QR Code notification to scan one. For any model before iOS 11, you can download the Quick Scan - QR Code Read App or scan and interact natively with QR Codes on your iPhone and iPad. The latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones work with Bixby Vision to, among many other great things, scan QR Codes. However, if your phone does not come with a built-in QR Code reader, you can download one from your app store. To read a bit more about how to scan QR Codes, check out our Help Center.

You are not so much converting as uploading a PDF onto a QR Code, effectively disguising a large document into a small code with hidden information. To perform this digital age magic, just go to QR Code Generator, choose your desired type of QR Code, in this case, a PDF one, and then upload your document, making sure your PDF is under 20 MB. Find out more about our different QR Codes and how you can turn massive amounts of information into sustainable, smart codes.

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