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Designed for businesses with one important question to ask, the Rating Page is a quick and simple way to get customer ratings. In 60 seconds or less, anyone can scan your custom QR Code, leave their rating and a short comment about your newly launched product, service, design repackaging or something specific. For every rating submitted, you get an email sent directly to your business address. Choose from a variety of templates for your rating page and customize it with your own branding. The Rating QR Code also comes with a short URL to share on your social media platforms and anywhere else online.

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How to Get Customer Ratings with QR Codes

Are customer ratings really necessary? While some companies are intimidated by the uncertainty of what people may say about your brand, product or service, the reality is that customer reviews help businesses improve in the long term. Any company looking to provide better products and upgrade consumer experience should have a focus on how to get customers to leave reviews.

The Rating QR Code makes it simple for any business to get reviews and ratings on a service, product, brand or experience. It’s convenient for customers, they can scan the Code and submit their rating--all within a minute. As with any QR Code, you can design it to match your campaign and use the short URL for online advertising.

How to Get Customers to Leave Reviews and Ratings

Do you already have a group of satisfied customers? Get reviews on their positive experience by asking them directly in person or on the phone. Especially in industries where referrals and word-of-mouth advertising gets you business, it’s worth the effort to get ratings on a service that was authentically enjoyed by your customers.

In cases where it isn’t possible to get reviews in person, sending an email can also be an option. However, asking to get ratings on a product or service by email can seem impersonal, which is why your message should be written as a personal request from the contact person who has interacted the most with your customer. In your email, clearly state your request and include an unmissable call-to-action link or button on how the customer can leave a review.

It is also important to ask for a review promptly. The longer it is from the time of service to the time of request, the likelihood of getting reviews drops significantly. Having comment cards during the time of service is a good reminder for the customer. You can easily put the Rating QR Code on these cards so when the customer is ready, a quick scan is all it takes to get the rating.

How to Increase Customer Reviews and Ratings

Get more reviews for your business by making it easy for customers to do so. Print the Rating Code on marketing items that are always visible, such as on a sign at the register, dine-in menus, table cards, carry-out brochures and even receipts. Next to your Rating QR Code, add a call-to-action so customers know what type of content they should expect after scanning. Just because you’ve printed a bunch of Codes everywhere doesn't mean that your business will automatically get more reviews.

Another way to increase customer reviews is to include a link at the bottom of your follow-up emails. The custom short URL that comes with the Rating Code is perfect for that. When your initial request for a review seemed to have gone unnoticed, don’t shy away from a friendly reminder a few days later to get ratings. In your follow-up email, politely ask for any questions they may have regarding how to leave reviews.

How to get more reviews also depend on the effort you’re willing to give. Increase customer reviews by mailing Thank You notes by post to your most valuable clients. In the bottom of your message, express that you would appreciate getting his or her review on your brand, service or product. Customers will see your effort and return the favor. Remember to place a clear call-to-action next to your Rating QR Code so that they can immediately scan it while they have the letter opened right in front of them.

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