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Designed to connect your print advertising to the biggest social media network, the Facebook QR Code makes it easy for customers to Like you on Facebook. Your customizable page focuses on showing the Like button so you can get more Likes instantly. Visitors can also directly go to your Facebook Page using the official Facebook mobile app just by tapping a button. Promote your Facebook QR Code on all print marketing to collect more Likes and followers.

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How to Promote Your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are a great opportunity for companies to provide information about their brand and service or product while being able to interact with their consumers. The key is for your brand to really take advantage of the Facebook business Page features. Read on for tips on how to promote your Facebook Page.

How to Use QR Codes to Promote Your Facebook Business Page

When you use a QR Code to promote your Facebook business Page, the beauty is that it can go pretty much anywhere. Easily promote your business with the Code outside of your office or shop window, on business cards, product labels, posters, and other marketing collateral. Use the QR Code to promote your Facebook Page wherever your customers would see it.

Because it’s customizable, you can design the Facebook QR Code according to your brand, campaign theme, product or event. Effective marketing is also finding ways to encourage customers to scan the Code. One way to use the QR Code to promote your Facebook Page is by adding a call-to-action. Provide an incentive to Like your business on Facebook by telling users that they’ll receive a discount code for their effort.

Top 3 Free Facebook Marketing Ideas

Facebook Marketing Idea #1: Customize Your Page

When it comes to Facebook marketing, your entire online presence on the platform needs to be customized, accurate, up-to-date, and on-brand. For example, global coffeehouse chain Starbucks, has mastered how to promote its Facebook page by making use of its features. Their custom "International" tab brings people to their local Facebook Pages, so non-English-speaking fans can easily navigate to their country's dedicated Starbucks Page.

Even as a small business, take the simple effort to customize your profile, upload cover photos with high-quality images that reflect your brand and highlight your products, services, culture, and other aspects that your company considers of value.

Facebook Marketing Idea #2: Create Engaging Content

Your Facebook posts should aim to inform, educate, and entertain without over promoting your brand. Taking another cue from Starbucks, the company uses its Page to showcase visual content, run contests for seasonal products, highlight job openings, and interact with followers through fun quizzes.

Mixing together different forms of content is a great way to create more interactions with your customers. Leverage photos, videos, personality tests, offers, contests and event promotions for shareable content that build and expand your community. When posting, don’t forget to add call-to-action buttons on your posts that can direct users to take a specific action such as go to a website landing page or open up a message window that allows them to contact you directly.

Facebook Marketing Idea #3: Interact with the Community

It’s worth noting that Facebook is a social network with real people trying to interact with others. If your brand doesn’t reply to comments and messages, you’re hardly being “social”. Users want to interact with responsive brands. Engage with your followers in a timely manner and utilize emojis, gifs, and hashtags to keep on trend. Facebook has readily integrated these trends because they clearly see a boost in user interaction. Next time you reply to a comment, why not include a sticker?

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