How To Use a Batch QR Code Generator to Make Multiple QR Codes

Need to create multiple QR Codes, but you’re dreading the tedious task of making each one individually?

The good news is that you can generate countless Dynamic or Static QR Codes in minutes by using a batch QR Code generator.

This guide will show you how to make multiple QR Codes with ease for your business, upcoming event, marketing campaign, and more. 

Benefits of using a batch QR Code generator

What’s the point of using a batch QR Code generator? Here are some advantages of creating QR Codes in bulk versus one-by-one.

  • Using a batch QR Code Generator saves a lot of time. Without it, you could spend hours just generating QR Codes. 

  • You can integrate QR Code generation features into your tech stack with an API. 

  • A batch QR Code generator allows you to create both branded and standard black-and-white QR Codes. 

  • You can customize your bulk QR Codes with unique frames to stand out and capture attention. 

  • You can embed a call-to-action (CTA) to engage your target audience and convince them to scan. 

A QR Code Generator doesn’t just enable you to create bulk Static or Dynamic QR Codes—it also allows for convenient customization and integration.

When to use a batch QR Code generator: Examples and use cases

There are four different types of QR Codes you can generate in bulk:

  • Dynamic URL

  • Static URL

  • vCard (Static)

  • Plain Text (Static)

As for use cases, the possibilities are nearly limitless. You can use a batch QR Code generator to create multiple codes for:

Employee IDs

A QR Code on an employee's ID tag

Example of a QR Code on an employee ID. 

ID badges are one of the most popular ways people use QR Codes in China—and for good reason. For starters, QR Codes on employee IDs make it easy for employees to clock in and out of work or access secure areas. 

In addition, you can also add a QR Code to ID badges that include the person’s contact information, simplifying networking and communication.

Event badges

A QR Code on a professional conference badge, with a person's name, title, and contact CTA

Example of a QR Code on a conference badge.  

Along the same lines, QR Codes also work well for event badges. For example, you could create a vCard QR Code for each attendee so they can easily swap contact details. QR Codes for business cards are becoming increasingly popular because they make networking so much easier.

Technical product documentation

An example of a QR Code on boxed packages as part of a shipment

Example of a Static QR Code to identify products for shipping.

QR Codes are still quite useful for inventory management—which was their original purpose—because of their error tolerance. Due to the pixel structure, up to 30% of QR Code data can be damaged and still function properly, which is a huge advantage for the global shipping industry.

QR Codes can survive a good deal of weather damage and mishaps through handling. So more and more warehousing companies have begun to use them to label their products. For example, a company might add an SMS QR Code to confirm a specific product scan or a Plain Text QR Code to help identify a product’s origin.

Product packaging

A QR Code on a package of chocolate baking chips

Example of a QR Code on retail packaging. 

Retailers can also use QR Codes on product packaging to keep track of large amounts of products, while still making their packaging aesthetically pleasing for customers. 

The best QR Code generators allow you to customize your codes, even when creating them in bulk. So you can change the background colors and frames and add your logo to reinforce your brand identity.

If you’d like to direct customers to particular information, you could also add a Static URL Code that sends users to your product demo, review request page, or social media profile.

Educational resources

With a batch QR Code generator, you can save time gathering and distributing learning resources to your class. Creating QR Codes in bulk makes it possible to:

  • Produce and deliver multiple learning resources for a variety of students and classes.

  • Customize your unique QR Codes with a clear CTA, so students know exactly where they’re going after a scan.

  • Create an interactive learning environment with QR Codes that students can easily scan with a smartphone.

Many school districts have long suffered from a lack of student resources. Using a QR Code generator can help educators close this gap by linking to countless online resources in bulk.

Business cards

If your company produces business cards for its employees, a batch QR Code generator can greatly speed up and simplify the process. Instead of manually creating each business card, you can upload an Excel file of employee contact info and automatically generate a business card QR Code for each one.

This also allows employees to include much more information on their business cards and provides easy access to their contact info through a simple smartphone scan.

Retail promotions

Retail stores and franchises use plenty of in-store promotions to shine a light on products they have on sale. QR Codes make it easy for customers to learn more about these sales, get product information, and even make online purchases. 

What’s more, franchisees can customize QR Code content for individual stores or regions using a bulk QR Code generator.

3 options for making multiple QR Codes using a QR Code API

If you’d like to create QR Codes with a batch QR Code Generator, you may want to use a QR Code API. Here are the three options you can choose from when bulk-generating QR Codes using an API.

1. Black and white QR Codes

An example of a QR Code in black and white made with the QR Code API

Example of a black and white QR Code made with the QR Code API.

Black and white QR Codes are the most basic version. If you don’t require branding or any unique customization, this may be the best option for you. For example, this version works well for uses like internal inventory management, where customers will never see or use the codes. 

2. Custom color QR Codes

An example of a QR Code in color made with the QR Code API

Example of a custom color Static QR Code made with the QR Code API.

If you would like to add more customization, the QR Code API also creates QR Codes with custom colors, including colors on the edges, background, and frame. If your product packaging requires branded graphics or if you want to give ID badges more color and style, this type of QR is more suitable. 

Adding colors can also increase visibility and maintain the quiet zone more clearly so there aren’t any scanning errors. However, you should still follow QR Code printing tips and best practices and make sure that there is not too much color overlap so that the QR Code is clear for the scanner.

3. Custom QR Codes with frames

An example of a QR Code in a frame made with the QR Code API

Example of a custom Static QR Code with a frame made with the QR Code API.

Another level up in terms of QR Code customization is to add a frame. This gives you additional branding options for customer-facing QR Codes. Frames also help maintain the quiet zone and distinguish a QR Code from surrounding graphics so that a QR Code scanner can detect it more clearly. 

There are all sorts of frames for each type of QR Code solution, and you can also customize the CTA and the small image next to it. 

As a general rule of thumb, a call to action will tell users what they should do (scan) and where the code will take them. This helps boost engagement, so using a CTA either on the frame or as part of the QR Code’s design itself is always a good idea. 

How to create a batch of QR Codes with QR Code Generator PRO

Now let’s take a look at how QR Codes are generated in bulk. QR Code Generator PRO enables users to create, manage, and track QR Codes all in one place. The platform makes it easy to produce bulk QR Codes and deploy them when ready. 

If you want to give it a try, here is how you can get started (Note: The bulk feature is only available via the 14-day free trial and in paid plans at the Advanced tier and up):

  • Create an account and sign in. 

  • Navigate to the bulk QR Code generation section.

  • Select the type of QR Code you need (Dynamic URL, Static URL, vCard, Plain Text).

  • Upload the data for your QR Codes in the required format (Excel or CSV file).

  • Customize the QR Code design if necessary. 

  • Review and submit your design.

  • Download the bulk QR Codes.

That’s it! Within minutes, you can generate all the codes you need for your business or event.

Create and use all the QR Codes you need with QR Code Generator PRO

Using a batch QR Code generator is an efficient and convenient way to produce numerous QR Codes for promotional materials, business purposes, and marketing campaigns. If you want to avoid the hassle of creating QR Codes one by one, this technology is for you. 

QR Code Generator PRO offers an API to help users integrate powerful bulk QR Code creation technology into their existing tech stack. With QR Code Generator PRO, you can produce all the QR Codes you need in just minutes and customize them to fit your brand.

Start creating QR Codes in bulk today with QR Code Generator PRO

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