The Best 7 Beaconstac Alternatives and Competitors

Beaconstac is a popular QR Code creation and management platform. You can create Static and Dynamic QR Codes in bulk and customize them to suit their business needs. 

However, Beaconstac QR Codes aren’t right for everyone. Since Beaconstac is a paid QR Code generator built for growing enterprises, it may not be the best marketing solution for solopreneurs and small businesses

If you’re looking for a more suitable product, here are seven Beaconstac alternatives that may better fit your needs.

1. QR Code Generator PRO

QR Code Generator PRO enables businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers to create Static and Dynamic QR Codes easily. You can create custom QR Codes that link to:

  • URLs

  • vCards and digital business cards

  • Text messages for mobile marketing

  • Emails

  • SMS and Wi-Fi

  • Bitcoin

  • Social media links

  • PDFs

  • MP3s

  • App store links

  • Images

  • 2D Barcodes

Using any of these content formats, you can generate a custom QR Code in seconds. You can also customize the frames, shapes, and colors of each QR Code you create. You can even add your company logo and other branding elements.

Static and Dynamic QR Codes

With QR Code Generator PRO, you can create both Static and Dynamic QR Codes. Static QR Codes can’t be edited or tracked after publication, but Dynamic QR Codes can be edited and tracked at any time. 

Custom branding and QR designs

With QR Code Generator PRO, you can customize the branding and design elements of your QR Codes, changing your codes’ logos, colors, and frames to match your brand’s image.

Tracking and analytics

QR Code Generator PRO provides intelligent tracking functionalities for QR Codes. You can track who scanned your QR Codes, where they scanned them from, and even the mobile device they used.


QR Code Generator PRO integrates with Google Analytics. You can also use QR Code Generator PRO’s API to automate at-scale Static QR Code generation.


  • Starter: $9.99/month 

  • Advanced: $15.99/month

  • Professional: $46.99/month

Note: All QR Code Generator PRO plans come with a 14-day free trial. 

2. Bitly

Bitly is a link-management tool that enables marketers to easily create QR Codes. With Bitly, you can customize your QR Codes with unique frames, colors, and patterns. You can even publish high-quality QR Codes on marketing materials, social media profiles, and digital posters.

Plus, Bitly makes it easy to track the performance of your QR Codes, so you can see what’s working in your campaign and make necessary adjustments. 

Key features

  • Receive real-time customer engagement metrics to measure your campaign’s performance.

  • Compare QR Codes based on engagement and performance.

  • Access link-shortening and management capabilities, including Link-in-bio pages.


  • Salesforce

  • Khoros

  • Adobe

  • Twilio

  • Sprinklr


  • Free: 2 QR Codes/month

  • Core: $8/month (5 QR Codes/month)

  • Growth: $29/month (10 QR Codes/month)

  • Premium: $199/month (200 QR Codes/month)

3. Flowcode

Flowcode is a free SaaS QR Code generator used by countless Fortune 500 companies across the world.

With the user-friendly design interface, you can customize your QR Codes with your brand’s colors, logo, and more. All Flowcodes are Dynamic, meaning you can edit them at any time. In addition, Flowcode offers a free trial so you can test the platform yourself before committing. 

With Flowcode, you can choose from standard scan destinations that include:

  • URLs

  • Files

  • SMS and emails

  • Social media

  • Phone numbers

  • YouTube

  • Google Docs

Key features

  • All QR Codes are Dynamic, and you can edit them anytime.

  • Style your QR Codes with unique patterns, such as stars and hearts.

  • Explore a wide range of QR shapes designed by Flowcode’s in-house team.

  • Select from multiple colors to style your codes according to your brand’s image. 


  • Zapier

  • HubSpot

  • Okta

  • Klaviyo

  • Mailchimp

  • Salesforce


  • Pro: $5/month

  • Pro Plus: $15/month

  • Growth: $150/month

4. QR Code Dynamic

QR Code Dynamic is a free-to-use Dynamic QR Code platform. This marketing tool gives you a quick, easy way to create and style Dynamic QR Codes to power all kinds of campaigns.

Once you create an account, you can choose from 13 built-in QR Code templates to get started. You can then brand your QR Codes with your unique colors and logos. With QR Code Dynamic, you can even categorize their projects for easy management and access.

Key features

  • QR Code Dynamic doesn’t store any of the data from your QR Codes, helping maximize privacy and data security. 

  • Embed tracking pixels to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.

  • Create Static and Dynamic QR Codes linked to a wide range of destinations, including PayPal and crypto. 


QR Code Dynamic currently doesn’t have any integrations. Developers can use their API to embed the technology into their tech stack. 


  • Pro: $29/month

  • Lifetime: $590

5. allows you to generate fully customized Static and Dynamic QR Codes. You can develop custom QR Codes to gather feedback, create physical and digital profile cards, collect contact information or customer data, deliver discounts and promotions, and more. 

With, you can also measure the performance of their customizable Dynamic QR Codes, like how many people scanned the codes and where they scanned from. is geared toward business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, and non-developers—with no coding experience required.

Key features

  • Access to fully customized landing pages.

  • Leverage up-to-date QR Code analytics to measure campaign growth and make changes in real-time.

  • Download and share your QR Codes directly from the dashboard.


Currently, there aren’t any major integrations for Instead, you can leverage the platform’s API to design and create QR Codes at scale. 

Price doesn’t offer a free plan. They only have one pricing option: $35/month to receive unlimited QR Codes. 

6. QRCode Monkey

QRCode Monkey is a completely free QR Code generator. You can customize Static and Dynamic Codes for a wide variety of destinations, such as social media links and SMS. 

You can even use QRCode Monkey to deliver QR Codes that prompt viewers to leave feedback or ratings for your mobile apps or software. The platform has an intuitive yet simple design interface that makes it simple to create custom QR Codes.

Key features

  • Completely free to use.

  • Track QR Code performance and improve campaigns in real-time. 

  • Create as many QR Codes as you want—QRCode Monkey allows bulk creating and editing. 


QRCode Monkey doesn’t have any integrations. However, it does offer a ChromeOS app, and developers can use the public API documentation to integrate the technology into pre-existing workflows. 


QRCode Monkey is entirely free.

7. QR Tiger

QR Tiger allows marketers to design Static and Dynamic QR Codes for free. What stands out about QR Tiger is its almost endless selection of destinations you can use to create high-quality QR Codes. From restaurant menus to physical events, you can produce single or bulk codes in minutes. 

If you prefer to have the work done for you, QR Tiger supplies 19 pre-built templates. However, if you want to build your codes from scratch, you can choose from all different colors, patterns, frames, and more.

Key features

  • Advanced safety features, including two-factor authentication (2FA) and internal audits.

  • Manage your QR Codes by renaming them and organizing them into easily-accessible folders. 

  • Learn from your scans and track scan times, conversions, locations, devices, and the total number of scans. 


  • Google Tag Manager

  • Facebook Pixels

  • Hubspot

  • Zapier


  • Regular: $7/month

  • Advanced: $16/month

  • Premium: $37/month

Looking for an alternative to Beaconstac? Try QR Code Generator PRO today!

QR Codes can be a great tool for businesses—but only if you understand how QR Codes work and use the right tool for the job.

Beaconstac is a popular QR Code generator for scaling enterprises and Fortune 500 companies. But if you need a more precise QR Code solution that fits your budget, you may want to consider another option. 

While all of the Beaconstac alternatives we mentioned above are suitable for a wide range of small businesses and individuals, if you want the best, you want QR Code Generator PRO. 

QR Code Generator PRO gives you full control over the design process with state-of-the-art QR technology, plus advanced tracking and analytics. 

Try QR Code Generator PRO for yourself today!

Tobias Funke

Tobias Funke is Bitly’s Vice President of Product. With a background in software engineering, he has a decade of combined experience in product development and the QR Code space. Tobias leads a team that developed one of the most successful and popular QR Code generators available. His entrepreneurial and growth mindset helps build products that continuously disrupt the market. You can connect with Tobias on LinkedIn.

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