QR Codes for Easter

Let it rain chocolate and eggcellent puns. Easter is one of the most popular and widely celebrated holidays, and with QR Codes you can enhance your occasion-based marketing campaign by infusing your products and services with more brand awareness offline and online.

Easter inspo QR Code on food packaging.

How to use QR Codes in Easter celebrations

Lettuce hop into the yolk of the matter. Popular holidays translate to great opportunities for families and friends to gather in merriment, but they are also excellent marketing opportunities for businesses. So let’s get the Easter hunt rolling and unveil some QR Codes that will really help get your spring celebrations crackin’.

QR Code on a poster advertising a book release and linking to a coupon.
QR Code landing page for a coupon deal on book purchases for Easter.

Coupon QR Code

Attract leads and reward loyal customers

Shoppers are always looking for great deals to purchase their favorite seasonal items, and Easter is among the top holidays to do just that. If you upgrade your marketing materials such as display ads, brochures, or flyers with a Coupon QR Code, you can easily stimulate customer loyalty, increase sales, and increase traffic to your online platforms. With this QR Code, you can either display a discount code for your online store, or a barcode to be redeemed in-store.

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QR Code idea on a web banner advertising the latest Easter looks.
Mobile-friendly QR Code landing page for a digital Easter lookbook.

Image gallery QR Code

Create a seamless online shopping experience

Thinking of revamping your Easter themed web banners? With an Image Gallery QR Code you can keep the design of your banner short while offering your audience an entire lookbook of outfit ideas for Easter with just one scan. Plus, a customizable button in your image gallery can link your audience to your online store so they can buy any outfit they liked. This allows you to engage your business with a wider audience and increase sales in the long-run.

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QR Code on a restaurant to-go bag linking to social media accounts.
QR Code landing page linking to a restaurant's social media channels.

Social media QR Code

Improve your social media presence

Not every business has the commodity of a large space to set-up inspirational mock-ups of how people can use their product. That is no longer a problem with the Social Media QR Code on your branded product packaging. Offer people not just the tools but also the inspiration to decorate their homes and workspaces with a touch of spring, and increase your social media presence all in one go.

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QR Code promoting video tutorials for food deco and recipe inspo on food packaging.
Mobile-optimized QR Code landing page displaying two recipe videos.

Video QR Code

Inspire your customers with holiday recipes

Aside from decorating, the other reason for the season is almost always eating. If you are in the food business, you want to make sure you broaden your audience through a bit of creativity and brand engagement. The Video QR Code printed on your food packaging allows you to share multiple videos with one scan, so you can create a playlist of recipes to inspire your customers to throw a lavish brunch, luncheon, or dinner this Easter.

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QR Code idea on a web banner advertising the latest Easter looks.
QR Code landing page displaying supermarket's holiday opening hours.

Business QR Code

Keep customers informed about Easter operating hours

The QR Code is well reputed for being the bridge between print and digital, but it can also connect your online platforms to one another. And, online shoppers to your offline retail stores. Add a Business Page QR Code on your website to better promote your store locations. Easily customizable, this Code shares vital business info such as operating hours, contact details, and location on a map so customers can reach them in every way possible.

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A brief history of Easter: Origins and evolution

“Hey, did you hear? Jesus rose from the dead. Quick, hide the eggs!” As comedian Carlos Mencia once joked, what do eggs have to do with Jesus? Or rabbits for that matter? An interesting trifecta to be sure. In order for us to dive into QR Code marketing opportunities, it is always best to understand what the occasion is all about.

Resurrection, Easter eggs and the Easter bunny: how did it all come about?

This religious celebration has intertwining roots, which seem pretty tightly woven when you look at the advertisement that hops out every spring. So let’s first have a look at the Christian tradition. It celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, occurring three days after his crucifixion. The three days of Easter consist of Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, each one symbolizing respectively: Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, and his crucifixion. These days are also known as the Easter Triduum.

Ostara, Ēostre and the pagan roots of Easter

It has long been believed that the etymology of the word Easter derives from Eostre, or Eostrae, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and fertility. Scholars have traced the word back to the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) goddess of the dawn *H₂ewsṓs (Ausṓs). This is from where the Common Germanic divinity Ēostre and Ostara are thought to originate.

But most of Easter’s intertwining roots relating to the rabbit and egg symbology is shrouded in speculation. According to a BBC article, eating eggs was originally not allowed by church leaders during Holy week. Any eggs laid that week were instead saved, decorated, and given to children as gifts. A Time article is also in agreement that in the 13th century, the forbidding of egg consumption during Lent led people to decorate and gift them on Easter.

The Easter bunny delivering eggs features prominently in German lore and tradition, with children being just as familiar with the egg-laying hare as with Santa Claus delivering presents. German migrants brought over this tradition when they migrated to the USA. An article on History describes how it is believed that due to being renowned as a prolific procreator, the rabbit became associated with spring, a time of fertility and rebirth. The rabbit is often seen next to Ostara in the representation of this goddess. In modern culture, especially in Germanic neopaganism, Ostara is part of one of the main celebrations on the new Wiccan Wheel of the Year, and her festival is celebrated on March 21 on the Spring Equinox.

When is Easter celebrated?

You might have noticed something peculiar about Easter. It’s hard to pin it down on a calendar. It falls under the category of what is known as a moveable feast, a Christian celebration occurring year to year on a different date. But why?

To answer this question, we must first go back to what Warren H. Carroll defines as the first steps taken by the Church to define Christendom in the face of heretical theology: the First Council of Nicaea.

Convened in the Bithynian city Nicaea by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in 325, this was the first general council in the history of the organized Church. Among their discussion points was the date on which Easter would fall. Since the exaltation of Christ happened after the Jewish festival of Passover, which is also calculated according to the first full moon after the vernal equinox, better known as the spring equinox, fixing a date got a bit complicated.

Since the full moon’s exact time varies from time zone to time zone, the Church calculates the date based on the ecclesiastical calendar. Even if calculated based on the more accurate Gregorian calendar, the full moon’s date sometimes differs from that of the astronomical first full moon after the March equinox, which is why the date is always on the move.

So, when is Easter?

  • Western: April 4, 2021, Orthodox: May 2, 2021
  • Western: April 17, 2022, Orthodox: April 24, 2022
  • Western: April 9, 2023, Orthodox: April 16, 2023
  • Western: March 31, 2024, Orthodox: May 5, 2024

QR Code examples for any industry on Easter

Let us help you imagine how you can use QR Codes to boost your marketing efforts this Easter with these examples from fictional narratives.

Are these Easter eggs safe for me to eat?

Among the most frequently asked questions during the festivities is whether candied or chocolate eggs are safe to eat for vegetarians, vegans, people with celiac disease, and consumers with nut allergies. Domo Supermarkets wanted to help make this Easter accessible for everyone, so they added a PDF QR Code in their in-house magazine Easter edition listing all allergens and ingredients for their holiday goodies. The PDF format allowed them to categorize each of their in-store products by dietary needs, and the QR Code meant instant access for customers to detailed, mobile-friendly information. Once scanned, they could download it, save it, and share it via social media or email.

Easter egg hunt near me

Enabling passersby and tourists to save the location, date, time, details of the contact person, and event description is exactly what Springfield City needed to ensure a successful turnout for their annual Easter egg hunt. That’s why they used an Event QR Code on their posters. With the added feature of a customizable button, they allowed interested people to RSVP so they can prepare enough candy and chocolate for all attendees. Plus, customizable colors and the ability to add a logo at the center of the Code means people can identify it as Easter-themed information even before they scan.

Inspire clients on social media with Easter decoration projects

Get more followers by offering them something in return. That was Verge Event Management’s idea when they created an Instagram account to inspire people to host their own rad Easter events. However, most of their target audience was only aware of their print marketing, so to connect them to their online platforms they integrated our Social Media QR Code to their promotional print material. With just this one QR Code, they were able to link to a wide variety of accounts. YouTube, so people could access videos of their past events, Twitter, to keep up with upcoming events, an Instagram how-to account for decoration, music, and snack ideas to host their own personal party.

QR Codes for delightful Easter marketing strategies

Get your products in tune with Easter this year with these custom QR Codes that will enhance your business to customer relationship.

Share Easter dinner ideas

Betty Baker wanted to be a part of people’s holiday celebrations. The best way they knew how without altering or over-saturating their product packages with too much text was by using QR Codes. But they wanted to make it fun, so they printed our Video QR Code on all existing packages, with a CTA explaining that by scanning, people would get Easter recipe video tutorials with Betty. This helped them boost sales and acquire new customers.

One scan away from fun Easter facts

Lionspring Publishing wanted to get kids reading, so they used the spring holidays to promote Easter themed books as treasure troves for fun facts surrounding the history of the celebrations. With an MP3 QR Code printed on table tents across the store, they were able to link children to an audio snippet of books with just one scan.

Fill-up your audience’s Easter basket with promotions

Part of inspiring your audience to decorate and partake in the annual festivities is offering them excellent deals on seasonal items. Elle Boutique ran a special Easter promotion, offering 20% off all their summer dresses and jumpsuits, but they also wanted to gather metrics on their advertisement. Using the Coupon QR Code, their customers could redeem in-store or online, making the entire promotion process seamless. And, as a Dynamic QR Code, it gave Elle Boutique access to real-time tracking data such as location, date, time, and operating system used for each scan, so they could improve their promotion for the next holiday.

Tips to have an abundant and hoppy Easter

Here are a few tips to improve your Easter marketing campaigns.

Dyeing to color Easter eggs

Eggs, representative of new life and rebirth or simply filled with more delicious surprises. Either way, Easter is a great time to offer your audience some DIY tips on making their own chocolate eggs, dyeing eggs, brunch menu ideas, or spring flower arrangements. Just link people to your guidelines and instructions with our Video QR Code, Image Gallery QR Code, or PDF QR Code. And if you have a physical location for your store, you can always link to it with our Business QR Code from your social media or website.

What should I wear on Easter Sunday?

Thinking about attending a luncheon, brunch, or dinner this Easter? Or simply want to be fashionable for that Easter hunt you are taking your children to? Maybe it is important to first consider the colors of Easter, for which Southern Living compiled a helpful list keeping in mind religious association through the years. White is for purity, purple for Lent, pink for jubilance, and new beginnings. Many Easter outfit inspirations play-off of those colors, so maybe you can find some inspirations on who what wear or Women’s Day ideas on what to wear to church for Easter Sunday and include them on your marketing materials with one of our QR Code solutions.

Easter: Adulting edition

Sure, Easter seems like it was geared more towards children, but adults can also have a bit of fun. You can host an egg decorating contest, create themed Easter baskets, or throw an Easter beer hunt.

That’s all, yolks!


Semana Santa in Spain and the Philippines, Påskekrim in Norway, Easter bonfires in Germany, the Easter processions in Kenya, or the Easter egg hunts across the United States mark the diversity in celebrating this popular holiday.

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