QR Codes for Consumer Packaged Goods

Implementing QR Codes in retail or manufacturing is beneficial, especially when it comes to conveying more information to shoppers and consumers. Get inspired by these QR Code ideas so your business can stand out from the competition.

A purple package of a dark chocolate hazelnut bar with a QR Code printed on it.

What is QR Code packaging?

QR Code packaging is a type of smart labeling that makes use of QR Code tech to enable businesses to share a wider range of valuable and up-to-date product information with consumers in order to help them learn more about its benefits, provenance, and uses.

As part of the move towards intelligent packaging, this technology can help businesses improve brand trust by providing more transparency around products’ supply chain and food production. And, with the increase in smartphone usage and the incorporation of QR Code readers in the latest mobile devices, the QR Code is the perfect medium to improve brand perception and help build long-term brand loyalty.

6 media-rich packaging designs using QR Codes

As one of the first points of contact in the consumer buying journey, packaging design can make the difference between a purchase or a simple browse. In the last few years, the marketing scene has shifted to include social media platforms as a way for brands to communicate and connect with consumers, especially in a time when brand transparency and supply-chain sustainability are valued more and more.

QR Code packaging can help seamlessly bridge this gap between online and offline platforms to create a more interactive and meaningful shopping experience for customers. And since the QR Code is compact and customizable, this can all be done while still maintaining a minimalistic design.

Below are 6 use cases that demonstrate how QR Codes can enrich packaging designs by easily connecting to digital spaces and providing an abundance of media-rich content.

Meet Betty Baker

Betty Baker isn’t actually a real company but it could be your manufacturing, textile, or food and beverage production company. Incorporating QR Codes into your product packaging differentiates your product from other generic brands. Ready to take your business to the next level? Check out these creative ideas to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

A logo of Betty Baker, a fictional consumer brand created by QR Code Generator.
A purple package of semi-sweet chocolate chips  with a QR Code printed on it.
A phone screen with a purple background, a picture of a stack of pancakes, and a link to a PDF of recipes.


Inspire consumers to get creative

A simple way to get customers excited about products is to provide them with the tools to give them a new spin. Use the PDF QR Code on your packaging so your customers can scan it to get access to a list of recipes, nutrition facts, and other helpful references for using your product. And if you have new ideas or upgrades for the recipes from time to time on your document, you can always upload a new PDF any time without having to reprint the QR Code.

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A blue box of cake mix with a picture of a slice of cake and a QR Code.
A phone screen with a purple background, a Betty Cake title, and a list of social media links.

Social Media QR Code

Get more social media followers

Encourage loyal customers to connect with your brand online by placing a Social Media QR Code on the box packaging. With a scan, you can ensure instant access to your correct profiles on different social media platforms without having to type and search.
By giving them a list of your social media pages, you let consumers choose their favorite way to connect with your business online.

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A purple package of a dark chocolate hazelnut bar with a QR Code printed on it to get an expiry date calendar reminder.
A purple and white phone screen inviting the user to set a date reminder for the expiration of a produce.

Event QR Code

Inspire better food practices

Move away from static sell-by and best-before dates printed on the backs of food labels and shift towards a more tech-savvy way to consume. The Event QR Code can be used for more than just planning a party. Encourage buyers to scan the QR Code to save the product’s expiration date on their mobile device’s calendar and set reminders. With the customizable button on the landing page, you can even link to your website where a list of recipes can help them get creative in the kitchen, or a link to a set of guidelines on proper practices for package and food recycling.

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A purple Betty Baker poster advertising video recipes using their products  with a QR Code.
A purple landing page with two videos showing a cakes and a description paragraph explaining the recipes and a button to Shop Online.

Video QR Code

Grip shoppers with engaging content

Promote your brand or a new product by taking consumers on a journey from manufacturing to store with a QR Code video on posters and banners. With a quick scan, you give prospective buyers a look into the production process through one video or an entire playlist you can keep up-to-date. The QR Code comes with a customizable mobile page where you can include a button that can link to your website for more information, or a contact form in case customers have more questions.

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A brown tub of cocoa spread with a brown label and white lettering, with a Rating QR Code printed on it.
A phone screen with a brown and white background inviting customers to live a starred review of the product.

Rating QR Code

Provide customers with a feedback platform

Customer feedback is a valuable tool for any brand. It’s essential for gauging customer satisfaction, but it also helps to inform how you can improve your product and provide innovative solutions. By placing a Rating QR Code on your product labeling, you make it easy for customers to engage with your brand. In seconds, they can scan the QR Code and leave a rating through a mobile-friendly interface. The best part? You can connect the QR Code to your desired email address so you can keep the feedback funnel organized and accessible for your team.

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A pink and yellow packaging of sprinkles with a picture of a white glazed donut covered in sprinkles and a QR Code.
A blue and white phone screen with a picture of a pink package of sprinkles, the price, and a button Add to basket.

Dynamic URL QR Code

Get a start on smart food packaging

QR Code ideas for consumer packaged goods cover a wide array of information and facts that can be shared on smart food packaging. You can start simple with the Dynamic URL QR Code; a dynamic QR Code that links to a landing page of your choice. This opens an array of possibilities like linking to your website where consumers can find a full list of ingredients, nutritional facts, product expiration dates, recipes, loyalty programs, recycling information, and so much more. And, since it’s a dynamic QR Code, you can update the target landing page anytime.

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The benefits of QR Codes for consumer packaged goods

Cost-effective and customizable

Packaging and label redesign can sometimes take a large bite out of a budget and restrict the amount of information brands can share. QR Code tech allows you to design media-rich consumer packaged goods without overcrowding labels. At a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm (.8 x .8 in) for Dynamic Codes and 3 x 3 cm (1.2 x 1.2 in) for Static Codes, they can fit on almost any marketing material.

When it comes to customizing your QR Code, the color options are infinite. You can either select the exact shade you require with the color picker or input a hexadecimal color code. This precision in design gives you the necessary flexibility to match your QR Code to your brand colors. Whether you want more brand recognition or for the QR Code to stand out, you are free to adjust and add a logo, CTA, and frame to your QR Code.

With these easy-to-use options, you are free to wrap your brand visibility up to your heart’s content in our QR Code labs.

How smart packaging can help fight food waste

Several initiatives around the world are working towards combating food waste as part of the fight against climate change. With the EU accounting for around 88 million tonnes of food waste annually and the USA estimating a 30 to 40% food waste in the supply chain, consumer trends are veering towards innovative and smart packaging process in food processing.

QR Code food packaging is a medium that invites less ambiguity when it comes to information around consumer goods. By combining online resources to offline platforms, it can encourage people to improve food storage and acquire better consumer practices by linking to apps that teach better recycling, setting expiration date reminders on calendars, linking to PDF guides on how to extend your products’ shelf life, or ensuring quality control with product identification.

Package QR Code can be your brand’s step toward more engaging business-to-consumer communication and loyalty by becoming part of the global smart packaging market.

Your all-in-one QR Code marketing platform

Now you can fully customize your QR Codes by using your brand colors, add company logo, get scan statistics, and even edit the content after print.

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Make a great first impression

Customize the short URL or stand out from your competitors and use your own domain to foster brand loyalty.

Stay on top of everything

Add campaign info so you know when the campaign starts, which medium it’s on, and how many copies printed.


You can create a package QR Code by following these 5 easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up at QR Code Generator.
  2. Once logged in, click on the Create QR Code button at the top right of your account.
  3. Select the QR Code type you want to create.
  4. Once you have chosen your QR Code type, fill in the information for the QR Code.
  5. Finally, design and customize your QR Code.

Once generated, you can integrate your QR Code ideas on the consumer packaged good of your choice.

The short answer is definitely, yes.

More and more consumers are looking to shop smart and get the facts on food labels; which means a shift towards transparent brands that show instead of claim sustainability. At a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm (.8 x .8 in) for Dynamic Codes and 3 x 3 cm (1.2 x 1.2 in) for Static Codes, QR Code tech is a smart label that allows you to share more information without impacting product packaging design.

With QR Code solution options, you can share a playlist of videos, entire PDFs, or an image gallery’s worth of information about your products and their providence journey with a simple scan. Plus, if you generate a Dynamic QR Code, you can use the metric tracking feature to receive real-time scan statistics that can help you optimize packaging design.

Yes. If you are interested in efficiency, the QR Code inventory management is the right tool to add to your arsenal.

The QR Code’s origin story has its roots in inventory. Developed in 1994 to track automobile parts during the assembly process by Denso Wave — a subsidiary of the automobile company Toyota Motor Corporation — QR Codes can hold a great deal of information, and can also be read 10 times faster than other codes.

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