Top 10 QR Code types you can scan in iOS 11

Every QR Code has a specific purpose. You can provide different types of information depending on the goals of a campaign. Below are the QR Code types compatible with iOS 11.
Website URL Codes open Safari from your iOS 11 device and go to any page on the web.
vCard Codes allow you to save someone’s contact information directly into your address book. This type of Code is perfect on business cards and resumes at networking events. Learn more about the vCard Plus here.
Event Codes quickly save the date to your calendar from a meeting or party invitation.
Email Codes are used to send out pre-defined (but editable) messages to a specific address. For a business looking to collect customer email addresses, this is for you.
Map Codes show the exact address location and are GPS coordinate specific. In iOS 11, this QR Code automatically opens Apple Maps.
SMS Codes send out an editable SMS message to a certain phone number after scanning. This would be valuable for getting customers to subscribe to an SMS-only marketing list.
Wi-Fi Network Code will connect to the relevant network and present users with a notification to confirm the connection when your smartphone is linked to a Wi-Fi connection.
Phone Codes quickly dial an outgoing call instead of having to enter it manually. If you want to combine this feature with the vCard Code, check out vCard Plus.
Callback-URL Codes allow users and third-party apps to craft specialized URLs that launch a specific location of an app after scanning the QR Code.
HomeKit Code can successfully pair your HomeKit accessories with the Home app on your iOS 11 device.

How do I enable QR Code scanning on my iPhone?

By default, this new feature is enabled in all iOS 11 devices. But if for some reason your camera doesn’t read QR Codes after the update, follow these steps:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

How do I scan QR Codes with my iOS 11 camera

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

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