QR Codes for Publishers

Implementing QR Codes in your publishing house is beneficial, especially when it comes to increasing sales and engaging more with readers. Get inspired so you can make use of these creative QR Code ideas for your business.

QR Code marketing ideas for publishers

Meet Lionspring Publishing House

Lionspring Publishing House isn’t actually a real publisher but it could be your print media company or publishing house. Incorporating QR Codes into your marketing strategy improves the way people interact with your publication while increasing the sale of books and events. Ready to take your publishing house to the next level? Check out these creative ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

A logo of Lionspring Publishing House, a fictional publishing house created by QR Code Generator.
An outdoor advertisement for a new book with a QR Code that gives a free preview of the book.
A QR Code landing page that displays a preview of a book in PDF format.


Provide your readers with excerpts

When putting up banners to promote your latest book, you can add a PDF QR Code on them which gives people easy access to the synopsis or excerpts of it. With their smartphones, your readers can scan the Code and read a few pages to get them interested to purchase it. And with every PDF QR Code, you can provide a link to where they can purchase the book online if they want to finish reading the entire book.

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A book with a QR Code on the cover that redirects users to an audio preview of the book in MP3 format.
A QR Code landing page with a built-in MP3 player that plays an audio preview of a book.

MP3 QR Code

Turn printed words into audio

Implementing the MP3 QR Code on the inside cover of your books can come in handy so your readers can choose whether to read or listen. A simple scan of the QR Code redirects them to a mobile page with a built-in MP3 player that plays audio excerpts from the book. They can listen to it and if they like what they hear, they can click the button on the mobile page which links to the full version of the audiobook. This way, your MP3 Code provides your readers with additional value that comes with every book they purchase.

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An outdoor poster that promotes a book launch event with a QR Code that redirects users to all the event information when scanned.
A QR Code landing page for a new book launch details and a button that saves the event information to a smartphone calendar directly.

Event QR Code

Promote your events conveniently

Make it easy for your readers to access all the important information about upcoming events, such as an author’s reading or an autograph session, by adding an Event QR Code on posters. A single scan is a convenient way to get all the details. You can easily customize the QR Code and include the date, time, address, contact person, and a short description about your author. Plus, your guests can easily save the event on their smartphone calendar so they won’t miss it on the event day.

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A table tent with a QR Code that offers readers a discount coupon when scanned.
A QR Code landing page that displays a discount coupon to be redeemed at a book store.

Coupon QR Code

Boost your sales with coupons

If you’re running limited offers and deals on some of your books or magazines, share them with your readers by using Coupon QR Codes. You can print them on a display at the checkout so that your customers can scan it right away or save it to their smartphones until they’re ready to redeem the coupon. They can also share the offer with their friends and help you boost your sales even more.

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A promotional flyer for a new book with a QR Code that displays a video teaser trailer.
A QR Code landing page that displays a video teaser trailer to promote a new book.

Video QR Code

Bring your flyers to life

Handing out flyers is one way to promote a new book or upcoming events, such as an author reading or writing workshops. Add value to the flyer and make it stand out by printing a Video QR Code on it. Potential customers and readers can scan the Code within seconds and check out a teaser trailer of your book or an introduction video directly from the author to give some background about the story and invite readers to attend the events.

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