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QR Code example on a consumer product packaging that displays a downloadable PDF file.

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Whether you run a nonprofit or work in healthcare, the possibilities are endless for any industry.

  • Restaurants
  • Consumer Goods
  • Retailers
  • Publishers
  • Hotels
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Nonprofits
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    Provide a contactless menu so your guests can have a touch-free experience

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    Example landing page of PDF QR Code on a restaurant menu PDF QR Code for a restaurant menu on a table tent.
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    Consumer Goods

    Link to a recipe book to give your customers more added value

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    QR Code idea on a consumer goods product that displays a PDF file PDF QR Code to display recipes on consumer packaged goods.
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    Link to a catalog in store displays so your customers can view the latest looks

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    QR Code idea for retailers that displays a PDF file A display inside a store with a QR Code that leads to a downloadable magazine in PDF format
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    Link to a teaser of your book on the cover to attract more readers

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    QR Code idea for a publisher that displays a PDF file PDF QR Code used to promote a new book with a downloadable teaser
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    Hotels & Resorts

    Link to your room service menu on flyers so you can update it seasonally

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    QR Code idea for a hotel that displays a PDF file PDF QR Code in a hotel's room service menu as a digital copy.
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    Consumer Electronics

    Link to product manuals so your customers can save it easily

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    QR Code idea on a consumer electronics that displays a PDF file PDF QR Code on a product manual of a consumer electronics good.
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    Link to a digital brochure on posters so your customers can get more info

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    QR Code idea for a nonprofit that displays a PDF file PDF QR Code at a nonprofit event to promote digital brochures.

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Share useful documents

By using PDF QR Code, you offer your customers a frictionless way to access more info from any print material. Once scanned, the file can be saved immediately or shared online.

PDF QR Code can easily be shared via social media and comes with its own customizable short URL.


Make it your own

Take advantage of the included landing page and personalize it by adding your own colors, cover, headline, description, website link, and even a welcome screen.

PDF QR Code comes with a fully customizable landing page.


Engage a wider audience

Your QR Code not only looks good, but the content itself beautifully adapts to different devices it’s displayed on. Tablet, desktop, or smartphone—we’ve got you covered.

PDF QR Code comes with a built-in landing page viewable on a desktop.


Create with confidence

Never worry about making mistakes ever again. The information on the page and the uploaded PDF file can be replaced at any time without reprinting a new QR Code.

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PDF QR Codes created with QR Code Generator PRO can be edited and changed without reprinting new ones

How to create a PDF QR Code

In just three simple steps

  • 1. Upload
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Integrate
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    Select PDF QR Code in the app and then upload your PDF file.

    First step to create a PDF QR Code, select PDF in the app then upload the PDF file
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    Customize your Code with colors and edit the landing page to your liking.

    Second step to create a PDF QR Code is to customize the design
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    Download the QR Code and then add it to the medium you’ll print it on.

    To finish creating the PDF QR Code, download and integrate it to the print material

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Measure success

Track where, when, and how many people scan your QR Codes.

Print in high-quality

Your QR Codes stay in high-resolution no matter what.

Keep organized

Label your QR Codes, create folders, and add campaign info to keep them nice and tidy.

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