QR Code for Retail

Retailers using QR Codes is beneficial, especially when it comes to offering instant access to more information about products and services beyond what’s available in store. Get inspired with these creative QR Code ideas.

QR Code marketing ideas for retailers

What is a QR Code in retail?

QR Codes in retail are an easy way to sync digital systems to physical retail environments in order to enhance shopping experiences for customers. You can turn window displays into platforms for online shopping, reduce friction at checkout, and digitize your lookbooks.

Top QR Code retail use cases to ramp up your marketing

The increased speed in network connection coupled with a higher use of smartphone devices has allowed for QR Code tech to simplify B2C transactions in the retail industry. If you are looking to revamp your customer experience with emerging technologies, incorporating QR Code retail into your business will provide you with an all-in-one solution to engage and connect with your customers, while also creating a unique and more frictionless shopping environment. Below are six additional use cases that cover some of the endless possibilities QR Codes can provide to boost your business.

A logo of Elle Boutique, a fictional retail store created by QR Code Generator.

Meet Elle Boutique

Elle Boutique isn’t actually a real shop, but it could be your clothing store, florist or even local deli. Including QR Code retail into your sales and marketing strategy can help convert leads from casual window shoppers to happy buyers, and offer them more bang for their buck. Ready to take your retail store to the next level? Discover new ways to use QR Codes in retail marketing.

An advertisement in a store window with a QR Code that redirects users to view a PDF version of the latest fashion catalog.
A QR Code landing page that displays a PDF version of the latest fashion catalog from a retail store.

Coupon QR Code

Promote irresistible deals

One brilliant way to attract leads is with solid discount deals. With the Coupon QR Code, any material is fair game for your coupon marketing in order to target not only new customers but also reward loyal ones. Simply generate your QR Code, select your marketing collateral of choice, whether a banner or flyers, and launch your campaign. Your QR Code flyer will allow customers to save the coupon on their smartphones until they’re ready to redeem it. They can also easily share the offer on their socials or by email with the tap of a button, actively engaging in word-of-mouth marketing.

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A magazine advertisement of a retail store with a QR Code that redirects users to view the latest fashion collection in a gallery of images.
A QR Code landing page that displays a gallery of images of the latest fashion collection from a retail store.

Rating QR Code

Easily collect feedback

Marketers use QR Codes in the retail industry in a variety of ways in order to enhance customers’ shopping experiences. Another way businesses can benefit from QR Code retail is through gathering product reviews. A study has shown that consumers are reading reviews now more than ever, so it’s vital for retailers to provide a seamless feedback platform for customers. The Rating QR Code is the fastest way to ask your customers’ opinion on products and services. Just ask a simple question on the customizable mobile page so your customers can leave a short review that’s automatically sent to your preferred inbox. Place the Rating QR Code where customers hang out the most, for example, at the cash register or even in the dressing room.

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An invitation card from a retail store with a QR Code that offers a discount coupon when scanned.
A QR Code landing page that displays a discount coupon to be redeemed at a retail store.


Digitize your lookbook

Another advantage of QR Codes in retail is the potential for saving on reprint costs. Lookbooks, catalogs, or in-house magazines, for example, are great promotional materials to engage with customers in a visually appealing way. However, printing them costs money. By creating a QR Code display with the PDF QR Code, you only need to print it once and place it on displays or shop windows so your customers can scan and download the lookbooks and read them at their own leisure. Update the content as often as you need without reprinting a new QR Code, thus saving you time and money in the long run.

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A shopping bag from a retail store with a QR Code that redirects users to all social media channels.
A QR Code landing page that displays a discount coupon to be redeemed at a retail store.

Social Media QR Code

Boost your social media presence

Livestream video shopping events are quickly becoming the bread and butter of social media marketing strategies. But as an online platform, your target audience may only include customers who already follow you. If you want to expand your reach, a Social Media QR Code promoting your livestream video shopping events may be the answer to this conundrum. Print the Social Media QR Code on shopping bags and provide your customers with a list of all the social media channels you own. With a single scan, your customers can instantly get to the right profiles without having to type and search.

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A table tent at a retail store with a QR Code that urges users to scan and rate the latest fashion collection.
A QR Code landing page by a retail store to rate the latest fashion collection from one to five stars.

Video QR Code

Tell your brand story

As consumers become more interested in brands that align with their values, QR Code retail gives you the right tools to tell your own story with videos. Share your brand story and show the journey on how your products are made by placing a Video QR Code on your clothing tags or labels. With a simple scan, customers can view one video or an entire playlist. The QR Code clothing label comes with a customizable mobile page where you can include a button that links to your website, contact form, or any landing page.

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Dynamic URL QR Code

Reduce friction in the shopping experience

Crafting a shopping experience that is both engaging and provides convenience can lead to a higher rate of customer loyalty and customer retention. Simplifying and speeding up time-consuming steps like payment methods or repeat purchases can boost engagement between shoppers and your products or services. If you are wondering how to use QR Code to pay, then QR Code retail is the way to go. If your business already has an app that enables payment, you can add the App QR Code at checkout for customers to download. Or you can incorporate digitized payment methods like the EPC QR Code or the Dynamic QR Code.

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Engel & Völkers, a luxury real estates and properties agency
Elle Magazine, a fashion magazine with beauty tips, trends, and celebrity news
Monster, a job search website offering work and career opportunities
Benefit Cosmetics LLC, a manufacturer of cosmetics and headquartered in San Francisco, California
Sky Media, one of the leading marketing companies in Europe and manages the promotional sales of Sky and ten other themed channels
Zalando, a German online footwear retailer based in Berlin

The benefits of QR Codes for retail businesses


Traditional marketing can sometimes take a large bite out of your budget with printing/re-printing and advertising placement costs. Marketing collaterals like print, television, and radio also offer a limited advertising space, which sometimes restricts the amount of information brands can share. But there is no need to vacate these traditional channels from your marketing strategies. By combining them with QR Code tech, you can create fabulously designed ads with a touch of practicality. At a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm (.8 x .8 in) for Dynamic Codes and 3 x 3 cm (1.2 x 1.2 in) for Static Codes, they are the wallet-friendly portal that transports scanners to a multi-informational universe you get to curate. This means you no longer need to tediously debate on which channel is the most cost-effective, you can increase your budget by simply adding this smart, two-dimensional square to any ad.

Create an omnichannel experience

QR Codes are all about connecting the digital and physical world, which makes them the best tool for you to upgrade your brand to omnichannel marketing. By placing them on your print and digital collaterals, you can create a seamless and effortless, enriching customer experience. But QR Codes are not merely bridges from traditional to digital, they can also act as fluid portals between online platforms, reaping the benefits of connections that occur within and between points of contact. This facilitates communication between brands and customers, who can access a cornucopia of content, whether video tutorials, product provenance journeys, or social media channels, with a simple scan. With QR Codes, you essentially bring the endless possibilities of the online experience to your physical stores.

Customizable and easy-to-use

When it comes to customizing your QR Code, the color options are infinite. You can either select the exact shade you require with the color picker or input a hexadecimal color code. This precision in design gives you the necessary flexibility to match your QR Code to your brand colors. Want more brand recognition? Upload your business logo and place it at the center of the QR Code, so those who know, know. And those who don’t, will know. Want to make the QR Code stand out even more? Add a customizable frame and CTA, and play around with the QR Code’s edges and eyelets. With these easy-to-use options, you are free to cook up brand visibility to your heart’s content in our QR Code kitchen.

Your all-in-one QR Code marketing platform

Now you can fully customize your QR Codes by using your brand colors, add company logo, get scan statistics, and even edit the content after print.

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Worry-free, mistake-proof

Integrate QR Codes in the early planning stage and only add the contents when you’re ready to go live, even after print.

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Collaborate securely online

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Make a great first impression

Customize the short URL or stand out from your competitors and use your own domain to foster brand loyalty.

Stay on top of everything

Add campaign info so you know when the campaign starts, which medium it’s on, and how many copies printed.


The simplest way to use QR Codes in retail is by linking to a website’s landing page. However, with the rise of the QR Code solution tech, retailers can get even more creative in providing a heightened shopping experience. Launching a new product? Place a Video QR Code next to the display. Once scanned, shoppers can instantly access a playlist of video tutorials showcasing your newbie. Get exclusive and offer shoppers your own secret recipes on product packaging with a PDF QR Code, or encourage them to give you feedback on your online channels by sharing them with a Social Media QR Code.

The potential of QR Code retail lies in helping your brand boost its existing customer service. Is an in-store product out of stock? Instead of leaving your customers to hunt down an employee in order to ask about further availability, place Dynamic QR Codes on your shelves with a call to action redirecting them to scan and access your online shop. They can decide whether to have their desired product delivered right to their home, or for pick-up in-store. Either way, it’s a brilliant hack to avoid losing a potential purchase, lessening the chances that they will defect to another product or business.

Several retailers like Walmart, Dunkin’, and Target use app-to-app payment. The customer opens the pre-downloaded app corresponding to the retailer in order to either scan a QR Code at the point of sale (POS) system, or present their uniquely generated QR Code on their mobile device for the shop to scan. In the first case, when the customer is scanning the QR Code at checkout, they will need to confirm the total amount, and then manually type their card details to pay (if not previously saved on the app.) In the second case, customers have previously downloaded and input their payment details into the app, generating a unique QR Code that is scanned by the retailer in order to transfer the confirmed payment amount. You can also promote your payment app at checkout using the App QR Code.

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