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Frames make your QR Codes stand out and get them more scans
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QR Code with scan me frame on sale tag
Basic QR Code Frames
Classic ‘Scan me!’ frames are always a good choice. Suited for all kinds of QR Codes, these frames will make more people scan yours.
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save my contact frame for vcard QR Code on custom business card
vCard QR Code Frames
If your QR Code is about making new contacts, choose one of these ready-made frames that perfectly fit on your business cards.
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QR Code with get the app frame for apps in google play and apple store
App QR Code Frames
You are promoting your mobile iOS or Android apps via QR Codes? Go with this frame set to push your scans and app installs.
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like us frame for facebook QR Code on flyer
Facebook QR Code Frames
Collecting Facebook fans with QR Codes is a smart choice and with these frames you'll get some extra scans and page likes.
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QR Code with watch video frame on flyers for fitness gym
Watch video Qr Code Frames
These Frames are ideal for sharing videos. With designs like these, you'll get even more views!
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scan here and follow us frame for social media QR Code
Follow US QR Code Frames
Get more followers on your different social platforms! These frames are designed with your favorite social networks in mind.
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save the date frame for event QR Code in magazine
Save the date Qr Code Frames
Promote your event with well-designed frames suited for any theme. Meeting, conference or party, we've got it covered!
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View PDF Framers
This set helps you to boost the scans for your PDF documents, whether it is an ebook, catalog or brochure.
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QR Code with give feedback frame on comment card in hotel room
Give feedback Frames
Use this set of Frames to highlight QR Codes that are about collecting feedback from your customers or guests.
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QR Code with get coupon frame for buy 2 get 1 free discount at restaurant
Get coupon Qr Code Frames
Coupons are a great way to offer discounts to your customers. Share your promos with these Frames and boost your sales.
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