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Whether it’s in Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore; or all three, display your app using only one QR Code. Available in QR Code Generator PRO.

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QR Code idea for app developers to promote app installations from multiple app stores in one QR Code

Discover App Store QR Code use cases

From fitness studios to finance companies, the possibilities are endless for any industry.

  • Software Developers
  • Retailers
  • Gyms & Wellness
  • Cities
  • Home Repairs
  • Finance & Insurance
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    Software Developers

    Link to your gaming app to increase app installations

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    App QR Code landing page example for software developers QR Code idea for game developers to promote app installation
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    Link to your shopping app to enhance your customers’ experience

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    App QR Code landing page example for retailers QR Code idea for retailers to promote app installation
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    Gyms & Wellness

    Link to your fitness app to gain a competitive edge

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    App QR Code landing page example for fitness studios QR Code idea for fitness studios to promote app installation
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    Link to your city tourism app to generate more interest

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    App QR Code landing page example for cities QR Code idea for cities to promote app installation
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    Home Repairs

    Link to your booking app to broaden your market

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    App QR Code landing page example for home repair companies QR Code idea for home repair services to promote app installation
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    Finance & Insurance

    Link to your finance management app to deliver better info

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    App QR Code landing page example for finance companies QR Code idea for finance companies to promote app installation

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Share mobile apps or games

By using App Store QR Code, you no longer have to provide a different QR Code for each app store. Once scanned, your customers can easily choose in which app store they’d like to download the app from and even share it online.

Landing page of App QR Code with social media sharing


Make it your own

Take advantage of the included landing page and personalize it by adding your own colors, app information, description, plus a custom button that leads to wherever you want.

Fully customizable QR Code and landing page


Engage a wider audience

Your QR Code not only looks good, but the content itself beautifully adapts to different devices it’s displayed on. Tablet, desktop, or smartphone—we’ve got you covered.

App QR Code comes with desktop-optimized landing page


App store detection feature

Don’t like the page? No problem. You can also choose to have the QR Code open up the correct app store where your app is located after detecting the smartphone’s operating system.

Choose between landing pages or app store detection feature to download the app


Create with confidence

Never worry about making mistakes ever again. The information on the page and the app store links can be replaced at any time without reprinting a new QR Code.

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Content in App QR Code can be edited or replaced without reprinting a new QR Code

How to create an App Store QR Code

In just three simple steps

  • 1. Enter
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Integrate
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    Select App Store in the app and then enter your app links from Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

    Select App in the software to start creating App QR Code
  • 2.


    Customize the landing page by entering other info and description. Then personalize the QR Code with colors and logo.

    Choose your own colors to customize the landing page
  • 3.


    Download the QR Code in high-quality JPG, PNG, or EPS and then add it to the medium you’ll print it on.

    Add final touches to QR Code before downloading and integrating the QR Code to the print material

Plus other benefits you’ll enjoy across QR Code Generator PRO

Foster brand loyalty

Customize or create your own short URL to build brand awareness.

Unleash your style

Use brand colors and add company logo to stand out from your competition.

Collaborate securely

Invite other team members, complete with their own logins.

Measure success

Track where, when, and how many people scan your QR Codes.

Print in high-quality

Your QR Codes stay in high-resolution no matter what.

Keep organized

Label your QR Codes, create folders, and add campaign info to keep them nice and tidy.

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