Best Practices

Why Your Marketing Campaigns Should Use QR Codes

Find out about the pros of using QR Codes in marketing campaigns.

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What Is a Growth Strategy, and How Can You Build One?

Understand the basics of a growth strategy and how it can boost your business.

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QR Code Gift Cards: A Step-By-Step Guide for Creating and Sharing Them

Find out how to create QR Code gift cards for a modern gifting solution.

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How To Use and Create LGBT QR Codes

Promote inclusion and awareness with LGBT QR Codes in your community.

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Create More Valuable Instruction Manuals With QR Codes

Learn how to create more user-friendly instruction manuals with QR Codes.

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5 Creative Ways To Boost Student Engagement With QR Codes

Use QR Codes to connect with students and drive engagement in the classroom.

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A Quick-Start Guide to E-Commerce Marketing With QR Codes

Learn how and why you should be using QR Codes in your eCommerce marketing.

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7 QR Code Uses for Direct Mail (+ How They Boost Response Rates)

Learn how to incorporate QR Codes into your direct mail campaigns.

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A Quick Start Guide to Lead Generation with QR Codes

Learn how QR Codes can enhance your lead generation strategy and follow our advice to get started!

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10 Ways To Use QR Codes in Higher Education

Get ideas for how to use QR Codes in college classes.

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