Data Matrix vs QR Codes: An Overview of the Differences

Although seemingly similar at a first glance, these dotty little codes are packed full of very different features.

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What is the Difference between an RFID Tag and a QR Code?

Discover why QR Codes can gloat superiority over RFID tags.

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How to Use a Batch QR Code Generator to Make Multiple QR Codes

Designable and easier to scan than a barcode, batch QR Codes help simplify networking en mass and inventory management.

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Why Your Marketing Campaigns Should Use QR Codes

Give your marketing campaigns a boost and increase your ROI with QR Codes!

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4 Brilliant Ways QR Codes Improve Your Website

Check out how these brands are using QR Codes for their websites (and learn how you can duplicate them).

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How Are QR Codes Generated & Other Amazing Facts

New to QR Codes? Learn about the amazing things you can do with these humble little squares.

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How to Use Bitcoin With QR Code and Why It’s Easier

Whether you're a novice or power user, learn how you can use Bitcoin QR Code to simplify your crypto transactions.

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Run Successful Giveaway Contests With QR Codes

Learn how to run giveaway contest creatively using QR Codes!

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Upload Videos and Other Rich Media to QR Codes

Combine your print material with QR Codes to add playable videos, sounds, near-unlimited images, and more.

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How to Improve Sales Promotion With QR Codes

Increase sales and attract new customers by utilizing the power of QR Codes!

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