QR Code Jewelry: 5 Savvy Ways to Grow Your Jewelry Business

A QR Code jewelry solution is a marketing tool you can add to any print or digital material. It’s perfect for sharing product info, boosting brand visibility, and driving more traffic to your online or physical store. In turn, this leads to more conversions. 

Need some QR Code guidance? Let’s dive in!

5 dazzling QR Code jewelry ideas for your biz

Converting leads is no small feat. Any marketing wiz will tell you that. But with the right marketing tools by your side, some creativity, and advice from a QR Code expert, you’re halfway there! So without further ado, here are five simple ways to use jewelry QR Codes to help your jewelry business soar.

#1 Share more with a customized QR Code jewelry catalog

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing your jewelry line daintily laid out on the pages of your catalog. But, is it engaging enough for your target audience? How do you know if your target audience engaged with your catalog if there’s no metric to measure that? 

Sounds like your printed catalog needs a digital touch. We have just what you need: a QR Code jewelry solution! Including a tiny pixelated square on your print collateral allows you to share more than just your catalog without being overly intrusive. 

When you pair any printed material with one of our Dynamic QR Codes, you get to analyze scan statistics with a handy QR Code tracking metric tool. But more than that, you can digitally enhance your catalog by offering so much more than what a static page could. 

Got a social media presence on more than one platform showcasing your most dreamy pendants, bracelets, or earrings? Guide your catalog browsers to your social media platforms with a Social Media QR Code so your audience can leisurely scroll through a collection of jewelry designs curated by you.

Getting your target audience from your catalog to your social media accounts is also a smart way to get them closer to checkout. Younger generations who are avid social media users don’t only use these platforms to engage in content; they also purchase products. Nearly 50% of American Gen Z-ers and millennials buy on social media, according to a statistical report by Insider Intelligence. So what are you waiting for?

A magazine catalog featuring a woman with short dark brown hair wearing jewelry next to a golden chain placed over a white plate with a QR Code.
Use a QR Code to engage the next generation of buyers by getting them closer to your social media page.

#2 Jewelry QR Codes used in smart packaging

There’s a certain kind of anticipatory joy customers experience when they receive their awaited jewelry order. As such, personalizing your packaging can make the unboxing experience a special one — similar to unwrapping a gift. 

But finding the perfect packaging to match the size of the jewelry leaves only a little room for personalization. Making use of every inch of your package design requires a minimalist approach in order to not overwhelm the customer. 

How can you communicate your brand message and display product info with minimal space to work with? A customized QR Code jewelry design, of course! Achieve two things at once by using a branded QR Code to improve brand awareness and communicate product information. 

Here’s one idea that will help you do both: Create a video documenting the unique process of your jewelry. Are you the jewelry maker yourself? Then, record an introductory video and showcase your labor of love so your customers get a glimpse of who you are and how your jewelry has been designed for them.

By displaying a Video QR Code on your package, your customers can simply scan to connect with your video. It’s the finer details that matter. A little goes a long way!

Black packaging with a QR Code next to a silver watch with a white face
Bring your customers into your world with a Video QR Code.

#3 Attract traffic with a QR Code jewelry window display

Don’t underestimate the ripple effect of a gorgeous window shop display. Creating a visual presence on a street puts a spotlight on your jewelry business, attracting more foot traffic to your establishment. 

The idea is to create a visual attraction so impactful that it catches the gaze of the hurried commuter or even the smartphone zombie (the pedestrian who’s only fixed on their phone).  That’s a tall order, we admit. But we have a savvy way to give distracted onlookers a visual surprise: a window QR Code

Including a QR Code design in your shop window display is the perfect trigger to grab the attention of passersby. Using a pixelated square on your display can prompt the passerby already on their smartphone to scan the QR Code, arousing interest in your jewelry brand.

Convert old fashion foot traffic into online sales with a Dynamic URL QR Code, or turn window shoppers into buyers with a Coupon QR Code. The icing on the cake? Your store window is 24/7 on display, meaning you can keep the sales rolling in even while you sleep.

A dark green window display featuring a QR Code and jewelry behind the window.
QR Codes on window displays give your customers access to your shop whenever they want.

#4 Make memorable impressions with jewelry codes

Whether you’re a fresh-off-the-rack jewelry business (welcome entrepreneurs!) or a successful and seasoned jewelry business owner, networking is a skill that will never go out of style. So be ready to make a good impression whenever you’re representing your brand. 

In the serendipitous event that you meet a potential client, a business lead, or a potential business ally, there’s one brand asset you can always keep in your back pocket: a business card. 

Business cards are timeless brand assets that you can keep with you at networking events, jewelry stands, or stores. And if you think using business cards are an outdated practice, think again — there’s nothing old school about a vCard QR Code.  

A virtual card is a tech-savvy solution that simplifies exchanging contact information with just a scan. Bringing a digital component to ordinary business cards enables you to share more info about your business that you otherwise wouldn’t have space to include on one tiny card.

But using a QR Code business card isn’t limited to one solution. It depends on the information you want to share. Do you have a portfolio of your jewelry designs? Do you create handcrafted customized jewelry for your clients? Add an image to QR Code to your business card to showcase your jewelry repertoire.

Dark green business cards with a touch of gold next to pink business cards with a QR Code on top.
 Share your jewelry collection with a small but effective business QR Code.

#5 Personalize emails with jewelry QR Codes

Email marketing is a potent, trustworthy marketing channel that can maximize your marketing efforts. If acquiring your existing email list is the first step, then nurturing them is a solid step two, especially if you want to turn leads into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers. 

Retargeting your existing audience pool allows you the opportunity to send more personalized emails to your subscribers, reminding them of the value you bring to them. For example, it’s a way to encourage those cart abandoners to reconsider buying your jewelry. 

But did you know when you combine email marketing and QR Codes, you create a marketing powerhouse? By adding a customized QR Code jewelry solution to your email campaign, you can track your campaign in real-time and measure your ROI (return on investment). But that’s not all you can do with pixelated squares when it comes to email marketing.

You can direct traffic to your online store with an App QR Code, driving more app downloads and more jewelry purchases on smartphones. Or, reward your loyal customers with jewelry discounts by using a Coupon QR Code in your email. The possibilities are never-ending.

An email from Sautoir Jewelry displayed on an iPad.
Level up your email marketing with a QR Code.

3 best practices for creating a top-tier QR Code jewelry solution

Now that we’ve got your brain stimulated with some ideas on how to take your jewelry biz to the next level, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when you create your customized QR Code jewelry solution.

#1 Brand your square

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of creating a Code that aligns with your brand identity. The good news is that our QR Codes are customizable, meaning you can create a square that has your brand essence written all over it. When your QR Code displays your brand colors and logo, you create more brand awareness and increase the chances of brand recognition.

#2 Keep it dynamic

When you opt for a Dynamic over a Static QR Code, it allows for more flexibility. This is beneficial during a QR Code campaign because you can keep an eagle eye over the performance of your campaign as well as make tweaks along the way. But this feature isn’t available with a Static QR Code, so you can’t edit, track, or change the Code after it’s been created.

#3 Include a call-to-action

QR Codes are meant to trigger a response from the user to scan the Code, but this isn’t a guarantee. We shouldn’t assume that the user will understand the purpose of the QR Code without an explanation. A short call-to-action (CTA) will clear that up. And with QR Code Generator, you can prompt more scans with a customizable QR Code call-to-action. More scans, more conversions!

How to make a QR Code jewelry solution

  1. Sign up for QR Code Generator.
  2. On the Dashboard, select Create QR Code.
  3. Select the type of QR Code jewelry solution your business needs. 
  4. Input all the necessary information about the content of your Code.
  5. Customize it by choosing the colors, shapes, edges, frames, and more. 
  6. Test it, download it, and distribute it!

Final words

Using jewelry QR Codes for your jewelry company can help you in various stages of the customer journey. So whether you are just starting out as a jewelry brand or looking for additional marketing software, adding these Codes to your marketing toolkit is a brilliant business move. Getting more traffic to your online store, physical store, and social media page just got a little simpler.

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