6 Unusual Practical Uses for the QR Code Bracelet

Did you ever imagine we’d adorn QR Codes on our arms? It’s no small wonder that people are constantly finding ways to reinvent the way we utilize the QR Code. One thing we’ve always known to be true about the QR Code is that they’re stylish as hell. With the fluidity of QR Code design, the flexibility of Dynamic QR Codes, and the features of QR Code types, it’s easy to see why QR Codes are becoming a marketers’ best friend. And, in the true fashion of the QR Code, the QR Code bracelet is so much more than an accessory. Let’s dive in, shall we?

What is a QR Code bracelet?

A QR Code bracelet can have a QR Code embedded in its design with a range of features that go far beyond the aesthetics. From medical alert bracelets to QR Codes that replace event tickets, QR Codes on wristbands serve a multitude of purposes.

Why using a QR Code bracelet is pure genius

If you didn’t get the memo yet, there’s something you should know about QR Codes: they’re data hoarders. Big shocker, I know. But this is exactly what makes QR Codes so exceptional: they’re excellent at storing data (lots of it) and they’re fairly easy to integrate onto both digital and print materials — and apparently bracelets. Take a gander at our QR Code solutions to learn more about the potential of QR Code bracelets.

6 ways to use the QR Code bracelet

So without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of ideas on how you can use a QR Code bracelet for your business and life.

#1 Custom QR Code bracelets for sentimental gifts 

Some people are natural-born gift-whispers, and some people… need some extra guidance. Custom-made gifts are marvelous choices for thoughtful and sentimental gifts. Here’s a cool idea: a QR Code bracelet. And let me tell you, this is no ordinary bracelet — it’s jewelry with a twist.

If you ever wanted to marry the world of jewelry design and tech, QR Codes are the missing jewel. So if you’re a business owner who owns a small or big jewelry company, integrating a QR Code in your design can help you personalize gifts for your customers. 

The idea is to create an engraving of the QR Code where your customers can upload their special photo, song, or video to the person who’s receiving the gift. Once the person opens their gift, they’ll not only get a bracelet but also a QR Code with a hidden message. Sure, it’s a little geeky and touchy-feely but who cares? 

You can create custom QR Code bracelets for any special occasion from birthdays, Valentine’s Day to Christmas. Whatever you want to store on your QR Code, it’s at your disposal; images, audio, videos, you name it. 

Hot tip: if you want to up your game on occasional-based marketing, our page on the Christmas QR Code will help you stir the pot. 

#2 QR Code medical bracelets for health alerts 

If you’re in the medical industry, then you know how important patients’ medical data is. What if there was a more practical and faster way of retrieving that info? Wait — there is and it’s called QR Code medical bracelets. Technology is making it so much easier and more efficient —  and patients reap the benefits of this, too. 

MedicAlert Foundation, for example, is a non-profit that utilizes QR Code technology to make MedicAlert members’ health records more readily accessible, especially to first responders during medical emergencies. 

The QR Code medical bracelet stores patients’ health data; a detailed personal history of a person’s health conditions, allergies, vaccination status, and more. First responders just need to scan the QR Code bracelet to acquire members’ medical profiles with their smartphones. 

This is also equally convenient for people going to the hospital and seeing a new doctor who has no personal medical history of them whatsoever. It saves plenty of time to scan a QR Code to dig up everything you need to know about a patient at any given time.

A medical QR Code on a bracelet, containing personal health information.
QR Code bracelets make it easier for health professionals to access detailed patient history. Photo by MedicAlert UK on Unsplash.

#3 QR Code bracelets for party favors  

Let’s get festive! There are plenty of design opportunities to create paraphernalia for party favors with custom QR Code bracelets. Jewelry designers can integrate QR Codes into their invention. And there’s a market for it: bachelorette parties, birthday parties, or weddings —  pretty much any occasion is up for grabs. 

But if you’re looking for a booming market to tap into, it has to be the wedding industry. Tying the knot is still an important milestone, after all. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be 2.5 million weddings taking place in 2022.

Back to party favors and QR Code bracelets. They sound like disparate ideas, but they actually make a mean team. Say your customer is the maid of honor planning an epic bachelorette party for the books. They’re browsing your website for never-been-done ideas to keep the bridal crew and bride-to-be thoroughly entertained. 

They stumble upon your QR Code bracelet, and they’re sold on your idea: QR Code bracelets with a punchy CTAs (call-to-action) like: “I’m the bride, drinks on you!”, “Buy the bride a drank” or “Get to know the bride”. Nothing you say is off-limits at Bachelorette parties, so don’t be afraid to go more tongue-in-cheek in your messaging. 

Side note: if you’re a wedding planner looking for QR Code wedding invitation ideas, our occasion’s page will fill you with a confetti of inspiration.

#4 QR Code wristbands for events 

Giving attendees wristbands at big events isn’t anything untried in the event management industry. Event planners have already been using tech such as an RFID (radio-frequency identification). RFID tech consists of a micro-chip that can hold data about an attendee. It’s ideal for cashless events and event registration. 

But there’s one significant drawback: RFID tech ain’t cheap. Whereas QR Code tech can enable cash-free events, assist with event management — without breaking the bank. 

But this isn’t about the battle of QR Codes versus RFID technology, it’s about what makes event management more — for a lack of a better word — manageable. And QR Code wristbands make it a walk in the park. 

Using an Event QR Code is not only cost-effective but also improves the efficiency of event registration — meaning your attendees spend less time in long queues, and more time making happy memories. 

The other upside of a QR Code bracelet is the QR Code holds a lot of data (data hoarders, remember?), so you can take your event to social media so much faster with a scan of a QR Code. You can get your attendees to tag you on socials, encourage more people to join in the festivities, and get your guests to create hype around your event. Try this one for size for concerts, festivals, charity events, or even parties.

#5 QR Code ID bracelets for safety 

Children’s safety has been an ongoing issue that many countries unfortunately encounter. In a split second, at any moment, a child could wander off. Autistic children are also known for their wandering tendencies, and one can only imagine the panic that sets in for parents. 

Companies like KeepMeSafeID and Safe Ride 4 Kids have recognized the need for keeping missing children and adults safe with QR Code technology. 

KeepMeSafeID primarily focuses on bracelets for children with special needs as well as adults dealing with mental decline. The bracelet contains info about the person’s medical conditions, and once the QR Code is scanned, an alert goes to an emergency contact and a GPS is activated. 

Safe Ride 4 Kids’ product, SmartKid ID, includes identification of the child, provides the first responders with instant access to the child’s data, and can also be used as a QR Code medical bracelet. These products show how integrating technology into bracelets can contribute to making the world a safer place.

A QR Code on a bracelet for locating missing or lost people.
QR Code ID bracelets are practical ways to locate missing people.

#6 QR Code wristbands for marketing

In the event that you host a multi-day festival, a full-proof QR Code marketing strategy is the key to a successful event. Promoting your event on print and digital mediums will undoubtedly spread the word but if you want to make your event the talk of the town, your attendees are your go-to people. Why? Because word of mouth advertising isn’t dead. 

Branding your event with wearable custom QR Code wristbands is something that can make your attendees feel like they are a living representation of your brand. It also connects other festival-goers to each other whether a friend or stranger. 

The QR Code wristband that your attendees wear should capture your brand’s essence with a logo, style, and CTA. Keeping it trendy and fashion-forward is also going to ensure that your attendees continue wearing it even after your festival is over. 

You can even have a designated space where festival-goers can snap photos of them wearing their wristband and brag about it on social media. This creates a conversation and is free advertising. 

A wristband with a QR Code is also a great marketing tool for promoting brand loyalty. If your festival-goers are having a blast, they’d have no problem scanning a QR Code and subscribing to your email list for future events or following you on your social media page.  

Bonus: avid festival-goers that keep wristbands for memorabilia will be pleased to add another custom armband to their collection — and it will remind them of the good times and get them amped up for your next party.

4 QR Code solutions for your QR Code bracelet

Now that you know about the unique ways that a QR Code bracelet can be used, here are a few ideas you can keep in your back pocket to take it to the next level with 4 of our QR Code solutions.

1.  Serenade the music lovers 

An MP3 QR Code is perfect for jewelry designers who want to bring a musical, or audible element into their bracelet. The QR Code engraving can be minute as to not distract from the exquisite details of your jewelry piece. Yet another thoughtful present to give to someone who’s got a playlist on repeat. This is a special gift to give to a best friend, partner, or family member.

2. Give a gift that keeps on giving

A gift without a card is incomplete. So for everyone who doesn’t share the pleasure of writing pen-to-paper birthday cards, we have a nerdy solution for you: e-cards! Business owners have an opportunity to broaden the smiles on their customers’ faces by creating an electronic card. 

The best part is you can use your e-card as an image file, which can then be easily converted from image to QR Code software. Give your customer the ultimate all-in-one gift package: a bracelet with a scannable customized card.

3. Get people talking on social media 

Event managers who are using QR Code wristbands for marketing their event can create more buzz through a Social Media QR Code. Why? You only need one QR Code to connect to all of your social media platforms. With minimal effort, guests can scan their QR Code wristbands, at your event,  and get directed to a landing page where they can follow, like, or post on your social media pages. 

4. Reward your fandom

Giving your event attendees rewards for simply showing up to your event is how you turn first-comers into regulars and regulars into a kingdom of loyal fans. You can show them that their presence at your event makes a difference and they should be rewarded for it. And what better way than to show them some love than with a discount on your next event? 

By integrating your wristband with a Coupon QR Code, you’ll have free range to add your website and your redeemable coupon. You’ll also have the liberty of adding your terms and conditions in tandem with an expiration date of the discount. By using scarcity marketing and a discount code, you’ll create an urgency for your attendees to purchase a ticket to your next event. Everyone wins in this scenario.

So whether you’re a jewelry designer looking to add a special touch to your custom bracelet, or you’re in the security and survival industry looking to support your patients in an emergency, a QR Code bracelet is a solid investment. It’s not just a dainty bracelet you wear on your arm but a pragmatic digital tool that can benefit the event’s industry, safety industry, and beyond.

Robyn Albertyn

Robyn Albertyn is a content writer for Bitly from Cape Town, South Africa. She’s previously written about preventative health and wellness, and specializes in creative writing and copywriting. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her hiking up majestic mountains, or discovering the best coffee hotspots in her city. Feel free to say hi to her on LinkedIn.

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