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How to Create a Brand Identity with QR Codes

Discover how QR Codes help define your brand identity and create brand awareness!

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How Infographic Marketing Benefits from QR Codes

Give your infographic marketing new dimensions by linking it to digital platforms with QR Codes.

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How to Use a Batch QR Code Generator to Make Multiple QR Codes

Designable and easier to scan than a barcode, batch QR Codes help simplify networking en mass and inventory management.

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The New Marketing Opportunity for the E-commerce Industry is QR Codes

Make way for QR Codes, the brilliant multi-channel digital marketing tool sprucing up the e-commerce industry.

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Why Your Marketing Campaigns Should Use QR Codes

Give your marketing campaigns a boost and increase your ROI with QR Codes!

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How Teachers Are Using QR Codes in the Classroom to Enhance Learning

Get inspired to turn your classroom into an interactive learning bonanza with these QR Code ideas.

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Are QR Codes Dead in 2020?

Save your wreaths and discover innovative ways to reap the benefits of the QR Code's growing popularity!

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How QR Codes Propel the Music Industry Forward

Use the power of QR Codes to stay in touch with fans and keep the music industry alive.

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How the Airline Industry Can Use QR Codes to Return to the Skies

Prepare your airline for takeoff and learn how to incorporate QR Codes in the "New Normal."

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Examples of QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns (and How to Copy Them)

Thinking of ways to spice up your campaigns? Get inspired by these brand examples and try them today!

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