A Complete Breakdown of WeChat QR Codes

WeChat is a Chinese social media and instant messaging app that, in 2018, became the world’s largest standalone app, with over one billion active monthly users. 

Like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other wildly successful messaging apps, fun and innovative features have helped make WeChat popular. From mobile payments to gaming to social networks, WeChat users can enjoy several tools and functionalities.

One tool WeChat offers is WeChat QR Codes. But if you want to create your own Quick Response Code (QR Code) for WeChat, is their built-in tool really the best option? 

Let’s look at what WeChat QR Codes have to offer, as well as some excellent alternatives.

What is a WeChat QR Code?

When you open WeChat and navigate to the page that says “My QR Code,” you’ll find a unique digital QR Code connected to your WeChat account. The way QR Codes work within this platform is simple—you share your QR Code, and other WeChat users can scan it to easily add you as a friend on the app.

Purpose of WeChat QR Codes

Tencent, WeChat’s parent company, released QR Code scanning to simplify adding new friends on the app. Instead of typing in the person’s phone number or WeChat ID, WeChat QR Codes allow users to add new friends simply by scanning their QR Code image.

However, this isn’t the only functionality that QR Codes offer within the WeChat app. WeChat QR Codes can also be used to make payments within WeChat’s integrated mobile payment system, WeChat Pay

Plus, you can use QR Codes to join WeChat Groups, follow WeChat official accounts, and share content with other WeChat users.

Pricing structure for WeChat QR Codes

WeChat provides every user with a free WeChat QR Code they can use to share their profile with others and add new friends. But you can’t use WeChat’s built-in QR Codes to do things like collect payments outside of WeChat or direct users to your website. 

For that, you’ll need to create your own custom QR Codes using a third-party QR Code generator. Fortunately, there are plenty of free or low-cost QR Code generators you can use to create WeChat QR Codes. 

WeChat QR Code key features

WeChat QR Codes work on both Android and iOS devices. While they aren’t quite as flexible or functional as general-purpose QR Codes, these Static Codes do offer several key features and uses within a WeChat account, including:

  • A unique QR Code for each WeChat user: Every WeChat user gets their own unique QR Code. This makes it easy to discover and add new friends on the app by simply scanning QR Codes.

  • Used to add friends, follow public accounts, and make payments: Adding new friends is the main purpose of WeChat QR Codes, but you can also use your WeChat QR Code scanner to follow public accounts and make payments.

  • Can be customized (to a limited extent): WeChat QR Codes offer some basic customization options, including the ability to change the QR Code’s color, size, background image, and redirect URL.

  • Cannot be tracked: WeChat QR Codes cannot be tracked, meaning you won’t be able to access analytics on how people are engaging with your QR Code.

WeChat QR Codes vs. QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is a tool that allows you to create custom QR Codes for just about any purpose you can imagine. WeChat QR Codes, on the other hand, are primarily designed to help WeChat users connect on the WeChat platform.

There are a lot of creative ways to use QR Codes on WeChat. But if you want to track them, make payments outside the platform, or fully customize your QR Code, you’ll need to create your own QR Codes using a third-party tool.

Thankfully, QR Code Generator is free to try out and is the perfect tool for easily creating custom WeChat QR Codes.

Benefits of using a third-party solution for WeChat profiles

Thinking about creating your own WeChat QR Codes? Here’s why you should opt for third-party QR Codes.

QR Codes are trackable

Unlike WeChat QR Codes, QR Codes created using a third-party tool, such as QR Code Generator, are fully trackable. This means that you can gather valuable insights into how people interact with your QR Codes, like conversion rates and scan counts. 

If you plan to use QR Codes for sales or marketing on WeChat, the real-time data from trackable QR Codes will be vital for evaluating and optimizing your campaigns.

Best of all, QR Codes created via QR Code Generator don’t require complicated analytics and tracking tools. Everything you need to track QR Code performance is provided with your QR Code Generator subscription. This includes an intuitive Dashboard that lets you manage all of your QR Codes from one centralized location.

QR Codes are customizable, offering user identification

Customizable QR Codes let you design visually appealing, brand-specific QR Codes that resonate with your audience. This level of customization enhances brand recognition, making it easier for users to associate the QR Code with your brand.

Offers more advanced QR Code functionality

Third-party QR Codes offer advanced features beyond basic scanning. We’ve already talked about customization options and tracking, but in addition to these features, QR Code Generator also offers: 

  • Centralized Dashboard for managing all of your QR Codes

  • Built-in landing pages designed for optimal display across any device

  • Ability to link the QR Code to any URL, app, or interactive element you like

Wider reach

WeChat QR Codes only work within the WeChat app. If you plan to take your QR Code marketing efforts to another medium or platform, WeChat QR Codes aren’t going to be much help.

Custom QR Codes created by QR Code Generator, on the other hand, can be used for any purpose you can imagine. They work within a wide range of apps, and you can even print them for offline use. So you can use your QR Codes to reach a larger, more diverse audience than just WeChat users.

How to generate QR Codes for WeChat

If you only need your WeChat QR Code to help friends add you on the platform, then the unique QR Code WeChat provides should work nicely. To find your personal QR Code that WeChat provides, go to the Me tab. Tap on your avatar, then tap on My QR Code.

However, for any other purpose, you’ll be a lot better off using a third-party tool to create custom QR Codes for WeChat.

With QR Code Generator, you can create custom QR Codes for WeChat (or any other platform and purpose) with just a few clicks.

Start by reading your existing WeChat QR Code so you can find its associated URL. Once you have that URL, you can use QR Code Generator to create a QR Code that sends people to your WeChat signup link. Choose the URL option and paste the URL from your Wechat QR Code. Customize the code as you’d like, then download it. Remember that you can track the usage of the code this way as well.

Create your next QR Code with QR Code Generator

QR Codes are incredibly useful on WeChat and beyond. If you’d like to create your own fully customizable QR Codes for use on WeChat (or anywhere else!), QR Code Generator is the perfect solution.

With this industry-leading tool, you can create unique, branded QR Codes in minutes using simple drag-and-drop commands. Plus, you can track QR Code performance in real time via an advanced yet user-friendly Dashboard.

Try QR Code Generator for free today, and see how easy it is to create your own custom, trackable QR Codes!

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