How Are QR Codes Helping Locals and Tourists Around the World?

Towns and cities across the world are using QR Codes to improve things for citizens and visitors. From learning the local history, to improving sustainability, here’s what’s been happening.

QR Codes Bring Adventure to Cheltenham, UK

 Enhanced Augmented Reality (AR) version of the Hidden Cheltenham Trail. Source:

Families in the United Kingdom can now enjoy two new adventure trails in Cheltenham. The town center experience includes a Monster Safari Trail that leads groups to QR Codes they can scan to identify different monsters!

The experience also includes an augmented reality (AR) version of the Hidden Cheltenham Trail. Participants can download an app to activate the AR at trail points, bringing up fun facts and challenges. It will also connect them to local businesses, who will have QR Codes in their windows to promote the trail. Read the full story.

Ruse, Bulgaria Uses QR Codes to Celebrate its History

One of Ruse's iconic buildings, the Regional Museum of History
One of Ruse’s iconic buildings, the Regional Museum of History. Image by Marie Pietrzak of

The city of Ruse, Bulgaria is using QR Codes to celebrate its history. After observing that guests were having difficulty learning about the city’s cultural heritage, the city decided to use QR Codes and tourist routes to make it easier to learn about the history of Ruse’s buildings and historical figures.

Over the course of a year, QR Codes were displayed on 30 selected buildings in the city. Each QR Code leads to information about the building, including when it was constructed and who its first owners were. Read the full story.

Seychelles Saves Two Trees a Week Using QR Codes

Bill payments via QR Codes at a kiosk in Seychelles
Customers registered to Mycare will now be able to access a QR code via the kiosk. Image by Thomas Meriton

One of Seychelle’s leading telecommunication companies – Cable and Wireless Seychelles – is going paperless with the help of QR Codes, saving two trees per week worth of paper!

As well as email and SMS, customers will be able to use a unique QR Code to access their bill information at cable kiosks. Since not all customers are not on digital platforms, Cable and Wireless Seychelles will provide free cards to clients with their QR Codes and account number printed on them, letting them scan to proceed. Read the full story.

Prague Keeps the City Safe With Lamppost QR Codes

QR Code on a lamppost near Old Town Square in Prague
QR Code on a lamp post near Old Town Square in Prague. Image by Raymond Johnston

The lampposts in Prague have a pretty unique feature most people don’t know about—each one is numbered. The numbers can be used to tell city services the exact locations of any incidents that take place. Now, QR Codes are being added to the lampposts to update the concept and help tourists and locals contact services in case of emergencies. Read the full story.

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