5 of the Best QR Code Generators: Key Features, Pricing, and Use Cases

QR Codes are an excellent way to level up any sales promotion and reach your target audience directly. These two-dimensional bar codes are embedded with any information you want, including URLs, product info, a payment portal, a menu, or anything else you can think of.

Businesses have developed many creative uses for QR Codes as a way to boost marketing campaigns, increase sales, and strengthen brand recognition.

All you need to create your own customized QR Code is a QR Code generator. When users scan the code with their smartphone, they’re taken to the embedded link, gaining access to the information they want.

Later, we’ll discuss five of the best QR Code generators, along with their features and prices. But first, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this marketing tool and its many use cases. 

Key benefits of QR Code generators

Did you know that by 2025, about 99.5 million U.S. smartphone users will use QR Codes to access information online? This is an increase of 83.4 million since 2022.

Don’t miss out on this direct access to your future customers. Scannable QR Codes are a quick, effective way to engage customers, increase leads, and boost sales. 

Let’s review a few more of the key benefits of QR Code generators. 

Quick information access

The latest research shows that as consumers are exposed to more media, their attention spans decrease. This means you need to get people’s attention fast. 

A QR Code is your lightning-fast solution to dwindling consumer attention spans. The user aims their smartphone camera at the QR Code and the website URL pops up. Consumers instantly teleport to their online destination—no additional steps are required. 

Increased customer engagement

Once the user has arrived at your destination, the next goal is engagement. Ideally, the information you provided will convert a random user into a paying customer. Engagement is that crucial middle step. 

QR Codes allow you to increase customer engagement like no other marketing tool. Once potential customers scan the code, they can click through to buy, sign up for an event, use a discount code, join your email list, and so much more.

Customizable after printing

QR Codes take users to a digital destination, but that doesn’t mean they only exist in a digital space. You can print QR Codes on pretty much anything—signs, menus, product labels, flyers, t-shirts, and more.

And while you can’t take back that typo on your printed menu, you can alter the embedded QR Code. A high-quality QR Code generator provides the option for a Dynamic QR Code. With a Dynamic QR Code, you can make changes whenever you want. Editing on the go is quick and easy: Update the website URL, change the product information, or even alter the discount code. 

This level of flexibility is invaluable for your business. As a customizable asset, you never have to worry about costly errors. 

Easy to track and monitor

Another huge advantage of using QR Codes is accessing customer data. Track and monitor exactly where your engagement, leads, and sales are coming from, whether you’re tracking a single code or a batch of QR Codes

Let’s say you have a QR Code on your product label and another in your newsletter, each with a discount code for your product. With QR Codes, you can track which of these codes people used more and which customers were more likely to follow through and buy. This information will guide future campaigns, giving you better results. 

Whether you’re tracking clicks, scans, impressions, shares, or conversions, a QR Code is a great way to gain insights into your ideal customer.

Top use cases for QR Codes

Wondering how your business can creatively leverage QR Codes to boost your marketing efforts or streamline operations? Let’s take a look at a few great use cases for QR Codes in business:


  • Use an Event QR Code to allow users to RSVP, or offer a special discount code only attendees can access.

  • Include a vCard Plus QR Code to your business card with a “save to phone” call to action. 

  • Create a digital business card to share at your next networking event. 


  • Use a QR Code for a limited inventory sale so customers can find out what’s still in stock. 

  • Connect a QR Code to your CRM platform to gather potential customers’ contact information.

  • Add a QR Code to direct mail to advertise your subscription options, and take things a step further by including a discount code for customers who sign up using the QR Code.

Product marketing:

The 5 best QR Code generators to consider

Like most products and services, there are several QR Code generators to choose from. Each option has key features to consider to figure out which is the best QR Code generator for your business. 

1. QR Code Generator PRO

QR Code Generator PRO is a smart, efficient way to add editable, trackable QR Codes to your marketing materials. 

This QR Code platform allows you to design, share, and track QR Codes. Add your branding, colors, and call to action with the full suite of customization options. Include your logo and a custom frame to complete the look. The user-friendly drag-and-drop tool lets you create your QR Code in a few steps. 

Advanced analytics features let you track clicks, scans, impressions, and conversions in real time. Add up to five team members to the account to streamline your next campaign. 

Create hundreds of QR Codes with the bulk creation feature and enjoy unlimited scans from your potential customers. 

Take advantage of the 14-day free trial to see if QR Code Generator PRO is right for you! 

Key features

  • Next-gen QR Codes: QR Code Generator PRO lets you enjoy all the benefits of QR Codes by letting you create built-in landing pages.

  • Full customization: Design your QR Code with your brand’s colors and logo—no design knowledge or coding needed.

  • Actionable insights: See the results of your campaign in real time. Track who is scanning your QR Codes and how they’re engaging with your brand. 

  • 24/7 customer support: Get help when you need it through the 24/7 help center. You have the option to chat online, call a phone number, or email customer support.


With four pricing tiers, QR Code Generator PRO is a great way to add QR Codes to your marketing and sales campaigns. 

The Professional level is $46.99/month for 250 Dynamic QR Codes, unlimited scans, bulk creation of up to 500, 10,000 API requests, and five users. Plus, you’ll get premium support with your subscription. This level is best for industry leaders who want to maximize marketing efforts and customer engagement. 

The Advanced level for $15.99/month is a good choice for teams, featuring 50 Dynamic QR Codes, unlimited scans, bulk creation of up to 100, 3,000 API requests, and two users. The Starter level is a good choice for individuals looking to dip their toes in the water of QR Codes. For $9.99/month, get two Dynamic QR Codes, 10,000 scans, and one user. 

2. Uniqode

Uniqode specializes in providing QR Codes and digital business cards. There are over 18 types of QR Codes to choose from, including Static and Dynamic QR Codes.

Uniqode offers premade templates to streamline your design. Customize the QR Codes with your brand colors, logo, gradients, and more. 

With multiple account logins, your team can collaborate on your next campaign while you keep admin control. Each team member has their own login for added security. 

Key features

  • Secure data and privacy: Uniqode offers enterprise-grade security for complete peace of mind. Enjoy advanced security features like multi-factor authentication and anomalous scan detection.

  • Product integrations: Uniqode works with business tools like Slack, Canva, Google Analytics, and Salesforce for seamless integration into your workflow. 

  • Customer support: With multiple ways to get in touch with the support team, Uniqode boasts a three-minute first response time to customer issues. 

  • Digital business cards: Share your contact information digitally. Create 2,000 or more cards with just one tap.


Uniqode offers three plan levels. The LITE plan is $15/month for 50 Dynamic QR Codes and one user. The PRO plan is promoted as the best value at $49/month for 250 Dynamic QR Codes and one user. The PLUS plan is for larger teams, starting at $99/month for 500 Dynamic QR Codes and three users. Each additional user is an extra $5/month. 

3. Flowcode

Flowcode is a QR Code generator that offers custom designs and ultra-fast scanning. With its own branding, users scan the Flowcode (the QR Code), and it takes them to your Flowpage (the embedded website URL). 

Flowcode powers your omnichannel campaigns to help you reach your customers through multiple channels. The drag-and-drop design is easy to use and includes features like added visuals and 3D animations. 

Key features

  • Mobile-first easy navigation: In our smartphone-powered world, everyone has mobile devices, so it’s essential to have a mobile-first marketing strategy.

  • First-party data capture: Track data directly from your target audience. Get to know your customers on a deeper level and create even more powerful marketing materials in the future.

  • Full-funnel conversion: Customize your QR Codes to your sales funnel. Whether you’re targeting customers in the discovery, research, or buying stage, your QR Code can meet them where they are, giving you the best results. 


Flowcode has multiple price levels. Test the waters with the Basic level, a free option that allows you to create up to two QR Codes. The most popular level is Pro—for $5/month, you can create 10 QR Codes. Level up to Pro Plus for $25/month and 50 QR Codes. The Growth option is $250 for 150 QR Codes. If none of these options meet your needs, opt for the Enterprise level for a custom rate. 

4. QRCode Monkey

QRCode Monkey is a free QR Code generator to create customized QR Codes in just a few clicks. Create a unique QR Code by choosing from a list of shapes and frames, adding your own logo, and choosing your colors. Once you download the QR Code, add it to digital assets or printed materials to promote your business. 

Key features

  • High resolution: Choose the pixel resolution for your QR Code. For printed QR Codes, choose a vector format (EPS or SVG).

  • Unlimited scans: All QR Codes made with QRCode Monkey will last forever with unlimited scans.

  • Commercial use: You can use QR Codes created with QRCode Monkey for commercial purposes. 



5. Adobe

Adobe is a popular software brand that offers a range of products, including a QR Code generator. The Adobe Express QR Code generator allows you to create personalized QR Codes to boost engagement and brand awareness. 

Adobe allows you to personalize your QR Code with your brand style and colors, and if you need to make changes, you can upload the QR Code to any Adobe Express project to edit. 

Key features

  • Free templates: Adobe offers thousands of templates to make the creative process a breeze. 

  • File types: Download your free QR Code as a JPG, PNG, or PDF file.

  • Create from your smartphone: Use the Adobe Express free QR Code maker app to create your QR Code on the go. 


This is a free service Adobe Express offers. It doesn’t require a credit card, and once you download the QR code, it will never expire. 

Create QR Codes and boost engagement with QR Code Generator PRO today

The potential uses for QR Code functionality are seemingly endless. And that’s good news for your business. No matter your upcoming goals, use the power of QR Codes to reach more customers and make more sales. 

When choosing a QR Code generator, keep in mind the importance of going with a trusted company with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. QR Code Generator PRO offers the features you need in an easy-to-use platform.

To get started, sign up for a free trial with QR Code Generator PRO and see just how far QR Codes can take your marketing activities!

Tobias Funke

Tobias Funke is Bitly’s Vice President of Product. With a background in software engineering, he has a decade of combined experience in product development and the QR Code space. Tobias leads a team that developed one of the most successful and popular QR Code generators available. His entrepreneurial and growth mindset helps build products that continuously disrupt the market. You can connect with Tobias on LinkedIn.

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