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Using QR Codes to Curb Coronavirus at Your Healthcare Facility

Learn how QR Codes can help slow down the spread of COVID-19 in your facility (with step-by-step guides).

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Common QR Code Scanning Problems and How to Fix Them

Problems with your QR Codes? Learn why and how to fix them.

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Revamp Landing Page Design With QR Codes

Learn how you can add a unique touch to your landing pages with QR Codes.

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Celebrating Women With QR Codes & Other News

Can QR Codes boost high fashion and bring people together? Find out in this latest news!

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Amplify Your B2B Marketing Strategy With QR Codes

Stay ahead of your competition with these B2B marketing strategy with QR Codes.

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8 Popular Ways People Use QR Codes in China

Ever wondered why China uses so many QR Codes? Discover why and how with these examples of how people use QR Codes in China.

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A New Relationship With Consumers—QR Code Leads the Way

Can QR Codes improve the interaction between businesses and their consumers through packaging?

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QR Codes are Kicking it With Pepsi & Other News

Check out what Pepsi, McDonald's and Starbucks are up to in the QR Code world!

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Using QR Codes for Business Cards and Other Awesome Business Examples

Learn about the benefits of QR Codes on business cards, with tips on how to design them as well as discovering other insightful business uses.

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5 Common QR Code Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Find out the common QR Code mistakes marketers make and how to fix them today!

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