Celebrating Women With QR Codes & Other News

Fashion powerhouses DVF and Burberry are creating exclusive experiences with QR Codes, while Stella Artois and Hershey use them to boost campaigns.

Stella Artois takes a “Leap” with QR Codes

With the extra 24-hours it gave us, it’s no wonder brands were jumping to celebrate Leap Day this year. Stella Artois was keen to show some love for the Leap Year with their recent campaign, which encouraged consumers to spend the extra time with friends and family.

As part of their campaign, Stella released a short film demonstrating how people could uncancel their plans and get out of the house to socialize in person. To encourage engagement, QR Codes are featured on their digital out of home (OOH) placements that activated the film when scanned. Read the full story.

Burberry’s exclusive AR experience

Burberry recently partnered with Google to create an augmented reality (AR) shopping experience that can be activated through mobile web search results.

This latest mobile innovation has launched a few months after the opening of Burberry’s new flagship store in Tokyo. The futuristic shop lets consumers scan QR Codes to activate an “exclusive artificial reality experience” on Ginza Chuo-dori, enabling hidden Burberry deers on the streets of Ginza. Read the full story.

Hershey’s uses QR Codes to celebrate women

In honor of International Women’s Day 2020, Hershey’s got creative with their name to create #HerShe (get it?!). The campaign launched “Her” and “She” chocolate bars in Brazil with unique packaging celebrating great women musicians, illustrators, and other artists.

As well as featuring the artists’ work themselves, the product packaging for Yzalú and Bruna Mendez’s bars included QR Codes linking to their latest singles. Get the full story.

Diane von Furstenberg collabs with Mastercard

Diana von Furstenberg (DVF) and Mastercard have partnered to enhance the in-store experience for DVF shoppers.

Customers browsing the in-store art gallery at DVF’s flagship store can now leverage computer vision technology to discover custom, curated stories. QR Codes shared throughout the store will enable shoppers to learn the stories behind each print and design as well as access recommended styling tips and additional product information. Read the full story.

Katharine Smith

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