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Are QR Codes Dead in 2020?

Save your wreaths and discover innovative ways to reap the benefits of the QR Code's growing popularity!

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Examples of QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns (and How to Copy Them)

Thinking of ways to spice up your campaigns? Get inspired by these brand examples and try them today!

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Webinar Marketing: Your Complete Step-By-Step Strategy With QR Codes

Webinars are increasingly popular and with the right strategy, QR Codes can boost attendance and nurture leads.

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Improve Your CX With QR Codes on Product Labels

Better customer experience (CX) means higher revenue and greater profitability so discover how QR Codes can help your product shine.

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From Fast-Food to Gaming, These Are Trending QR Code Campaigns Right Now

Do it like Starbucks, Hilton, McDonald's and Burger King in these latest QR Code campaigns.

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How to Use QR Codes in Brand Collaborations

Find out how you can make your brand stand out in your next collab!

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How QR Codes Play a Role in Helping Tourism in Scotland

In a post-COVID-19 world, tourism in Scotland is adapting with the help of technology.

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How Are QR Codes Helping Locals and Tourists Around the World?

Take a trip around the world and see how QR Codes are being put to good use in the tourism industry.

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Your Essential Guide to Mobile Marketing With QR Codes

Done well, QR Codes can take your mobile marketing game to the next level!

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Get More Reviews from Your Customers With QR Codes

Boost your presence and get customers to review your products and services with ease.

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