Introducing 2D Barcodes, Powered by Bitly

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the 2D Barcode—a solution that will help you stay on top of your product’s entire lifecycle.

Our 2D Barcodes are GS1-compliant QR Codes that can hold both a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) and link to the online content of your choice. This empowers suppliers and retailers to access product information with minimal effort, while in-store shoppers can scan to conveniently learn more about the products they’re buying and instantly connect with brands.

Goodbye traditional barcodes, hello 2D Barcodes!

GS1, the organization responsible for developing and upholding global barcode standards, is phasing out traditional “one-dimensional” barcodes and plans to shift to 2D Barcodes by 2027. This is part of their Sunrise 2027 initiative. 

The transition from linear barcodes to 2D Barcodes was driven by a call for more product information from stakeholders and consumers. Traditional barcodes such as EAN/UPC are gradually becoming insufficient as they lack the capabilities and storage capacity to fulfill the growing demands for more product transparency, traceability, and authentication. 

With the heightened capacity of 2D Barcodes to hold more information, they are able to efficiently cater to the needs of both the global supply chain and consumers. 

Do more with 2D Barcodes 

What makes a 2D Barcode better than a traditional barcode?

  • One 2D Barcode, multiple functions: Store relevant product data for suppliers and retailers, while simultaneously sharing branded online content with your consumer. 
  • More storage, more advanced capabilities: Traditional barcodes can only hold up to 20 characters, whereas 2D Barcodes store up to 4,000 characters. This means you can capture more information without cluttering your packaging.  
  • Simple scanning: Multidirectional scanning and high correction levels make 2D Barcodes easy to read on both smartphones and other scanning devices.  
  • Added layers of security: We prioritize data protection so you never have to worry about your customers’ data.
  • Amplified engagement: Get creative with product promotions and introduce perks like coupons, points, and games.  
  • Connect offline purchases with online behavior: Gain insights into customer buying behavior with scan data, allowing you to target repeat purchases and inspire customer loyalty through coupons, discounts, and promotions. 
  • Tap into omnichannel marketing: 2D Barcodes integrate your online content with in-store experiences, making shopping more memorable for your customers. 

One note: As we continue to develop our 2D Barcodes, stay tuned for additional features for enhancing inventory management, including handling product recalls and monitoring expiration dates.

Make your packaging smarter with Bitly

At Bitly, we’re not only providing streamlined experiences between suppliers, retailers, and consumers but also elevating consumer engagement to new heights.

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Armanii Glaspie

Armanii is a Product Marketing Manager at Bitly. He received his MBA from the Cox School of Business at SMU, where he concentrated on marketing and strategy. With over four years of marketing experience spanning the SaaS and CPG space, he is passionate about helping companies connect with their customers on a deeper level through the use of tools like Bitly and QR Code Generator. You can find out more about him on his LinkedIn profile.

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