Easily Generate Online Revenue With QR Codes

Learn how to revamp your physical stores and continue to generate revenue online using QR Codes.

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Simplify Digital Business Transformation Using QR Codes

Rise above your competition and prepare to propel your business forward with QR Codes!

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How China is Using QR Codes to Detect and Stop Coronavirus

Aside from marketing and personal uses, QR Codes are also used to curb COVID-19.

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How the Restaurant Industry is Using QR Codes to Support Their Business During Coronavirus

Read on to find out how you can add QR Codes on restaurant windows to promote online orders or QR Codes on menus to encourage a contactless experience.

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Don’t Cancel Your Events: Create Virtual Events With QR Codes Instead

Considering canceling your event because of coronavirus? Find out how to avoid cancelations by using QR Codes!

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How Are QR Codes Used for Social Distancing?

QR Codes let businesses interact with customers through contactless and touchless experiences.

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Why Contactless Payments With QR Codes Skyrocketed During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Concerns over contracting coronavirus through everyday objects had businesses move to digitizing their payment system to be contact-free.

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QR Code Distance: What Size Should a QR Code Be in Relation to Scan Distance?

Find out the best QR Code size to ensure a maximum scan distance for a full contactless experience.

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NFC vs QR Code: Why QR Codes Are the Clear Winner

Not only QR Codes are more secure and flexible, but they are also 100% contactless compared to NFC.

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Home a Lot Lately? Here Are Some Free QR Code Ideas to Keep You Busy

Get inspired with these free QR Code ideas while you're stuck at home!

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