Different Types of QR Codes for Your Marketing Goal

Different types of QR Codes for your marketing goals

QR Codes have reinvented the ways with which to interact with your target audience. The advantages QR Codes can offer don’t end with just redirecting to a URL. QR Codes can also help you engage with your customers and attract new leads by connecting them not only from offline to online platforms but also between online sources.

Want to boost customer engagement?

If you aim for long-term interactions with customers, stimulate brand loyalty, and initiate a potential word-of-mouth campaign, these QR Codes can come to the rescue.

QR Code marketing idea on a landing page with an App Store QR Code

How frustrating is it to follow a link to an app only to discover the app store is not compatible with a mobile device’s operating system? Building a constructive relationship with your customers means making your services and products available to them in a convenient way. QR Codes feature heavily in the top ways to boost app downloads, and that is because, when done right, they connect your audience directly to the app store to promote installations from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

The App Store QR Code also provides you with a customizable, mobile-friendly page on which customers can learn more about your application and connect to your website with a customizable button.

QR Code marketing idea on a poster with a Video QR Code

Brand transparency means being upfront with your customers and leads. More and more, consumers are interested in knowing where and how companies source materials. As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy.

The Video QR Code allows you to fulfill this marketing strategy in a creative and engaging way. With the capacity to share a playlist's worth of videos, you can take consumers through a journey of short, documentary-style videos unraveling where your materials come from, who works for you, and how they traveled from source to shelf. If you are a company aiming to revamp your brand, this is a perfect opportunity to show old and new customers the foundations for your new image. You can make it funny, satirical, educational, or simply informational. Either way, this is a chance to engage on a higher level with your target audience.

QR Code marketing idea on postcard with a Feedback QR Code

You cannot improve your products and services if you do not understand your customers’ needs, which is why an optimized feedback strategy can help you create a better relationship with customers for future marketing promotions. So what makes QR Codes an efficient and cost-effective solution?

With 45% of people owning smartphones worldwide, it is important to engage them on a platform on which they spend most of their time. The QR Code feedback form is customizable, optimized for all mobile devices, and allows you to edit categories any time even after the Code has been generated and printed. Essentially, it has the best three: Editability, trackability, and changeability. You can design it to fit your needs, anytime and anywhere.

Need to broaden your brand awareness?

Consumer consciousness for your company can make a difference in customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy. You especially want your brand to be linked to transparency, convenience, and fast access, which is why QR Codes can be the key to a successful campaign. The following types can help you get the right word out about your brand to the right people.

QR Code marketing idea on a coffee cup with a Business Page QR Code

Help online customers looking for an excellent place to eat or shop find your physical store with the Business Page QR Code. You can include various information, such as contact information, address directly linking to Google Maps, social media links, and a CTA button leading to your website. To top it all off, you get design flexibility with customizable colors for both the Code and the landing page, as well as your own CTA in a frame.

QR Code marketing idea on a rental agreement with an EPC QR Code

China has made great leaps in the realm of QR Codes, leading in the marketing world as its largest mobile payer. You can now join in on the digital future and give customers the flexibility and convenience of contactless payment with our EPC QR Code. It is free to generate, cost-effective, convenient, and simple to implement. What does this mean for your brand? By offering more payment methods that are convenient for your customers, you foster brand loyalty that'll keep them coming back for more.

QR Code marketing idea on a receipt with a Rating QR Code

Trust is a two-way street, and to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers to build brand loyalty as you need to hear what they have to say. That’s why the Rating QR Code gives your consumers a voice, who can help you improve how you engage with them. This rating page is easy to read so customers can leave a rating on your product or service, which is then automatically sent to the email address of your choosing. The customizable features of the QR Code help broaden the awareness of your brand by giving you design power over color, edge shapes, the CTA message in the frame, and easy to incorporate logo options.

Need to generate high volume leads?

Identifying and building a relationship with your audience helps you generate a higher volume of leads, especially when you are a growing business. With the following QR Codes, you can encourage potential customers to connect with your brand in many different ways.

QR Code marketing idea on an electronics packaging with an Email QR Code

Bridge the communication gap between hesitant clients and your services to make it easier for them to book your services, give feedback, or make inquiries. Printing an Email QR Code on your traditional marketing materials is an effective way to connect from your offline services to the convenience of online platforms. You can easily write an email, providing qualified leads with an email address, email subject, and the body of text, in turn potentially collecting their contact information for future marketing opportunities.

QR Code marketing idea on a table tent with a Coupon QR Code

There is a give and take dynamic when it comes to doing business or providing services. One of the best ways to attract new leads while keeping current customers satisfied is through coupon marketing. But making your consumers collect different promotional and discount printed coupons, which they then have to remember to bring the next time they visit is an unnecessary hassle. It’s a frustrating cycle, which is why the Coupon QR Code is the solution you are looking for to optimize your next campaign.

Print on a table tent at the check-out counter, on your display window, or in a newspaper ad. Your business’s advantage is the cost-effectiveness that the Dynamic QR Code grants you by being editable and changeable anytime, which comes in handy for year-round, seasonal discounts. The benefit to your customers? With just one scan from their mobile device, they can easily save it to their phone, share it, and never forget to redeem it on time.

QR Code marketing idea on a cereal box with the SMS QR Code

Short message service marketing reaches your target audience via text message with promotional offers, new product announcements, updates and appointment reminders, or merely collecting feedback. It offers the might of email and app marketing in a simple text format, with an average of 45% of people responding to SMS.

The SMS QR Code goes one step further by offering scanners a pre-filled text body they can then send to your target phone number. It works on any smartphone without the need to be connected to the internet. What does this mean for you and your audience? You get connected to potential leads quicker, and customers get instant access to your sweepstakes, giveaways, or contests.

Static vs. Dynamic: What are the pros and cons of these two QR Code formats?

Honestly, both formats can help upgrade your print and digital marketing strategy. But depending on your needs, whether you are running an advertisement campaign or hosting a business convention, different kinds of QR Code solutions can help you optimize your message and accomplish your goals.

Static QR Code

This format, ideal for personal use or to automate large scale QR Code creation for ID cards or any other print marketing that does not require tracking, is free. You can customize them to blend with your brand image or stand out, you can generate as many as you want, but they are not ideal for professionals who want to optimize their campaigns. You cannot edit them once they have been created, nor change the type down the line.

Dynamic QR Code

If the name of the game is flexibility, adaptability, and long-term commitment, then this the format you want to use. Ideal for the marketing aims of businesses, education, and nonprofit organizations, especially for advertising campaigns, the subscription requirement is nothing compared to the amount of money and time the Dynamic QR Code will save you.

  • Typos, mistakes, and changes are inevitable realities. Perhaps you want to turn your Coupon QR Code into an Image Gallery QR Code, or maybe you noticed post-print that your editor left a dangling modifier in your bio. The Dynamic QR Code’s editable nature makes fixing all of those and many more mistakes an easy task.
  • Tracking metrics help you improve future campaigns. Dynamic QR Code Solutions provide you with the number of unique and total scans, as well as location, time, and operating device for each of those scans so you can re-target your audience by location and demographic.


Log into your QR Code Generator PRO account. You will immediately arrive at your Active QR Codes Folder. Select the QR Code you want to edit and click on Details. If it is the content you wish to edit, click on the pen icon below the Download button. If you want to edit the QR Code’s design, click on the palette icon. Once you have applied all the necessary changes, simply click on Save Changes. Voila! Easy peasy.

QR Codes are a relatively safe technology to use. However, it is always wise to follow a few safety precautions in order to avoid any malicious attacks. When it comes to choosing a QR Code generator, you should verify the company’s legitimacy by checking for user reviews and getting in contact with their customer support. By learning more about the company, you can more easily assess its legitimacy. If you have more questions concerning other aspects of QR Code safety, go over to our blog to read more about QR Code security and the instances when this technology could increase data safety measures.

Static QR Codes have an unlimited number of scans, but this means they are also untrackable and uneditable, like a freed bird with no chip released into the wild. Depending on the plan that best fits your campaign needs, Dynamic QR Codes can also provide an unlimited number of scans. You can always contact our customer service to assess which plan best suits you, and whether your non-profit or educational institution qualifies for a discount.

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