Bitly’s Support for Its Ukrainian Employees and Humanitarian Aid

Action, support, and solidarity with Ukraine

One week ago, Russia invaded Ukraine. As we’ve watched this event unfold we are horrified and saddened by the unjust and illegal acts of war taking place and their effect on our employees, our customers, and the innocent people of Ukraine and Russia. Our grief has prompted us to take action to help to alleviate this suffering.

Protection For Our Employees

It is our top priority to do everything to protect the safety of our Ukrainian employees. We are providing various means of assistance to our team members and their families including financial assistance, support for obtaining visas and crossing borders and finding interim accommodations outside of Ukraine. By now, all of our Ukrainian employees have left the country and are safe.

Protection From Misinformation

We are diligently and proactively taking steps to fight the spread of misinformation on our platform. In alignment with the EU’s decision, Bitly will display a warning of probable misinformation to users who click a link that redirects to any Russian state-owned media outlets. Additionally, as the situation unfolds, we are investigating additional measures we can take to stop the spread of misinformation.

Support For Humanitarian Aid

We are donating to The International Rescue Committee on the ground to provide food and basic necessities to those in need. We have also launched an employee fundraising campaign and pledge to match the money our employees raise.

As the days and weeks progress, we will continue to monitor these events closely and remain committed to helping provide protection and assistance. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and wish for hope, peace, and justice in Ukraine as soon as possible.


Toby Gabriner

Toby is Bitly’s CEO. He is laser-focused on driving innovation and growth at Bitly. Toby has more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, and before Bitly held many leadership roles, most recently as CEO at NextRoll.

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