QR Codes for Business Services

Implementing QR Codes in your agency or firm is beneficial, especially when it comes to promoting the services you offer to get new clients. Get inspired so you can make use of these creative QR Code ideas for your business.

QR Code marketing ideas for business services

Meet Lloyd Group

Lloyd Group isn’t actually a real architectural firm but it could be your consulting firm, advertising agency or service company. Incorporating QR Codes improves the way your clients connect with you and it’s the easiest way to promote your services. Ready to take your business to the next level? Check out these creative ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

A logo of Lloyd Group, a fictional architectural firm created by QR Code Generator.
A business card of an architect with a QR Code that contains all contact details.
A QR Code landing page that contains the contact details of an architect with a button that saves all the information directly to a smartphone.

vCard Plus QR Code

Make networking easy

By adding the vCard Plus QR Code on your business cards, your potential clients can easily add your contact details on their smartphones without having to type anything. This makes networking fast and hassle-free. And in case you run out of business cards, you can simply show your business card and let them scan the QR Code so they can save it directly.

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An official company letter with a QR Code on the letterhead that contains business information.
A QR Code landing page for a business that contains information such as operating hours, website URL, social media, and contact details.

Business Page QR Code

Provide business details conveniently

When starting a new business relationship with a client, they may not have all of your business information right away. Having a Business Page QR Code on company letterhead or business proposals makes it easy for clients to know about your office hours, phone number, address, or even connect with you on different social media platforms.

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An outdoor billboard that promotes business projects with a QR Code that redirects users to an image gallery of work portfolio.
A QR Code landing page that displays a work portfolio of a company in an image gallery style.

Image Gallery QR Code

Show off your best work

Proud of your work? There’s no better way to show off your latest projects with the Image Gallery QR Code. Place it on site of the project or even at your office building to display a collection of your best work. You’ll easily attract potential clients when they pass by your office as your portfolio is available 24/7.

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A magazine advertisement with a QR Code that redirects users to a podcast in an MP3 format when scanned.
A QR Code landing page with a built-in MP3 player that plays a podcast.

MP3 QR Code

Bring print ads to life

When advertising your business in magazines or trade journals, add an MP3 QR Code that plays a podcast about a topic related to the ad so that readers are more engaged. This is especially useful to explain jargon or industry terms that might not be understood by everyone. If they’d like to learn more, you can add a button that’ll take them to your website or schedule an appointment to discuss potential business opportunities.

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A poster at a trade show that promotes a business presentation with a QR Code that redirects users to a video playlist.
A QR Code landing page that displays a video playlist of a business to promote the company.

Video QR Code

Advertise with engaging videos

Include videos to your advertising banners when your company participates at a trade show or networking event. Place the Video QR Code on event posters to showcase your company brand, culture, and employees. With a simple scan, potential customers can view one or more videos in a built-in playlist. The QR Code also comes with a customizable mobile page where you can include a button that links your website, contact form, or portfolio of services.

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An office door sign with a QR Code that displays all social media channels for a company on one page when scanned.
A QR Code landing page that displays all social media channels for a company on one page.

Social Media QR Code

Grow your professional network

Encourage online networking within your company by adding Social Media QR Codes on office door signs. Each QR Code can be customized to display a profile photo and selected social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing and more. Not only is it an easy way for employees within your company to get to know each other, but it’s also a faster way to grow your company network online.

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Engel & Völkers, a luxury real estates and properties agency
Elle Magazine, a fashion magazine with beauty tips, trends, and celebrity news
Monster, a job search website offering work and career opportunities
Benefit Cosmetics LLC, a manufacturer of cosmetics and headquartered in San Francisco, California
Sky Media, one of the leading marketing companies in Europe and manages the promotional sales of Sky and ten other themed channels
Zalando, a German online footwear retailer based in Berlin

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