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How QR Codes Propel the Music Industry Forward

Use the power of QR Codes to stay in touch with fans and keep the music industry alive.

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How the Airline Industry Can Use QR Codes to Return to the Skies

Prepare your airline for takeoff and learn how to incorporate QR Codes in the "New Normal."

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Examples of QR Codes in Marketing Campaigns (and How to Copy Them)

Thinking of ways to spice up your campaigns? Get inspired by these brand examples and try them today!

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Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques With QR Codes

Turn your visitors into customers with these CRO techniques using QR Codes in your marketing efforts.

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How the Fitness Industry Can Use QR Codes to Become More Digital

Get ready to reshape the fitness industry using these simple QR Code methods.

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4 Brilliant Ways QR Codes Improve Your Website

Check out how these brands are using QR Codes for their websites (and learn how you can duplicate them).

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Webinar Marketing: Your Complete Step-By-Step Strategy With QR Codes

Webinars are increasingly popular and with the right strategy, QR Codes can boost attendance and nurture leads.

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How Are QR Codes Generated & Other Amazing Facts

New to QR Codes? Learn about the amazing things you can do with these humble little squares.

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Take Conference Marketing to the Next Level With QR Codes

Leverage the power of QR Codes for the different stages of your conference marketing efforts.

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Prepare Your Small Business for the Effects of COVID-19 Using QR Codes

It takes minimum effort to start using QR Codes but has a maximum impact on your small business.

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