QR Codes for Graphic Design Studios

Implementing QR Codes in your graphic design studio is beneficial, especially when it comes to reaching a wider target clientele and standing out from your competition. Get inspired so your studio or creative agency can make use of these awesome QR Code ideas.

QR Code idea on a banner that promotes a design studio's social media

Meet Squared Up Design Studios

Squared Up Design Studios isn’t actually a real studio but it could be your graphic design or creative agency. Incorporating QR Codes into your graphics design studio enables you to stand out in an oversaturated market. QR Codes also make it easier for your studio to win more clients and be at the forefront of the latest design trends. Ready to take your graphic design studio to the next level? Check out these creative ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

QR Code idea on a business card that stores a designer's contact details
A QR Code landing page of a designer's digital business card

vCard Plus QR Code

Make it easier for clients to contact you

Feeling like your print business card is a bit lackluster or too busy? Our vCard Plus QR Code is the answer. Add this QR Code to your business card so you can display more info without cluttering the design. With one scan, your clients can view all your information and save them to their phones with a single tap. If your contact details changed, you could edit it anytime without reprinting a new QR Code or business card.

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QR Code idea on a studio's office window that stores design portfolio
A QR Code landing page that displays a studio's design portfolio

Image Gallery QR Code

Have your portfolio handy at all times

Having a well-designed and comprehensive portfolio is essential for a graphic design studio to get new clients. Make your portfolio extra accessible by using an Image Gallery QR Code on your office window. Then anyone who passes by can scan the QR Code, view your work, and book a meeting through the customizable Call to Action button. It also comes with a short URL you can use online on social media posts or text messages. If that’s not enough, you can upload as many images as you want in one QR Code.

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QR Code idea for a design studio on a banner
A QR Code landing page that displays a design studio's social media channels

Social Media QR Code

Improve your online presence

Social media is one of the most effective ways for a graphic design studio to build brand awareness and communicate with potential clients. When you use a Social Media QR Code on a banner ad in your local area, you have a trackable method for getting in touch with prospects as well as growing your social media followers. It’s also easier for them to follow your social media channels as they are all displayed on one page. This reduces manual search and avoids the risk of them following the wrong account due to similar names.

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QR Code idea on a magazine ad that promotes a design studio's business
A QR Code landing page that displays a design studio's business info

Business Page QR Code

Get more clients to your doorstep

Combine any print ad with a Business Page QR Code that displays important info about your business to potential clients. With a customizable Call to Action button, you can even promote free consultation appointments. Plus, one tap of your studio address and prospects will be navigated to your location on the map. How’s that for seamless ad interaction?

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QR Code idea on a poster ad that promotes a local studio event
A QR Code landing page for an event organized by a design studio

Event QR Code

Attract more RSVPs to your event

Hosting your own event as a graphic design studio further strengthens your brand and expands your network, both of which are key for revenue generation. So, use an Event QR Code on a poster ad to maximize attendance for that event. When someone scans your QR Code, they can view all the event info, RSVP via a customizable button, and save the date to their digital calendar with a tap. No more missing events due to lack of reminders, and you can now focus on being a good event host.

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