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The fastest way to share your WiFi network without typing the password. Available in QR Code Generator PRO.

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Join a WiFi network at the clinic without typing the password

Discover WiFi QR Code use cases

From fitness studios to restaurants, the possibilities are endless for any industry.

  • Government
  • Healthcare & Doctors
  • Restaurants
  • Personal Use
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    Offer free public WiFi for locals and tourists

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    Connect to public WiFi easily WiFi QR Code in the city for free public use
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    Healthcare & Doctors

    Improve your patients’ visits with free WiFi

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    Join a WiFi network at the clinic without typing the password WiFi QR Code at the doctor's office
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    Provide free WiFi so your customers will stay longer

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    Share your WiFi network at the restaurant WiFi QR Code in a cafe
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    Personal Use

    Share your WiFi with friends and family when they visit

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    Share your WiFi at home using a QR Code WiFi QR Code for personal use

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Share your WiFi with a scan

WiFi QR Code stores your SSID (network name) and the password (if it’s protected) so anyone can scan and join your WiFi without manually finding it from a list and typing the password. It works even if your network is hidden!

Share your WiFi without typing the password manually


Make it your own

Personalize the QR Code with your own colors, choose a frame, and add your logo in the center to attract more scans.

Choose your color and add a logo in the center of your WiFi QR Code


Create with confidence

Familiar image formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, and even EPS ensure your QR Codes stay in the highest quality possible.

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How to create a WiFi QR Code

In just three simple steps

  • 1. Enter
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Integrate
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    Select WiFi in the app and then enter your network name and the password (if it’s not protected, leave it empty and select ‘None’ as the security protocol).

    Select WiFi in the app and enter your network details next
  • 2.


    Customize your QR Code with your colors, select a frame to attract more scans, and add your logo in the center to create brand awareness.

    Customize your WiFi QR Code with colors and a logo
  • 3.


    Download the QR Code in high-quality JPG, PNG, or EPS and then add it to the medium you’ll print it on.

    Download your WiFi QR Code and integrate it to the design file you'll print it on

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