How to Generate QR Codes in Bulk

Illustration of QR Code generation in bulk

Tired of creating QR Codes one by one? With the Bulk Create feature, you can now create and update multiple QR Codes by simply uploading a CSV file. Try now for free!

What is bulk create QR Codes?

Bulk create QR Codes is the process of generating and creating multiple QR Codes in one go. By creating QR Codes in large amounts, you save time and effort from having to create them individually and manually.

Why should you generate QR Codes in bulk?

Depending on your goals, you might benefit from creating QR Codes in bulk. This feature is especially useful when you need to create multiple QR Codes all at once, each with its own unique content.

Employee business cards

Generate QR Codes for business cards in bulk

Companies that want to add QR Codes on business cards for their employees will greatly benefit from generating QR Codes in bulk with each employee’s information. This is the fastest way to create unique vCard QR Codes in one go.

Event IDs/Badges

Generate QR Codes for employee IDs in bulk

Event organizers who would like to create unique QR Codes on ID badges for their on-ground staff will be able to create multiple QR Codes with the corresponding contact info. Or, if you need to create unique QR Codes on behalf of businesses participating in your event, you can also use the bulk create feature to save time.

Inventory systems

Generate QR Codes for inventory management in bulk

Restaurants, retailers, or hotels that want to track their inventories using a QR Code system will find that generating QR Codes in bulk saves time and effort. All you need to do is use the Plain Text QR Code to create inventory lists and have them printed on stickers or labels.

Which QR Code types can I generate in bulk?

With QR Code Generator PRO, you have the option to select from over 20 QR Code types, each with its own unique features. But for now, there are only four QR Code types you can create in bulk: Dynamic URL, Static URL, vCard (static), and Plain Text (static).

Dynamic URL QR Code

Use this QR Code type to allow your audience to access a web page when scanned. Its dynamic functionality lets you track the scans and gives you the ability to edit or replace the link at any time, even after print. Learn more about this type.

Static URL QR Code

This QR Code is similar to Dynamic URL, minus the tracking and editing features. Once generated, the link in the QR Code can no longer be changed and any typos in the URL will cause this QR Code to no longer work. Learn more about this type.

vCard QR Code

Also known as a virtual business card, this QR Code type stores your contact information so that when scanned, your customers can save the stored data on their smartphones without having to type each field manually. Learn more about this type.

What information can you store inside a vCard QR Code?

A single vCard QR Code can contain basic information such as your full name, company, job title, phone numbers (mobile, home, fax), email address, personal/office address, and your birthday. Below is an example of a ready-made vCard QR Code for a fictional person, John Smith.

Field Example
First name John
Last name Smith
Company/Organization Smith Designs LLC
Job title Lead Designer
Mobile 111 555-1212
Phone 404 386-1017
Fax 866 408-1212
Street and number 151 Moore Avenue
Zip 49530
City Grand Rapids
State Michigan
Country United States of America
Birthday 05.03.1981

Plain Text QR Code

Perfect for inventory or to store any alphanumeric data, this QR Code type can be accessed without using an internet connection as it opens the default text viewer or note application in the scanner’s device. Learn more about this type.

Best practices for generating QR Codes in bulk

It is important to observe these best practices when it comes to generating QR Codes in bulk. We want to ensure that all your QR Codes are working properly before and after you print them.

Save a QR Code design to use repeatedly

Designing a beautiful QR Code takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we’ve added a Save Design feature so you can reuse a favorite QR Code design that can be replicated with a single click. Not only will you save time by generating multiple QR Codes at once, but you also avoid having to design each QR Code manually after they’re created.

Edit your short URL for Dynamic URL QR Codes

Did you know that you can edit the short URL generated from Dynamic URL QR Code to make your brand stand out even more? So instead of, you can edit it to become This will create trust among your audience or customers as well as fostering brand loyalty. Just take note to avoid changing the short URL after printing as you will need to reprint the QR Code again.

Displaying contact info in vCard QR Code

The more information you add in a vCard QR Code, the “busier” the QR Code gets. This is because it is a form of Static QR Code, which means all the information is contained within the small pixelated squares. We recommend only adding essential information and avoid unnecessary details such as birthday, fax, and full address.

Observe the character limit on Plain Text QR Code

The Plain Text QR Code is suitable for inventory management as it can store up to 300 characters of text. While 300 is a large chunk of information you can store, we recommend going way below the limit so that your QR Code can be read faster by scanners and will look less “busy.”

Check for typos and broken links for Static QR Codes

Static URL, vCard, and Plain Text QR Codes are all categorized as Static QR Codes. Once generated, the content can only be accessed with a scanner. Always ensure the information is accurate before generating them or you’d have to start over. Dynamic URLs can be changed at any time, and yes, even after print.


If you’ve signed up for the free 14-day trial, there is a limit of 5 QR Codes you can create at once so you can test this feature. After that, there is a limit of 100 in the Advanced plan, and 500 in the Professional plan. We currently do not offer the Bulk Create feature in the Free and Starter plans because of the QR Code limits.

Currently, you can only create one type of QR Code in multiples at a time. Once those are done and generated, you can start creating other types offered in the bulk creation feature.

Please be sure to download our CSV template and follow the instructions to add the information clearly. If it’s still not working, please email our support team using the email you’ve used to sign up where you will be assisted further.

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