QR Codes on Clothing

QR Codes are the scannable graphics that you see on product packaging and advertisements. When you scan them, they connect customers with anything from newsletter pages to video content.

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How to Use QR Codes on Clothing

These scannable Codes are pretty powerful little tools, and they have a massive amount of potential applications. However, this article is going to focus on one area: clothing and fabrics.

Fashion and smartphone scanning are a match made in heaven, and there are already plenty of examples of how to use QR Codes on clothing successfully. Let's explore a few case studies and offer some suggestions for designers and retailers to put into practice.

Adding some magic to children's apparel

One of the most creative uses of QR Codes on clothes has involved children's clothing. Or, to be more specific, the PJs that kids wear when they hit the sack.

Smart PJs wanted a way to differentiate their pajamas from the crowd, and they came up with an ingenious solution. By placing QR Codes on the fabric of their clothing, they could link smartphone users with story-based content.

When parents scan the Codes on these PJs, they can play a video using the Video QR Code or audio using the MP3 QR Code to help when trying to send little ones off to sleep. And they are just great fun for kids as well.

Mixing urban experiences with high fashion

Some experimental fashion labels have added QR Codes on shirts in an effort to turn clothing into something more than an eye-catching design. They have used the Event QR Code to link consumers with events and experiences which relate to the labels, promoting their brand and giving a bit more back to their fans than you might expect.

Rochambeau is a case in point. This New York-based design company came up with something they dubbed a "smart jacket." This futuristic-sounding jacket came with a zip pocket on one arm, which held a QR Code.

By scanning the Codes, wearers could find out about music, fashion and art events being organized under the Rochambeau brand, and even access discounts at The New Stand - Rochambeau's retail partners. If you have a special offer to share, check out the Coupon QR Code.

5 Creative uses for QR Codes on shirts and other clothes

Elite brands like Rochambeau and children's pajama brands aren't alone in using scannable Codes on clothes. Here are 5 of our favorite applications:

  • 1. After receiving feedback from customers about the desire for more information, Zara added QR Codes to their labels, providing information about sizes and colors, and how their garments are made.
  • 2. In 2012, Rock the Vote included thousands of QR Codes on t-shirts during the US Elections, helping voters find their nearest polling station.
  • 3. Musicians have also used scannable Codes on t-shirts which link to their Soundcloud pages, putting fans directly in touch with their latest songs.
  • 4. Burlesque legend and designer Dita Von Teese used QR Codes to promote her personal brand, attaching Codes to her dresses which linked directly to her Twitter page. You can easily recreate this with the Social Media QR Code.
  • 5. Some German retailers have made shopping easier for guys who aren't keen on spending hours in stores. The Hointer app uses Codes linked to "droids" which collect shoes or shirts in the correct size and bring them straight to shoppers with no fuss in between.

Meet the needs of customers with QR Codes on clothes

These examples offer tantalizing possibilities for clothing retailers, and they are backed up by what we know about how people shop for fashion products.

In a world where people are moving from bricks and mortar stores to online purchasing, traditional sellers need ways to bridge the gap between on and offline marketing.

QR Codes on shirts or other clothes offer the perfect way to create that connection, letting customers access in-depth information about prices, sizes, colors, materials and much, much more. And beyond that, they create a richer customer experience, from branded music videos to discount codes and access to fashion events.

Find out how to add QR Codes to clothing in your collection

If you're a clothing retailer or a designer who wants to find a way to set their products apart, why not give QR Codes on clothes a try? Possibilities range from using QR Codes on t-shirts to fabric shopping bags, and doing so is easy.

To get started, just download the QR Code Generator Print Guide and Design Guide. These handy articles will help you learn the ropes with creating QR Codes in no time.

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