Add a QR Code to your custom banner and watch your out-of-home advertising connect customers to your online platforms and run hassle-free, effective promotional offers.

The Benefits of Using QR Codes on Banners

1. Integrating digital and traditional marketing

With more and more people shifting to mobile use, it is important for businesses and organizations to prioritize mobile-first experiences when it comes to designing marketing strategies for products, services, and information. By incorporating QR Codes, you don’t just advertise services or products on banners, you allow people to book those services and purchase those products with ease, effectively smoothing out the B2C (business to consumer) process and hyperlinking the physical world with just a scan. QR Codes give your audience a frictionless shopping experience and your business a marketing strategy at an affordable price with higher returns for your advertising efforts.

2. Scan and shop marketing

Imagine your consumers bookmarking your promotional discounts or accessing your online offers and shop just by scanning a QR Code on your banner. With our Coupon QR Code, in-store vinyl banners can help you promote sales on seasonal products, discounts or special offers while also making it easy for your customers to save and redeem them. And, if your business offers at-home delivery, you can give your customers easy access to your services by printing our App Store QR Code to your roller banner, which links to multiple app stores, or our Dynamic URL QR Code, connecting directly to a sign-up page so they can get started. Always include a CTA explaining the advantages your customers will unlock by scanning your Code.

3. Increase brand awareness

Let’s say you already have that beautifully designed brand identity and well-researched SEO strategy going for you or your business. Banners help you get your name and website in front of your target audience by reaching people as far as the eye can see or the banner can show. Go big or go home, right? Well, try reaching even further. QR Codes are the yellow brick road between online and offline information, helping you optimize your ads and really get your online platforms out there.

If your customers are already talking about you, interact with them by using our Social Media QR Code on your banners to keep the conversation going online. Encourage media mentions, converse with your audience and keep your brand at the top of the feed chain. Or, maybe you are still a youngling. Get noticed at conferences, conventions or on the streets with eye-catching banner design and a Business Page QR Code that tells people what you’re all about, where they can find you and when.

Do you want to know how endless the possibilities are if you combine creativity with our QR Codes? Your two-dimensional banner can become a vector to success with the right QR Code, so see how we can help you solve your marketing gaps with our QR Code types.

4. Measurable advertising

Our QR Codes can help you begin to build a buyer persona. Each time a Dynamic Code is scanned, it registers when, where and with what device it took place. You can go over this detailed information on your user-friendly insights page for each Code, or download it as a CSV. This will help you measure your advertising success, so you can make any necessary adjustments during an ongoing campaign and create an optimized marketing strategy.

How to create a QR Code on a Banner?

  1. Go to QR Code Generator and select the type of QR Code you’d like on your banner. We recommend using the URL QR Code to start with.*
  2. Enter your website address.
  3. Your QR Code will be generated automatically.
  4. Now, customize the design of your QR Code by adding a frame and a “Scan Me” logo.*
  5. Select colors to match your style or company brand identity.
  6. Select ‘Download’ to receive your QR Code file in .jpg format.
  7. Integrate your newly-created QR Code to your banner design.

*Sign up to choose more QR Codes such as Event, Video, and Coupon, where you have the option of adding more information, more visuals, and edit or replace all the information without reprinting a new QR Code. You can also choose from a variety of frames and upload your own logo.

QR Codes on Banners Best Practices

If you are going to use QR Codes on your banner marketing strategy, there are a few things you should keep in mind when structuring your design. No longer monochromatic, the QR Code now has a variety of design options you can use to get your audience’s attention. Here is a list of tips.

1. Add instructions

One big mistake QR Code users have made in the past was printing QR Codes without a short written explanation of what the consumer would gain or learn from scanning the Code. Make sure to incentivize your consumers to scan your Code, or else all your marketing efforts will be for naught.

2. Frame it

With our customizable frames, you can make your QR Code blend in with your banner’s design or your company’s brand identity. When designing your QR Code, you will be offered a wide variety of ready-made frames with different Call to Action (CTA) messages and color options from which to select. If you want to add personalized details, you have the option of customizing even more by selecting a different shape, a different icon, and even adding your own text. Check-out our guide to QR Code frames here.

3. Add a logo inside your QR Code

Once you have selected a frame option and customized your Code’s shape and color, you can choose to incorporate a logo at the center of your QR Code. Though there are a few ready-made options to select from, you can also upload your own logo or your own CTA like “Shop now,” “Like us” or “Get more.” Our system automatically detects the best and largest size for uploaded logos to make sure QR Codes remain scannable, so you do not have to worry about making the correct adjustments.

4. Save your designs

Let’s say you want to promote a new, limited time only, seasonal trend or you have expanded your company to include more services for your customers and want to remain consistent with your design. Well, no worries, you no longer have to fret about recreating an old QR Code design manually. QR Code Generator allows you to save all your designs as templates, so you can reuse them for any of your marketing endeavors.

5. Customizable URL

By default, every Dynamic QR Code gets a random short URL that redirects to your page when the QR Code is scanned. The short URL can be customized to your preference, such as including your company name, to help you stand out from competitors and build more trust among users. Follow the steps on this page if you would like to edit your short URL.

6. Test before printing

The minimum recommended printing size for a QR Code on any marketing material is 2 x 2 cm (about 0.8 x 0.8 in). From there, you can always make it bigger, but we do not recommend going smaller as it would render your Code unscannable or even unnoticeable. Elaborate designs and low color contrast, or a large number of encoded characters require a larger printing size. To ensure your Code is perfectly readable, you should do extensive field testing with various smartphones and apps, which gives you the assurance that every user will be able to scan your Code. One thing is for sure though, you can never really go too big. Here’s an article about a QR code made out of 130,000 carefully trimmed trees, which needs to be scanned from the sky.

For more information on getting started with QR Codes, visit our Help Center page. And visit our How to Get Creative with QR Code Design page to learn more about the dos and don’ts of QR Code design for optimal results on your banner.

See QR Codes on Banners in Action

Allow us to take you on a short journey through a few fictional stories based on real-life industries that benefit from including them in their marketing tactics.

Business Consultants

At the annual trade exhibit, fictional Brixton Business Consulting wanted to unveil, among other things, their new IT consultation App. By designing a brilliant retractable banner and printing our App Store QR Code on a large scale, they made it easy for attendees to discover and implement Brixton’s new app without even having to stop by their booth. They could scan from a distance and download the app regardless of their phone’s operating system. The mobile-friendly introduction page included a personalized button linking to a video trailer which covered a wide range of benefits of implementing their app. This frictionless user experience translated to a higher return on their advertising efforts.


Elle Boutique’s leading designer brand recently replaced their creative director, who brought his own vision to the line of clothing. In order to raise hype among their clients without expending too many resources, Elle Boutique printed a PDF QR Code of their new lookbook on a vinyl banner and placed it in front of their store. People were, therefore, able to scan, save and discover how they could implement the new line of clothing in their wardrobe. And, with our trusty customizable button on the cover page, Elle Boutique added a link to their online store so potential customers could shop on the go or from the comfort of their home.

Software & Game Developments

Banners advertising the upcoming release of Shuriken Chronicles’ appeared suddenly around town, catching morning commuters’ attention with the game’s memorable characters featured under the title. And there, on the right corner of the banner was our big Video QR Code with a CTA message encouraging people to scan if they wanted immediate access to an exclusive first look at the new game. eGo Gaming Studios marketing campaign got the hype going. And, by putting to good use our QR Code Marketing features, they analyzed the number of people who had scanned, which locations had received the most scans and which time of day gave them the best returns on their advertising efforts.


World Trekker Tours were seeing the number of customers declining for certain courses. In particular, they wanted to incentivize people to sign-up for their River Kayaking Beginners Course. They figured, hey, our agency has offices in the big city so why not convince the city folk to come on down to our town to discover their wild side. They wanted to build curiosity and excitement about the course and wanted it to be especially eye-catching with as little text as possible. So, they designed an art heavy, giant banner depicting key elements of kayaking and added our Coupon QR Code with the CTA “Scan now to find out if you have what it takes.” Scanning the QR Code took them straight to a signup page where their discount was applied when they registered for the course.

Educational Institutions

The graduating class of Glasmont Creative Academy were hosting an end of year Art Festival to exhibit their final projects. They wanted to keep the banner designs true to their artistic philosophy: simple and clean. With our Event QR Code, they were able to make it art-centric while still offering all the information interested parties needed to attend. With just one scan, people were able to access a detailed description of the event, the date, address, venue information and even a link to Google Maps for directions. Students also added a registration button so they could plan the catering better.

Get more ideas on how QR Codes can work for your business by visiting our How to Use QR Codes for your Business page.


QR Codes happen to not just be really good at getting the job done right, but they are also versatile. They hyperlink the real world to digital platforms, sure, but think about what that means. Visuals can connect to music on your phone, creating a whole new experience when it comes to advertising and interacting with the public and public spaces. Forget advertising to convince people to purchase a product or sign-up for a membership when they get home. With QR Codes on banners, you can give people instant and direct access to purchase or register on the spot. Banners are these big print advertisement materials that generally require to be more eye-catching in order to be effective, which translates to visuals over lengthy, boring text. QR Codes allow you to unleash your creativity while still linking your audience to all the information they need about your product, your services or your business. If you want to join in on the QR Code movement, read up on How to Get Creative with QR Codes.

Right in the middle where everyone can see it and, to be honest, next to a CTA letting people know what they have to gain by scanning the code. Is it a coupon? Tell them. Is it a link to your social media? Tell them to follow you by scanning the Code. QR Codes are no longer boring, black and white squares. You can design them to work with your brand identity or stand out, so make sure they are visible, readable and scannable. Either way, you want to make sure your banner is big, bold, audacious and informative. QR Codes are here to not just show people you are definitely playing within the rules of Web 2.0, but to also link your consumers or potential clients to your products. Here’s some help on how to get creative with designing QR Codes, and here are some tips on how to print them correctly.

Over the years and across the globe, people have gotten pretty creative when it comes to creating larger than life QR Codes. All you need to do is generate and design it with our QR Code Generator, and once you have the Code, you can start thinking outside the box: Here are the World’s largest digital printer and the World’s largest 3D printer. You could hire a really cool company that revolutionizes outdoor advertising from the ashes of a forgotten art. If you’re in the US, check out Colossal Media. They hand-painted outdoor advertising and public art on a, yes, colossal scale. You can always use shrubbery or trees, as did this Chinese village for a tourism campaign. But, if you are set on printing your QR Code on a traditional banner, you can go to your local print shop and ask if they have a banner printing machine available.

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