QR Codes on billboards―what you need to consider

Using QR Codes on billboards is a widespread application. In addition it is possible to print them on public transport such as buses, trams, taxis and other vehicles as well as on advertising columns and scaffolding tarpaulins. What is common to those advertising platforms is that QR Codes printed on them must be scannable despite a long distance between them and smartphone users. And to be honest: Is there anything worse than a great QR Code concept without actually having codes that are scannable?

In order to prevent this worst case scenario we defined the following, simple rule of thumb that guarantees that your customers will be able to scan your QR Codes:

Scan distance / 10 = Edge length of the QR Code

Here’s an example. Assuming your customers are up to five metres away from your bus stop billboard, the required edge length of the QR Code is:

5m /10 = 0,5m

Make sure that you will always follow this rule and keep in mind that your customers won’t always be in immediate proximity to your advertising.