QR Codes for Restaurants

There are endless possibilities for restaurants to incorporate QR Codes. Check out how your business could use QR Codes and get inspired to start your own marketing campaign.

Meet Southern Restaurant

Southern Restaurant isn’t actually a real restaurant but it could be your pub, cafe, bar or eatery. Every restaurant marketing strategy can seem different from one establishment to the next, but one thing’s for sure — incorporating QR Codes improves the way your patrons connect with your business. QR Codes can make things easier, more convenient and well thought out to your guests. Check out these creative ways to use QR Codes for the restaurant industry.

Go visual and show off your best dishes

Your menu could offer the most delicious sounding foods but some of the dishes may seem unfamiliar to your guests. For a more visual presentation, include the Gallery QR Code on your restaurant menu and show professional images of your mouth-watering items. You can include captions for each photo so guests can read about the dish while they swipe through the gallery to explore your menu.

Get more followers on social media

Placing a Social Media QR Code on table tents makes it easy for your customers to get to your profiles on different social media platforms. With a simple scan, you can ensure that they get to the correct pages without having to type and search. Encourage happy customers to follow you, check in and tag your restaurant. By giving them a list of your social media pages, you let your customers decide to choose their favorite way to connect with you online.

Improve your services

Collect feedback from your customers by making it easy for them to give it to you by printing a QR Code on your receipts or check holders. Rating QR Code is perfect for simple questions like, “How did you like our service?” while Feedback QR Code is for detailed customer reviews. Plus, every review you get is sent automatically to your inbox so you don’t have to collect paper surveys since customers can submit their review anytime.

Advertise even when you’re closed

When you close up for the night, passersby could be curious what your establishment offers. Place a QR Code on your restaurant or bar window and give them all the details to learn more about you.

Offer your menu to go

Does your business offer a takeout or delivery option? If so, provide a way for customers to check out your menu while they’re on the go. Make restaurant orders easy with QR Codes. Include a Code on your takeout brochure or on a banner in your establishment.

Share your coupons

If your restaurant is running limited offers and deals, share them with the Coupon QR Code. Customers can scan your Code and save the coupon on their smartphones until they’re ready to redeem it. They can also forward the deal to their friends so that you get even more foot traffic to your business.

More ways to use QR Codes for your restaurant

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