QR Codes for Restaurants

Implementing QR Codes in your restaurant is beneficial, especially when it comes to engaging more with your customers. Get inspired so your restaurant or bar can make use of these creative QR Code ideas.

QR Code marketing ideas for restaurants

Meet Southern Restaurant

Southern Restaurant isn’t actually a real restaurant but it could be your pub, cafe, bar, or eatery. Incorporating QR Codes into your restaurant improves the dining experience for your guests and increases the rate of returning customers. Ready to take your restaurant to the next level? Check out these creative ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

A logo of Southern Restaurant a fictional restaurant created by QR Code Generator
A restaurant takeout menu with a QR Code that displays a PDF version of the menu when scanned.
PDF QR Code example that displays a full restaurant menu


Offer your menu to go

Does your business offer a takeout or delivery option? If so, provide a way for your customers to check out your menu while they’re on the go with the PDF QR Codes. Plus, you can easily update the PDF QR Code without reprinting it when you’re adding or removing options from your menu, or if a rebranding takes place.

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A table tent in a restaurant with a QR Code that redirects users to follow social media accounts.
Social Media QR Code example that urges restaurant diners to follow them online

Social Media QR Code

Increase your social media followers

Great food deserves to be shared on social media. But customers often struggle to search for the right page. By placing a Social Media QR Code on your restaurant’s table tents, your customers can now follow you easily and quickly tag you in their posts. Let your customers choose their favorite way to connect with you online with a list of your social media channels in one QR Code.

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A receipt from a restaurant with a QR Code that urges users to leave a rating or feedback.
Rating QR Code example that asks restaurant diners for their ratings

Rating QR Code

Improve your services

A satisfied customer will stay loyal. That is why customer feedback is important so you can detect which areas to improve. Our Rating QR Code makes this process a breeze as all ratings get sent immediately to your email. Simply print the QR Code on your receipt, menu, or even table tents so your customers can scan and leave feedback. If you’d like to ask your customers for detailed feedback, then the Feedback QR Code is the right solution instead.

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A restaurant window with a QR Code that displays business information when scanned.
Business Page QR Code example that displays detailed restaurant information

Business Page QR Code

Advertise even when you’re closed

Your establishment’s window is the best asset when it comes to advertising. Why not put it to good use by placing a Business Page QR Code? When you close up for the night, passersby could be curious so don’t let this space go to waste. Business Page QR Code allows you to display opening hours, menu, social media, contact details, and much more.

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A restaurant menu with a QR Code that redirects users to a gallery of images that displays food items on offer.
Image Gallery QR Code example that displays restaurant dishes

Image Gallery QR Code

Go visual and show off your best dishes

Your menu could offer the most delicious-sounding food but some of the dishes may seem unfamiliar to your guests. Adding images may clutter a stylish menu, which is why the Image Gallery QR Code is the perfect solution. Easily display images of your mouth-watering food and beverage selection in one QR Code. You can also include captions for each photo so guests can read about the dish while they swipe through the gallery to explore your menu.

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A restaurant’s promotional flyer with a QR Code that offers users a discount coupon when scanned.
Coupon QR Code example that offers a discount to restaurant diners

Coupon QR Code

Attract or reward customers with coupons

Coupons are a great way to incentivize customers who have never been to your restaurant. By promoting your latest offers with a Coupon QR Code, you’ll bring these potential customers in the door. You can also use this coupon to reward loyal customers and offer discounts the next time they dine in.

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