QR Codes for Musicians & Artists

Implementing QR Codes as a musician or artist is beneficial, especially when it comes to promoting your music or shows. Take a look at these creative QR Code ideas so you can make the most out of your marketing efforts.

QR Code marketing ideas for musicians and artists

Meet The Three Sparrows

The Three Sparrows isn’t actually a real band but it could be you or your music group. Incorporating QR Codes into your marketing efforts as a musician may seem foreign at first but it’s the simplest way to promote your work to a wider audience. Ready to take your music career to the next level? Check out these cool ways to use QR Codes and learn how you can do the same.

The Three Sparrows is a fictional band created by QR Code Generator PRO.
A business card of a band manager with a QR Code that links to a music sample in MP3 format.
A QR Code landing page with a music sample of a band in MP3 format.

MP3 QR Code

Pitch your music on the go

Getting gig bookings nowadays isn’t easy with new musicians emerging every second. With the MP3 QR Code, you can stand out from your competition by printing the QR Code on your business card to quickly offer a sample of your work everywhere you go. Once scanned, the QR Code takes your potential clients to a built-in MP3 player so they can listen to your music immediately, and to make things even more convenient, you can add a “Book Now” button to simplify the booking process.

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A stage display at a concert with a QR Code that displays a band’s social media channels.
A QR Code landing page that displays a band’s social media channels.

Social Media QR Code

Connect with your fan base

Figuring out who your fans are is the key to effectively promote your music and shows. But promoting the different social media accounts you have takes time and effort. With the Social Media QR Code, you can now share all your social channels in one place. Place this QR Code on a banner or backdrop at your next show to get your fans’ attention so you can offer them a quick and easy way to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and many more with just a single scan.

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A poster of a band’s concert announcement with a QR Code that contains detailed event information.
A QR Code landing page with detailed event info about a band’s concert tours.

Event QR Code

Promote your next performance

Meaningful results don’t just happen overnight. If you want people to attend your shows, you need to make it easier for them to do so. Placing an Event QR Code on a billboard lets you easily share details such as time, date, and venue of your upcoming gig. With one quick scan, your fans (loyal and new ones) can see all the details at once and quickly save it to their calendars so they won’t miss the date on the day of the event.

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A ticket for a band’s concert with a QR Code for attendees to leave their feedback after an event.
A QR Code landing page that displays a feedback form for attendees to leave their feedback about a band’s concert.

Rating QR Code

Boost your music career

Positive reviews for your music and live performances are essential to get more bookings or increase your fan base. With a Rating QR Code, you can motivate your audience to give you feedback with just a scan. Place the QR Code on your tickets, so your fans can rate your show immediately during or after your gig. Then, you can use the feedback to improve your stage presence and take your performance to the next level.

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A button badge from a band’s merchandise collection with a QR Code that displays exclusive video footages.
A QR Code landing page that displays exclusive videos of a band’s performances and behind-the-scene footages.

Video QR Code

Share exclusive footage

Make your merchandise even more attractive for your fans by adding a Video QR Code. With one quick scan, they get access to exclusive behind the scenes footage, unreleased music videos or a recording of your entire show. No need to choose just one video – with the Video QR Code you can share as many videos as you want in one place. And don’t worry if you need to update any of your videos: You can exchange videos without having to reprint your QR Code!

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